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Functional Intersects

At Iconify, Digital Transformation truly embodies for us, the natural and compelling intersection of three capabilities we are so passionate about bringing home to clients – innovation, technology and communications. Where these intersects converge, so do great opportunities for transformation, capability growth and greater visibility and influence of your brand.

Vibrancy, relevance, reliability for your business will come through the adoption of platforms that enable your business to take advantage of technology that’s already here, whilst positioning you to take advantage of imminent technologies. Through our Innovation and Transformation practices, we help clients foster and facilitate a mindset that is open, ready and willing to change in all functional areas. We also actively seek opportunities to create, automate, integrate and innovate –to help your business create, change and respond at pace and are on a mission to inform, educate and empower businesses like yours about the importance of digital transformation now.

Digital platforms and social media offer clients logical and virtual proximity to customers, so marketing and organisational thought should increasingly be directed to channels and technology that enable access to all possible interaction points with customers. We help clients counter the challenge of making this seamless, constant, progressive, positive and relevant. We ensure that all efforts must map back positively to showing and sharing clients’ purpose, and meeting the needs of the customer. Our Brand Resonance – Business Growth cycle shows that to grow, your business needs to stay relevant. To stay relevant you have to be dynamic. To be dynamic, your business must be connected to purpose, be relatable and responsive to customers and stakeholders. This will in turn render your brand relevant.

Cloud Platforms
AI, IA, & ML
Conversational UIs
Big Data Analytics
Blockchain Applications
Digital Risks
In a rapidly growing and accelerating tech market, Cloud platforms are a necessity. This is because the other technologies discussed in this section, like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and IoT, to mention but a few, all need vast computing power, storage and processing. The firepower digital transformation would need ordinarily would require extraordinary physical infrastructure that your business would need to provide, at great cost to build and maintain. Whereas scaling is far more straightforward when this capacity is provided through the cloud.
Cloud computing, therefore and choosing a cloud platform are the first steps to true digital transformation. It can be costly, but is costlier still if not sized, scaled and executed correctly.
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Adoption of Artificial Intelligence must be strategic and linked to valued led transformation of people, processes and practices. This helps business combat the inherent risks, fully evaluate the ethical and social costs
while taking advantage of the potential benefits.
Intelligent Automation is the sum of the powerful new digital, analytical and artificial intelligence driven infrastructure that enables the capability these technologies harness which can power the transforming and scaling human computer interactions to open up opportunities for efficiencies and collaboration.
Machine Learning uses new algorithmic methods to solve problems that businesses face without the guidance and constraints of prior programming. With the ability to spot prevalent patterns at a micro level that inform disciplines like forecasting accuracy and detecting malicious network attacks, ML has potential for several applications.
Robotics software transacts rule based repetitive tasks sans supervision, enabled by amplified and intelligent architecture, transformed processes, digital and AI integration, analytics and Big Data.
Bots perform simple and repetitive tasks but a super quick rate, which means efficiencies, and so have myriad and varied application for businesses.
We help you construct the right infrastructure and strategies to take advantage of opportunities created by these capabilities. If you like what you see and want to know more, call us on +44 (0)208 1919008.
If you like what you see and want to know more, call us on +44 (0)208 1919008
The human computer interface is indescribably expanded and made accessible by Conversational UIs, one of the most exciting and accessible advances in the rise of digital capability. Conversational UIs, can be text driven or voice driven. Advances in Natural Language Processing, which allows language to be parsed outside of the context has made conversational UIs of the latter type possible. Natural Language Processing,in Computing is based on Neural Networks, and is a key component of Artificial Intelligence. NLP not only works out exactly what words have been used by a customer but can also apply contextual and intentional filters, so ‘reasoning’ is performed.
You will recognise them as conversation assistants like Siri or those that pop up on screens as ‘chatbots’. With the advent and adoption of Big Data, huge improvements in NLP and machine learning capability create the enabling and reasoning frameworks required for conversational user interfaces.
Though undoubtedly still in toddlerhood, it is expected that these will enable us to understand customers and their motivations more keenly and inform business models through the ability to communicate at key interaction points with customers.
Business is inundated with absolutely vast amounts of data.
Big Data gives business the capability to corral, compress, channel and interrogate that data using analytics for decoding patterns, garnering insights and making decisions and finding possible new value that the business could add.
There is a multiplicity of data sources, in a seemingly infinite variety of format creates challenges in streamlining due to matching, linking and internal correlation which creates complexities.
The challenges we can help with is consulting with your business on how to link and create these linkages and hierarchies so that
relationships and opportunities can become clearer. Our MD worked with a global bank to for a regulatory requirement to create standardised operating models, streamlining processes and roles and responsibilities to implement Big Data. The key objectives being to identify data sources, streamline data attributes across geographical sites and populate and transform the data to provide daily, weekly and monthly reports, the capability was required to reconcile against individual sites data or aggregated views.
We help you understand your sources of data, what, how and how much to analyse and when they can be analysed and how to structure the different data streams. We also guide leaders to consider how the data will be stored, methods for interrogating the data and how to utilise insights gained.
If blockchain technology can underpin digital currency payments, it can be understood that the technology behind it is remarkable. There are other compelling applications of the technology that could aid your business and we would love to discuss it with you on +44(0/0208 191 9008.
The key area we focus on the potential of blockchain is within the cybersecurity space. The Blockchain purpose is absolute security and trust, while preserving anonymity.
This purpose has engendered great possibilities for encryption and authentication, while providing unparalleled transparency on transactional history all of which are data and time stamped, to those with encryption keys, creating the digital ‘blocks’ for which the technology is named.
Using distributed ledger processes, where only a single version of the blockchain available, Blockchain creates transaction histories where committing new transactions do not overwrite prior transactions and so is a full record of all transactions by any and all transactees, which obviously is counter to other database methodologies. To change or update a block, all parties to a transaction must ‘co-sign’ to render rights revocation, record tampering or deletion subject to agreement or otherwise as impossible as can be. Data is fully and powerful encrypted but with right credentials and key,transactions can be verified while anonymity is preserved and not requisite because the transactions not the players are trusted.
The collective advent of digital technologies mean that adopting technology on the digital capacity spectrum, may open up risks in another area (more on Digital Risks Management here) and Blockchain may go someway to prevent attacks, using IoT.
The advantages and therefore the applications for security is that there is a golden source of data.
This golden source has potentialities for preventing fraud and non-repudiation as well as possibilities for the integration of third party systems.

Firewalls inside organisations digital perimeters used to be sufficient but this is no longer the case. With the ubiquitous connectivity afforded by the internet of the things, the availability and accessibility of access points are more than ever before.

With an ever more connected life and the ability to interact with customers and have them provide us with information, smart technology makes everything connected to a network susceptible to attack. Approaches to adopting technology must be smart and sustainable and recognise that threats inherent in the digital opportunities, namely the intersection of information technology and operational technology mobilising vital functions which used to be manual, dis-aggregated and not connected to the internet.

We can help by strategising for digital risk as a start point for implementing digital transformation.

Successful digital transformation will accelerate awareness, visibility and growth but it is dependent on commitment to developing resonance and using it to extend brand reach, access and relevance. The Key is, who really your customer is, what you can do to deliver needs that are unmet and how your business can support this through the engagement of primary stakeholders like employees and suppliers. To truly special and stand out, your brand must embody all the characteristics of resonance.

Our Customer Experience Axis is the driving force behind our efforts because Digital Transformation may be technology-led but it is fully operationally underpinned, and CX is often where the biggest brands fall and fail with lasting deficits to brand power as a result. We will lead an honest assessment of with leaders of the state of CX and whether a CX Remodel is required. We have the right skills to help identify, document, codify and lead the back to front transformation initiatives that are necessary to deliver effective and relevant Digital Transformation of your resonant brand.

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