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Operations and Business Model Packages

For Business Change Advisory and Delivery, Iconify’s unique approach is designed to help our clients formulate and articulate the objectives of their transformation across processes, people and technology using a purpose driven framework with milestones along a continuum for the transformations, to help established companies enhance and protect their brand equity.

We deliver expert solutions for business transformation, operational efficiency and risk management for brand leaders across industry and sectors. Dependent on clients’ needs, the journey can begin anywhere on the continuum and services chosen as required for particular areas of focus but the very first step must be the Purpose and Values and end with the a purpose fulfillment statement.

Whether you are after process optimisation, organisational change  or wholesale business transformation , our Business Change Advisory and Delivery Services can provide the cover and expertise you need.

Planning and Transformation Roadmap

Understand the value and opportunities for your transformation
Rank and map objectives to strategy goals in the context of the customer experience, operational processes & opportunities for innovation.

Business Model Review and Transformation

Strategy that counters disruption with agile and insurgent mindset
With digital change making businesses ever more vulnerable to threats, we develop models that deliver CX demands & embrace tech.

Process Improvement and Standardisation

Identify bottlenecks and weaknesses. Solve creatively with innovation
When change needs to happen to increase efficiency, profitability and value retention, we can help with review and improvement.

Change Consulting

People & capability focused advisory, fostering greater engagement
Providing gap analyses, best practices, comms and strategies, toolkits, transition & training.

Business Analysis

Review current position & propose actions & tools to enable objectives
Identifying strategy requirements, we define activities, solutions & validations to achieve objectives.

Project Mgt & Delivery

Scope, stakeholder management, planning risk and budget
We deliver your goals, assembling teams with the relevant capabilities & passion for excellence.

Process Design and CX Remodel

The brand experience is the brand and customer experience is key
Business processes , interfaces between teams and interaction with systems impact the CX and the brand promise.

Target Operating Models

Synergise People, Technology, Processes & Practices to optimise CX
Having reviewed your current organisation, we evolve a view of the optimal structure to deliver on business strategy & support new tech or reg implementations.

Industry Research and Analysis

For benchmarking & clarity on emerging industry trends, standards and best practices
Ensuring that your business has up to date information for decision making, growth, change & strategy objectives

Aspirational brands with the business in mind

Brands of the future focus on the business

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