Popular Software Services – Holistic Guidance, Help, Implementation and Transition


For businesses looking for experienced and talented partners to guide them on their software and digital change journey, we will work with you to validate the root causes of your challenges and offer a range of popular software services. We then formulate a clear and holistic IT strategy, software requirements and design, which we will test as much as possible before development. Creating software that answers the true articulated need of your business is critical, but so is testing and transition and we do not skimp on these areas and aim for deployment and cutover excellence.
From bespoke software engineering to power your business in a way that is tailored to your unique processes to implementing and assuring your enterprise architecture and security, get the full benefit of engineers who have worked for global giants and delivered critical IT,  infrastructure and major software implementations.

Software design and development is just one part of the picture or dependent on where you, is an aggregate of a range of other necessary processes, shown below. At Iconify, we believe in holistic change – we never lose track of your business’s objectives and the needs of your people and we are always protective of your brand’s reputation and that’s why in all work we do for you, while we aspire to efficiency, we are never slaves to speed. Software design and development for us is about making your world and your business better. We are aiming for Day 1 excellence for your business and never lose sight of that. We provide a holistic software service that will ensure that transition and adoption of the new software systems and tools that accompany them are planned and considered.

Popular software services – Methodology

Our experienced technologists have worked across a range of software development methodologies and know what is most efficient or your business. We are Agile practitioners but understand how to adapt that for different environments so that our focus remains people and progress, and never not process to the exclusion of those.

Popular Software Services and Technology Solutions


  • Digital Solutions and Services

The time for digital transformation is now and is more important than ever for competitive advantage and it is definitely time to learn more about AI, Machine Learning and what Big Data can do for you. We can help you prepare for The Cloud and the powerful services it can enable. We love to educate on technology and can come and speak with your teams and provide a knowledge base to help you make better-informed decisions about which solutions might be best for you. Transformations must address a medium to long term horizon in the needs of the business.

  • Digital, Data and Integration

Harmonisation, standardisation and integration of your systems, software and tools help to increase overall operational effectiveness and strength and with our focus on providing holistic services, we can help to get your systems communicating and sharing data on a common schema to work in more seamless ways across stakeholders, suppliers and even clients.

  • ERP, CRM, Payments Integration

Implementing and integrating Business Intelligence, Analytics, ERP, Finance and HR suites based on your business needs. These are challenging and lengthy implementations that you should undertake with knowledgable trusted partners that will work with your internal business Subject Matter Experts to ensure that your core business process is captured and the workflows of the system are tailored to that. Even better, we have  Target Operating Model expertise that can help audit and review if your existing process is limited, problematic and has gaps and opportunities for change, which can then underpin the processes for your new systems. This reduces the adoption friction and transition.

Professional Services Firms and SMEs have unique challenges that we believe our experience serves very well. We also work with finance and retail sectors

  • Software Programming on Web

We are happy to provide specialist website software development to help you use your technical and digital assets achieve your business goals in a sustainable and scalable way that can enable closer relationships with suppliers as well as customers. Our developers can provide integration with your ERP, CRM and even legacy systems to genuinely lift your business’s capabilities to tackle business challenges and also channel opportunities like AR/VR and other experiential technology into your website to make it a high performing website and an excellent example of the power of great software design and development.


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From requirements analysis to software development and testing, we will be thrilled to provide help and advice on a range of popular software services. We help leaders increase their awareness and understanding of trending, innovative and disruptive technology by undertaking research and analysis across the competitive and cross-sectoral landscapes. Working with our Innovation analysts we are able to provide advice on how our clients can take advantage of what’s available and future proof transformation commissioned. Contact us to discuss.

Standalone or end to end
Some Popular Software Services

Requirements Analysis

We help you get clear on what your full requirements are

System Architecture Documents

Enterprise Architecture Model


Lean Proof of Concept - Rapid , Instructive and Directive

Software Testing

Comprehensive, end to end software testing

Software & System Advisory

Inform and Educate - Advice on all your software needs

Software Development & Test Process Improvement

Develop effective SDLC /Test process

Agile Software Development Coaching

Our Agile experts provide guidance

Digital Transformation Review & Planning

Find opportunities for digital value

Solutions Development & Delivery

Software as business solutions

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    Requirements AnalysisWireframesSolution and Software DeliverySoftware TestingSoftware and Testing/QA ProcessTestingAgile AdvisoryEnterprise Architecture and DocsDigital Transformation Review & PlanningSoftware & System AdvisorySoftware Engineering and SecurityTransformation Technology and ArchitectureOther

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