Spirit, Wings and Roots
Culture to Contend

Culture. It makes and breaks and innovation culture is no different, enabling as it does, changes that leverage the linkages in your business value creation process.

Our innovation Consulting focuses on the key and enabling aspects of ecosystems that ground and empower innovation, through valuing creativity, visionary leadership and inculcating challenger mindsets in people with great and creative minds. We apply a philosophy and framework that apply discipline and reward discipleship.

The right innovation culture can be purely transformational with the freedom and trust between leaders and teams to create high performing teams that can innovate free of worry and in a way that makes innovation sustainable long term within the organisation. Motivational models that feed and enable innovation at different levels of the business.

Innovation Culture and your Business

The attitudes of leaders directly impacts on the courage and willingness of teams to try new things and break the mould but the people, frameworks and environments must also be right. There’s no ‘righting’ or building new structures without all those elements, because these are all factors of an ecosystem that absorbs change to adapt and grow and innovate. Leaders give the permission and gift the wings but the people must be capable of and willing to take flight. We have found is that where creativity abounds, innovation thrives. Where people are encouraged and enabled to have a challenger mindset, great things happen, and do with innovation culture..

A tightly correlated theme is risk appetite because investment in people, their space and the tools they need to collaborate and create limits the scope available to a business’ s teams. Teams need exposure to what is available and possible and to imagine how these can transform their processes and outputs, rather than just having it thrust upon them.

Encourage your teams to think like the competition and come up with the innovations and insurgent ideas that your competitors might use to get ahead. Install these ‘rival’ teams in your business, even on a tiny scale and see how this changes the outlook and horizons of your employees and leads the thinking on what to focus on.

The role and power of diversity in highly effective teams has been much vaunted, very well researched and publicised but it is also a fact that diversity is not as highly valued in many companies as the research would mandate. We embrace and advocate diversity through as mant channels as possible – functional, backgrounds, ability and skillsbase to name but a few.

While leaders must have accountability and endeavour to inject some low level discipline so what can otherwise be an unruly way of being, people must feel empowered to try and fail. To try, they must have all the need to know how to plan, how to manage and mitigate risk and not be carried away be Lean precepts. Working and planning smart should be rewarded; whilst Fail Fast definitely has value, failing for lack of planning, knowledge and understanding is not the purpose. This is precisely the reason for discipline. Within these basic strictures, people should have a healthy perception of failing with a focus on cross germinating ideas and porting lessons.

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