Discovering Resonance
Creative Brand Transformation

Creative brand services that elevate your brand design and develop a brand strategy as well as any branding advice and guidance, must be anchored to what’s at the heart of your business, as well as the bottom line. Iconify focus on the one thing you truly care about – the elevation of your brand and all that happens as a consequence – greater ROI, larger market share and sharper competitive chops. All our creative branding efforts concentrate on the outcome of greater brand love, increased loyalty and louder advocacy.

We help you to do this by building and retaining resonance. This means reviewing all aspects of the product, business and performance through a customer experience lens to facilitate the aligning of initiatives and strategy, to build in resonance. We will help you to develop concepts and ideas that embody the vision and ambition you hold for your brand and your people, that encapsulate the sum total of the capabilities your organisation should encompass.

At the heart of successful brands is purpose, strategy and an ambition for processes that deliver. Get branding advice and guidance to generate a brand of distinction that goes beyond the creative and transcends the visual with Iconify's Brand Creative Services.
Branding Methodologies

In delivering our branding and creative services, we use your business’ brand values and identity lessons to start to create a visual framework for depicting and representing the psychographic case for your brand and its products, translated through our branding methodologies.

Our branding methodologies also seek to honour your customers by understanding who they are and what your brand means to them on several levels, and how reinforcing these themes can propel more customers to buy in to the brand’s products, which act as bulwarks for when the brand is navigating choppy waters. After all the ultimate aim of brand creative services is to help to manage risks – risks of not being distinctive or specific enough to be the first or best answer to what your customers think they need.

Brand Identity


Branding and Marketing


Brand Communications


Industry and Competitor Research and Targeting


Idea Generation


Marketing Campaigns


Positioning Strategy

branding advice and guidance is strategy at its best.
Branding Advice and Guidance

Branding your business is one of the most important and most challenging activities of setting up, sustaining or relaunching your business, either as part of a rebrand due to strategic imperatives or business change. Branding advice and guidance on what to do and which things to prioritise to get your business the position and power you envision. We can provide you, not just with initial branding advice but also help you with brainstorming and outlining a roadmap all the way from the get-go to launch! 

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