Branding Advisor

Realise your vision with a Brand Advisor that can see the Whole Picture.

A brand advisor that can strategise for growth, ideate for design and brand identity from naming to assets, and has the skill set not just to identify capability gaps but also to execute, is increasingly the brand advisor the business owner of today needs.

Great brands are resonant. They inspire your imagination, capture your heart and you’re your love and loyalty.

They live out distinctive narratives redolent of purpose to ensure profit is guaranteed. From positioning statements to messaging to social media and content marketing, the list is long and growing but your business is one and needs to stay integral. This is the value that the right Brand Advisor brings.


Chinenye Ikwuemesi is a transformation expert and branding strategist and advisor. Founder of Iconify, she is passionate about creating brands that captivate hearts and minds and leverage loyalty and building creative brands with capability. Iconify, her company, is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to create brands with heart that make a sustainable impact that goes beyond the visual.

Chinenye has worked with brands to transform their business capability, internal brand models and culture, designing branding and strategy solutions to elevate their presence and position in the market. She believes in bridging the creative and capability through strategy.

She helps businesses, as a brand advisor, to envision or reimagine how to determine and present their brand,  engage with their audiences and influencers.

A natural and unique creative she provides creative direction for design and strategy and an extensive skillset in uplifting capability and enabling business transformation. If you’re looking for a brand naming advisor, Chinenye can help to create memorable names and strategies to fill them with meaning.

As a brand advisor, Chinenye can help establish, position or pivot your existing brand and understand and consider the blockers to success.


An exciting team of highly skilled and experienced individuals who together bring an exceptional blend of expertise to create authentic and robust brands that translate across channels and cultures to resonate with the people for whom your business exists.

It doesn’t matter where you are, we work remotely and can be virtual brand advisors. Iconify runs the gamut of branding and can work as Brand Naming Advisors, Branding Design Advisors and Brand Strategy Advisors, dependent on your needs. We love small and medium-sized businesses and have unique insights into the challenges they face – and how to address them.

Unlock brand love and loyalty - work with me


Unlock Brand Love and Loyalty – Work with me

You need a brand advisor if you have a new product to bring to market, a new service to promote and competitors that are doing the thing better than you are. You need me if you can be honest about your business and your current limitations and you want to give yourself the best chance to compete successfully. You need a brand strategist if you know digital is critical but there is still so much to do. You need a brand advisor if you’ve stopped being excited but you haven’t stopped loving the business or its success.

I work with owners and entrepreneurs who need someone to come alongside them to provide a new, clear and strategic perspective and inject creativity and excitement into the process. I can help you identify and define in detail a roadmap for building and equipping the brand and business in an aligned way.

Get help with services that can help you unlock the best direction to take your brand in, with services including:

  • Brand Development including positioning, presentation and perception
  • Brand Naming, Verbal Branding and straplines
  • Brand Identity Design and branding considerations
  • Brand Concept
  • Brand Marketing
  • Brand storytelling
  • Brand message development
  • Brand imperatives and positioning



Brand Discovery

Identify the most important goals aligned to purpose, position and profit.
Identify the roadmap and capability required to realise the brand vision as well as business goals.
Identify blockers along the people, processes and practices axes.

Brand Strategy

With clarity on your brand personality, proposition, people and position, your brand advisor will start to work on how to attain the sought after position and set up precursors for those.

Identity Development

With confidence in what the brand should represent and who we are, we work on an all-encompassing identity that for all uses across channels and determine what elements should underpin or accentuate it, for example, verbal or audial taglines

Change and Risk Map

We help your business to identify opportunities for partnerships and promotion based on analyses and compile a list of brand risks and mitigations,

Who we’ve worked for

King and Spalding pub project
Twinings Project
Bobou Beauty Launch
Audi Project

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