Maintenance for Excellence
Application Management

Lots of organisations find themselves considering who to partner with for their application and data management services and with good reason. There is an intuitive move to find providers or partners who take a wider view of the problems organisations really need them to solve.

We really excel at application development and creating great solutions and transformation is in our blood but that’s not the end of the story. At the heart of the strategy we formulate with¬† any of our clients, is the sustainability of their brand and their business. Fundamental to that is the management of the applications the business runs on, monitoring, upgrading and repurposing or replacing them. Through their entire lifecycle, systems require oversight and that requires planning and tools and is indispensable to the sustainable and responsive organisation, to reduce the time and energy spent on core business activities.

Data - your brand's beating heart
Data Management

Data increasingly is the most valuable resource that business wishing to grow, to be seen, to be heard or to pivot, has at its disposal and your business absolutely needs to be ready. Ready for the opportunities and inoculated against risks to or of the data. One of the key risks companies run, however is the sheer quantity of the data pouring into the business. To know what to do with this data, mine and refine it is key to the future, responsiveness and sustainability of your enterprise. The first step to managing your data – access, quality, governance and application – starts here, with contacting Iconify today to start this journey for application and data management for your organisation’s next era.

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