Common Sense Change Management and Delivery

At our Transformation Practice, Iconify is interested in remediating displaced value, identifying areas within your business where improvements or even re-engineering operational improvements that will lead to measurable improvements and efficacy across your operational landscape.

We provide business transformation for business owners who understand transformation is competitive strategy in action. We bring strategy and operations integration expertise with a focus on brand identity and innovation strategy and can spearhead end to end programme and project management, with highly skilled and experienced change management practitioners.

And it all matters, when it comes to the business changes your company needs to make – your people, set practices, operational and functional process, tools, your culture, training – no elements are overlooked in articulating the change your business needs to thrive again. We run business transformation for business owners because we understand it’s daunting.

You need business transformation when:

Where issues have been identified, we will conduct root cause analyses but we then apply brand values lenses to strategies for transformation, to remediate the causes and drivers of these issues, gaps in systems, the procedures and support procedures that will need to be tightened and future-proofed, through adopting innovative technology wherever possible.

Business Transformation

Organisational Design and Architecture

Target Operating Models

Transformation Technology

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