Software and Solutions Development

Passion for rigorous and excellent software and solutions development runs in our blood, and naturally through our development and bespoke business tools teams. Our head of technology, Kennedy, is well known, admired and sought after for his sincere love of and evangelism of best practice methods in programming, agile methodologies and enterprise-level IT and security strategy. His wide-ranging experience means that breadth of approaches born of surmounting innumerable barriers and challenges will be at your disposal in building strategy, proof of concepts and in the design and development process.  At Iconify our developers and consultants have analysed, designed and developed mission-critical software for organisations like Goldman Sachs, Visa and Worldpay, to name a few. We’ll be happy to do the same at yours.

There is a definitive and distinctive difference in the consulting and delivery process when people who live and breathe technology help you solve your technological challenges, and that is what we bring.  We believe software should be transformative and approaches to meeting requirements should be focused while methodologies should be flexible enough to accommodate learning and stakeholder participation.

No brand can truly be resonant without robust and effective technology, because the business will lack resilience and facility at several fundamental levels. Therefore, we firmly believe that the Technology your business runs on, relies on is a fundamental pillar of brand strength and operational advantage. This is the advantage we wish to help you develop when you take up our software development and bespoke business tools services.

You could have a brand new development project or a redevelopment requirement and therefore need software and solutions development. You may be in the middle of enterprise and infrastructural programme and have had the courage to realise and accept it’s all gone wrong and a new remedial roadmap is required – we’ve been there and done it! Multi-million-pound projects switching midstream from Oracle to Siebel or adopting a brand new reporting platform 5 minutes after rolling out a prior one because it was not for fit for purpose. All reasons why businesses need partners for their software and solution development requirements. We have some muscular strategies to review and replan and give you the confidence to take the best options identified.

So, if you are after redevelopment, new development, enhancements, systems integration with a mix of platforms and bespoke code/tools/apps, we can help. We like helping friendly businesses operate at their best, and no matter where you are in the software development lifecycle or problem-solving process, feel free to call us to discuss. If we can help, we will. +44(0)20 8191 9008 or contact us.

Bespoke versus off the shelf

Bespoke means it’s made for you specifically but it can mean writing new services and utilities and you may be torn between getting something off the shelf and configuring, which is also very challenging. We can help you determine what the best solution for you would be. If it makes sense to make the time and cost investment to build bespoke code, we’ll help you lay out the process, elicit the requirements and fast track a proof of concept.

We do not turn up our noses at vendor-supplied software or out of the box software. They have their place and many are powerful but do require thought around how configurable they are, how well they can integrate with other suites of pre-existing software and whether in your business’s architecture, it can deliver value. We help you review this and many other considerations as part of our core IT consultancy.

If you decide to go bespoke, we have decades of expertise in helping you specify a solid, suitable solution, tight to requirements, functional processes and operating models working with your teams closely to capture the true requirements – more on that below in Requirements Gathering, Analyses and Challenge.

software development lifecyc;le in the software and solution development process

Bespoke Business Tools

Software Development and Bespoke Business Tools

Like what you see? Call and tell us what! +44(0)20 8191 9008 or email us –

If you are not quite ready, one reason you definitely should call is that we are a small company with big skills with both depth and breadth across the business landscape with strong partnerships with trusted firms. When you are on the lookout for peaople to partner with you build your apps or you have a larger project in mind that requires software and solutions development, take a look at what we can offer you. We will take on your goals as ours, solve your issues as though they were ours and here’s the main thing – we LOVE this work of software development and bespoke business tools development. We bring real passion to it, true creativity, proven skills and complete commitment, and it makes a world of difference to your experience of the process and to outputs. We are friendly and we like to work with friendly companies, so get in touch! We are also good at listening, so feel free to call for an informal chat too.

We do really enjoy the plethora of business problems we get to work on, and we can help you find solutions for new, additional tools and understand what might be best for you if you are in the process of reviewing a few. In some cases, we can build something fairly small, simple and sweet, that allows you to use it as an adjunct to main or larger application or platform. In other cases, something more heavy duty maybe required, for example to replace end user computing implemented in Excel or Access.  It all depends on factors like your strategy, what you have planned in the short and long term, what will help your P&L and what will bring the best ROI, given the former. There’s a lot to consider, so let’s get working.

Get in touch on if you are considering collaboration and MI tools or a solution for your Data Analytics or Document Management.


SDLC - Waterfall to Agile

Software and Solutions Development Life Cycle

We are risk managers, every one, and we worry about what might be missed, misconstrued or mistranslated through every stage of the software development lifecycle.

There’s a long list of mistakes that could happen and we are not here for that. This leads us to be structured and disciplined in the process to provide our software development and bespoke business tools. The first full port of managing solution development risk starts with our Requirements Process. We run your projects under proper project management frameworks to reduce the risk of scope creep, re-dos and disappointment, ultimately.

The software development lifecycle is so defined because each part of the process gives life to the next part and is crucial to the life of the application. Arguably, though, the requirements phase is the most critical. If this process fails, the failures become systemic and exponentially increased and the contamination is ongoing. This is because this failure enters design and becomes flesh in the software. We spend a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears to get this straight and the questions will keep coming until everybody is satisfied that the answers that end up on the order book are the correct ones.

We will need to get up close and personal to your requirements. So we’ll have to get up close and personal with your business and teams. We’ll strive to get full clarity on all functions, interactions and communications in a comprehensive discovery phase. Expect user forums, workshops and as-is process models depictions, if you do not have any to share with us. This is so we understand the process and flow of actions and communications in the business. It gives us necessary access to how your users work and how their systems should support their work.

At Iconify our developers and consultants have analysed, designed and developed mission critical software for organisations like Goldman Sachs, Visa and Worldpay, to name a few. We’ll be happy to do the same at yours. We have decades of experience creating software solutions for many leading companies and resolving many challenges. We are staunch advocates of agile software development methodologies and apply rigour to the process and keep communications as open as possible. We aim to deliver applications that perform well and score positively against success criteria.

The proof is in the pudding. But it’s also in the ingredients. We have years of experience of formulating strong quality assurance and layered, robust test strategies to test the software we engineer or provide you with independent assurance. The requirements and use cases are our bible in developing test scenarios that can find system failures and integration vulnerabilities. We can help define tests across unit, system, integration and user acceptance layers. This is the process that ensures you get the requirements you are paying to realise and runs through the whole development process in parallel and with the feedback loops that add value in-flight, rather than as an after activity.

We work with users to define tests around the op model to support delivery of business outcomes. We engage with users right at the outset to capture ways of working, patterns of collaboration and communication and guide them in producing acceptances cases that will then be subject to test for deliverable packages.

One of the distinctive differences that Iconify provide is our holistic approach to solution delivery. Our approach is one that seeks to embed the technology platform seamlessly within the business’ operations and plan an adoption process. The adoption process is critical for avoiding chaos, dissatisfaction and lack of take up of the solution. It can lead to non-realisation of benefits, which is not acceptable to us. We want to leave your business whole and better than when we came. This requires a final investment in planning, operational readiness and rollout of clear and revised operating models across. This runs in parallel with the QA and Testing process and in tandem with the use acceptance testing phase and provides for a training and knowledge transfer workstream. This enables the test of the system as well as of any changes in the operating model so that tweaks and feedback can be incorporated early enough.

We perform code reviews as part of a best practice, baselining process as part of our development and validation framework.

We can also help your company do this part of an independent assurance capability if you have another solution provider, to give you a clear view of the particulars and suitability of the design and planned implementation.

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