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Digital, Web and Social Presence

Increasingly, a business’ s digital and web presence and associated social signals are precious brand assets that are indispensable for building branded websites and as a digital agency with strong change management capabilities, we can be your secret weapon. From landing pages to websites to communications and the brand identity that goes with them – all must be considered and executed with great care, clarity and planning. This Forbes article explains how very important great digital is for small to medium business, and professional services firms cannot afford to ignore the power of digital.

Why would you want a branded website? Your branding should be consistent across all media and channels to assure recognisability and reliability, and your website’s ability to engage your target audience is an opportunity to reinforce your branding as well as brand principles with them. Your digital and web presence and the branding that is executed on it is a matter of strategy and is a reflection of some strategic objectives. Your website should be an extension of all that your brand embodies, encompasses and encapsulates and should help to further business objectives. With the use of painstakingly crafted copy and assets, digital marketing based on the analytics of your owned data, search engine and social marketing research, we are the digital agency that can help you construct what actually amounts to a web capability that should be extensible, flexible; fully on-brand and fully on message, not only a branded website.

Your digital and web presence and the data and core brand precepts that go into creating it makes it a microcosm of all other brand efforts and outputs and should be treated as a multi-faceted and highly capable tool. If you need help conceptualizing to the fullest and most effective extent your digital and web presence, start the journey here with us today.


Digital and Web presence and high performance websites that make your customers' smile

Go Beyond Web

A Digital Agency that is also a Change Agency

Building branded websites are about identity and strategy and building a digital presence is about transformation – of your thinking of how your business positions and presents in the world and this is driven by your digital processes, your people and your ability to capture and leverage technology and data to get the business you deserve. Being grounded in technology and change management means that our focus extends beyond an attractive front end and breathtaking functionality. We want the experience to be rewarding and to be a great opportunity to present what your brand stands for to the world.
A digital agency for the turbulent future focuses on the transformative capabilities of your business and seeks to link them to your web and digital presence in as many integrative capacities as possible. As a Change Agency, we are uniquely positioned to blend technological know-how, change management expertise and high-performance website design and development to change your customer experience and engagement game and also empower your employees and optimise their experience and capabilities. The possibilities are endless from using AR/VR, web services and digital suites that go beyond the web.

Go Digital with a Unique Digital Agency

Iconify is a digital agency that is genuinely excited about digital technology and about guiding clients on the change management journey to realise their abilities to get their messages out to the right markets through the right channels and finding options for new and exciting and exciting ways to do so. We have extremely strong technical project management experience, forged in years of delivering technology projects for global giants, which we will use to deliver uniquely branded websites.

As a digital and change agency, we have considerable capacity in creating digital strategies that increase your competitive advantage. A strong and positive digital and web presence powers your brand, and as a Change Agency, we help you understand and implement your digital opportunities and options to reinforce your brand’s purpose and drive your brand strategy through meaningful customer engagements and providing outstanding experiences for them.

Building your Digital and web presence is an opportunity to explore opportunities to leverage fantastic new technologies and focus on content that tells your
story and touches people beyond the digital. A digital agency that knows how to structure, plan and implement the change that will be the journey to
an enhanced digital capability is most desirable now. Having a change agency as well means you will get a differentiated and end to end service.

The Future of Purpose-Driven Marketing

Purpose Driven: Marketing

What are the credible next trends in purpose-driven marketing?

The drivers for the next trends, live in the distinction between purpose driven and cause marketing. When conflated, the brand is too elastic and unrelatable to other signals emanating from the brand, appearing led by public opinion and inauthentic.

Cause is a social justice issue a brand adopts, advocates or attacks due to brand purpose alignment, the test of which is if the cause resonates with consumers and what they believe the brand believes.

Purpose refers to the brand’s raison d’tre, a factor running through all they do and say, like Blackpool through a stick of rock, so while purpose driven marketing does not equal cause marketing, causes adopted should be because of the brand’s stated and intrinsic purpose, signalling authenticity to consumers of the brand.

Consequently, twin emergent trends beckon. 1) Customer Experience (CX) and Engagement Remodel to plot customers’ journey along emotional, psycho-graphic and behaviouralisation axes, validate causes in line with purpose and consumer advocacy, while ensuring responses meet expectations and facilitating adoption of the second trend. 2) Transformative digital technology including Big Data Analytics, closes the loop on gaining true customer insights and anticipating needs and concerns.

Will we reach saturation, with ALL brands conveying a cause message and starting to put consumers off?

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General ’cause fatigue’ will occur, but consumers of specific brands won’t be put off just due to this. However, many brands just never define a distinctive driving purpose and many do not adopt cause marketing or do so clumsily, which is more likely to put consumers off than embracing a cause they care about. This is precisely the value of the CX Remodel and Big Data Analytics, as, with a finger on the pulse of consumers, cause marketing will resonate, dictated by customer engagement and analytics. By being attentive to the tribe that believes their purpose, promise and proposition, brands can be responsive.

What are the future pitfalls, for example,  going off-brand, overreaching and even misreading customer cues and values?

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These ‘brand risks’ cannot be overstated – products, activities, stances and causes not aligned with brand positioning and customers’ brand perception, rooted, ironically in the lack of a purpose driven brand strategy. It’s crucial to map CX models to consumer profile points and expertly plumb all available data and insights.

With consumers increasingly savvy, how can brands best build a purpose with integrity?

By ensuring consistency in messaging across digital and traditional platforms, in store, online and through all channels through which they engage with their brand tribes.

By ensuring the brands they build are resonant and sustainable – based on a clear purpose and vision, and immense clarity on what the brand means in the perception of the target audience.

By being consistently clear and unequivocal about who they are and what they stand for.

As long as brands’ causes are aligned to brand purpose, they will have integrity. As long as their activities and offerings are relatable to customer needs and wants and are purpose driven, their consumers’ perception will always be one of reinforced integrity.


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