Public Relations and Crisis Communications

A small PR (Public Relations) Agency with a huge difference. Since our goal is to iconify your brand, we do not think of  any requirements as purely a standalone activity. This is because, your business is an entity of  logical, physical and information connections and we will exploit both traditional models and digital channels to achieve your objectives.  Public Relations communications is no different because we believe this  a process that must begin, be planned and  be in place before any risk scenario is ever realised, as part of our brand risk management.

Our difference here is that we are playing a fully interconnected game across your brand strategy and communications and social media strategies to ensure that your brand messages cohere across channels, that they are consistent and most importantly so that your brand is protected. We work across a full risk framework to gain the knowledge that your PR (Public Relations) toolkit includes a readiness element for your key risks.We can help if you are in a crisis or anticipating probelms or if you just want to set up a risk mitigation framework against an unknowable future,  and have a range of strategies to deploy to manage these kind of scenarios. We do recommend where possible that you contact us for continuity and disaster planning as part of best practice operations.

Crisis Readiness

Our Advisory prioritises risk identification and mitigations for in firefighting. This enables preparation, process and specific actions for adverse scenarios, based on our Brand Risk Framework.

Crisis Communications

The crisis management process having kicked in, Iconify will work with you accordingly, on the messaging, style and recipients as part of the imperative to preserve your brand.

Reputation Management

Online reputation management is key for PR. Build, repair and protect your online presence and suppress negative social media mentions during adverse events.


Storytelling is increasingly recognised as an engagement tool and connection facilitator with your audience, to build trust, familiarity and encourage desired action.
Ongoing Brand Protection

We recommend that forward looking companies in this digital epoch, do not overlook the place and possibilities of influencers. We will help you find the right influencers that match your brand values and who are aligned with the causes your business espouses and who have integrity as well reach. We ensure we connect you with people that you would be happy and prudent to be to be associated with.  We and our partners will do the due diligence to ensure that the aim of their influence is not misdirected and does not boomerang. So before you go after those tweets or insta-shares from influencers, speak to us. Let’s help you find the right people and get the benefit where it is due – click here.

Iconification is ultimately about elevating your brand above what is in the course of the ordinary and preparedness is a key component of being ahead of the curve, in position to compete and ready to manage risks and emergent issues. In the context of PR, this requires being prepared and trained to address the media and your public at press calls, launch events or conferences. You get one chance to make an impression on an audience and you have to be amplified. We help get you ready. Click here to get started on PR (Public Relations), Crisis Communications and preparedness..

We never lose sight of the fact that the whole reason for all the work and efforts is to discover, recover and sustain brand resonance.  As part of  our PR (Public Relations) service, we can provide you with a team who monitor your brand’s performance, messaging and social media to constantly scan the horizon and spot and head off potential problems before they bed down. We keep a weather eye on your direct competitors and help you spot and take advantage of trends.

If you are thinking of other services that you believe may be of use to you, contact us to discuss your requirements in detail. It’s never too soon to start planning or PR.

for every season
Sustainable Positioning Communications

We help clients ensure that there is a unique, integral and overarching brand purpose and identity, aligned with brand strategy that creates definition and articulation principles around which communication artifacts may be developed.

We craft your overall PR and brand communications with these considerations in mind. Using our risk management processing, we consider how these would need to be flexed to accommodate  messaging for unpredictable or complex risk scenarios, to ensure there is still ringing authenticity, language and style that aligns with your brand identity and critically does not alienate customers, stakeholders and potential future customers.

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