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The top website development process is used by the best website developers and development companies because it has people and function at the heart of it, and as such is driven by research, validated by mock-ups and iterated requirements and underpinned by testing and a robust cutover process.
The best website developers understand the software development process and have internalised the key lessons of that process, right at the top of which is that iterations drive progress, learning and clarification and that early prototypes give insights and early learning especially with regard to prioritisation and elaboration of your requirements. The best website development companies employ the skills and tactics of change and project management and value the discipline of discovery and the power of process.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to small businesses and professional services firm is to ensure that they receive the highest ROI for their technical and business transformations, including their websites. We work to make sure they achieve the highest value possible and a structured process is a key method to assure that, and the best website development companies should follow a transparent process, which we share with our clients to set expectations. The top website development process must rely on the input from the business with a frequent review and feedback process in a collaborative exercise to deliver what is ultimately a business asset.
Building a website that becomes a business boon comes by design and with the expertise of top software developers and people skilled in managing projects, people, technology and change. The discovery process is an opportunity to inspire clients with the best options for meeting more detailed requirements they express and provide guidance on how to exploit new technology to meet objectives.

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Common and easy questions we ask right at the outset

Top software developers can be identified by the questions they ask because it’s not all about code. It’s about the business and the people in it.

What do you think is the most important function of your website? Do you want a branded website or brochure website? If you do not already have branding collateral to use, how useful would you find it if the website development company you pick can also tackle your branding? What are your primary objectives for his website? How does it map to your business objects? Which objectives will the website help you to fulfil?

Finding the best website development company for the needs of your company to build a user friendly, attractive and well-structured website that reflects your company’s image and ethos is tougher than one might expect especially for smaller businesses.

However, agencies that can utilise and deploy the top website development processes for companies are not just for big global brands. We are excited and passionate about providing high-quality services to small to medium size businesses and equipping them to derive as much value from their business and marketing expenditures as large corporates do. This defines our offering and approach to making businesses like yours slicker, quicker and fitter.
The same holistic philosophy of pursuing excellence in every facet available also drives our professional website design and development work. The same commitment to making it the best your business can get to take your business as far as it wants to is brought to bear on every project, making our professional website design services approach serious, structured and focused on your business’s objectives at all times.

Our Website Development Process

The top website developers will follow a structured process with a view to delivering excellent and high performance websites. Each step below is iterated as more information is collated and a mock-up or prototype of the website is developed. Our process incorporates a feedback loop that informs rework and revision through core parts of the project.

– Research internal and external
– Discovery and review of existing brand collateral and high level requirements
– Planning and Scheduling
– Detailed Requirements Analysis and Architecture and User Experience Mapping
– Branding Considerations (fully branded, if so, have we collateral in place or do we need to develop it?
– Brand Pyramid, Look and Feel and Voice and Message Analysis and Branding Guidelines Review
– High-Level Design and Review
– Initial Mockups and Wireframing
– Tone and messaging decisions based on an inherited or developed brand pyramid
– Creating Copy and SEO ready code
– Development and Testing (we test every single feature across platforms and range of scenarios for browser compatibility, CX and correct functioning.
– Transition, Delivery and Cutover

As soon as core inputs are agreed and signed off, your website development is kicked off, and our top software developers plan for cutover and delivery right from the outset. Once cutover meets the set criteria, your new website can be officially launched!

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top website development process and top software developers follow a structured process

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Iconify doesn’t just design a new site; as a brand, change and digital agency, when building your website, we explore with you what other productivity and efficiency opportunities you may want to exploit with our assistance, for example, creating an enquiry generation functionality, or integrating with other systems. The best website development companies are always thinking about how to help your business with visibility, growth, UX and brand love.
From creating brand new designs for your new look or a first website to integrating with WordPress or CRM, our ambition is to be strategically relevant with what is delivered for your business and empower you to be more innovative, collaborative and more targeted and clear on your brand and identity.
Our services are perfect for small to medium businesses who either need help exploring and deciding the scope and size of the projects, or who have bespoke technical requirements.

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