Chinenye Ikwuemesi

Co-Founder of Company
Results Delivery, Strategy, Transformation
15 Years

Diversity of People, Backgrounds and Experiences

Chinenye has done work in change management and developing operating models and Software Testing and QA frameworks for companies lie HSBC, Lloyd’s Banking Group, Lloyds of London and British American Tobacco amongst several other global companies. Active in civic and professional affairs, Chinenye is very interested in helping and mentoring young people.  Chinenye is a graduate of Cass Business School, where she focused on Innovation and Brand Strategies. Harvard College Overseers’ Committee to Visit the Graduate School of Business Administration.

When recently asked for advice on making good career choices she said, “To stand out, be strategic and future ready,do what companies have to do. Keep it top of mind that times are changing and the world will look vastly different in five years from wherever you start. What will you contribute, where will you be, what would you be the best at and how can you make the greatest impact? Allow yourself to really look around and factor in the disruption that is sure to come. Educate yourself and get really comfortable with change. Then when you think you have found a fit, you will be in a stronger position to make that a reality than if you didn’t scan the horizon”. 

Chinenye believes that change is our inheritance and our future and has set up Iconify businesses harness and bend change to their advantage.

Expertise & Skills

Change Management

Business and IT Transformation

Innovation Consulting

Brand Strategy and Development

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

People Motivation Models

Team Mobilisation and Optimisation

New Brand Creation

business SERVICES
digital strategy


Chinenye is a leading voice in advocating bringing together the transformational activities that business has to do with the brand protection, strategy and leverage activities that have traditionally been siloed.

She is also passionate about collaboration right across organisations Iconify engages with but also in partnering with different suppliers with broad expertise, bringing together the right group of people to solve the problems that client has.