AWS and Cloud Computing

The sky really may be the limit with the power of Cloud Computing and Enterprise Architecture.

Cloud computing advances enterprise architecture to fully leverage Service Oriented Architecture, harnessing immense computing  power to deliver services via the web on a per use model, which is hosted on distributed networks and delivered on demand to eliminate the need to buy, store and deploy the necessary computing power locally. If you are concerned about taking advantages of trends and advances in technology that have the potential to improve your business and brand, then cloud computing could be a significant part of your technology and business transformation.

Providing applications, platforms and infrastructure¬† as a service using web services is the future with a myriad of benefits, costs and procedural changes. To take advantage of the power and potential while helping you with the planning, impact assessment and identification of where the best synergies lie, call us. 02081919008. Don’t waste another day wondering. Get the help you need to get going with Cloud Computing and Web Services.

Enterprise Architecture and Amazon Web Services

The future awaits
solution development at scale and at pace

Enterprise Architecture

The system development process – requirements, analysis and validation, design, planning, development, testing, implementation and delivery – at Enterprise scale, is applied with rigour by highly skilled Enterprise Architects at Iconify. We are here to guide our clients through this most critical and complex of processes. The great thing is that project, development and technical quality assurance expertise also available with us in implementing your cloud computing and enterprise architecture solution. You can have confidence this will be accomplished under control and be driven by strategy as much as prowess. We’d love to talk about what you are thinking – call us now 02081919008.

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