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Technology transformation is now an absolute imperative to meet customers’ expectations. The trend we focus on, is that technology adoption and implementation is no longer just a one off process. Transformation Strategy now must take into account that review and adoption of technology is an ongoing process of scanning the horizon, reviewing business legacy systems versus business requirements and acting.

Iconify can help your organization develop the strategies, software and technology that will create the transformative value your organisation needs.Because Iconify takes a truly holistic approach not just to the business and brand but also to remediations and transformations, you will get expertise on strategy, technology, technology architecture, project management and business change.


Technology strategy

Our technology strategy is unique in that we consider your business holistically and the asset that is your brand and keep that at the forefront of our considerations to ensure we do not create any deficits in performance, access and capability.
Like many companies, you may be considering changing and improving your technology to provide your business and your employees with a critical edge and allowing your business to be better positioned to achieve your business goals.
We use iterative methodologies like Agile, once we have assessed your needs, to achieve the requisite transformation, through the entire system development and delivery lifecycle, managing the change process with skilled and experienced project managers all the way.

Our teams will work with you to determine which technologies are vital and raise the capabilities of your teams. There is no doubt that technology is now at the heart of all change in organisation – we’ll help you pinpoint what you need and the best direction to move in on your technology transformation journey.

Software Development
AWS & Cloud Computing
Enterprise Architecture
Payments Platform
Agile Transformation
Software Services
Application Management
Data Management

Discuss your technology requirements with us

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Back to basics – and beyond

Transformation Technology at Iconify specialises in Enterprise Architecture and Solutions development with a focus on bottom up enterprise security, embedding security capability and incursion repulsion at code level as well as at top down architectural layer levels. We create, test and deploy Enterprise architecture and software to meet and help implement business goals.

Solutions and software that help your organisation do things better, work seamlessly and engage with customers effectively. Complex but intuitive code using a range of rigorous methodologies from Agile and Xtreme Programming to Waterfall or a hybrid, dependent on the Project or new technical architecture for your existing and new collateral.

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