Ancillary and Parallel
Software Services

As well as providing software engineering and bespoke app and tools development, we can also bring value to your business by providing independent and additional software services. If you have implementation partners for underlying provisions, we can get involved on an ongoing or one off basis dependent on the requirements, as part of a full managed service, or .

Software and Application Testing

Iconify Test Services can provide complete Testing and Quality Assurance framework, with a view to enabling our clients to have greater confidence in their software implementations.

The best methodologies and excellent programming in the provision of software services are often let down by an insufficiently detailed testing strategy that is multi layered, holistic and rigorous. We have experience of implementing testing processes and even in house specialist test organisations and embedding test process to incorporate new developments on a myriad of platforms, languages and technologies.

Testing methodologies from Waterfall, V-Model and of course agile are covered and our consultation with you and your organisation’s technical maturity will tend to dictate how we should proceed. We help you to understand where there are opportunities for automated tests and decide how to implement hybrid models.


Provision of security testing and software security management for existing or new enterprise architecture and software. Cyber security and digital risks are dominant and prevalent and if it is not something you have considered, now is the time to do so, as malicious attacks against enterprise at several levels are active and numerous. Security provision at every level of your infrastructure is crucial to undisrupted operations.

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