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The Gears of Change

The Agile transformation approach to change management theory is set to be the key to unlocking the opportunities and benefits realisation of change projects. It could lead to a step-change in identifying areas of the business with issues and remediating them in a rapid, structured and controlled way in packages of work. In the era of the ‘plastic’ organisation, one thing that can be believed in is the need for your business to be responsive and move quickly to address gaps or adopt technologies that help harness opportunities. Agile Transformation and its attendant tools unlock these and make it one of the most revolutionary approaches to change management processes and adoption. The process involved in making sense must be flexible but rigorous, nimble but methodical, collaborative but coherent and as responsive as the desired organisation. This is the idea behind agile transformation.

Transformation in any sphere of your business then must be agile. Agile transformation, when undertaken with clarity, ambition and pragmatism can deliver true value and real scale. It allows constant review, consistent introspection and internal validation, is verification driven and offers constant connection to the business change drivers and the people side of change management processes and protocols.

Agile transformation approaches to change management


At Iconify, we are not just believers in the Agile methodology but we are also long time practitioners of the Agile method for small to enterprise-scale business and IT change, through systems and solution build and project management and delivery. We have decades of agile transformation experience in building and documenting the relevant business cases, working with the relevant stakeholders to agree on the change strategy and timetable and in convincing the business areas of the benefits of using an iterative method such as Agile, as well as how they can participate. This has allowed us to build successful operating models, test and transition them.  If you are thinking about or are ready to improve your business using a proven methodology, with independent consultants who are creative thinkers, Iconify will always be the right call. We are not just selling strategy, we are invested in building and sustainably improving your business. Call us right now to get started.

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