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Automation, AI and Robotics

As the digital and physical worlds collide, and the internet of things increasingly make the mainstays of our lives, all things of the internet, these dimensions to business, innovation and growth can no longer be ignored. This is the new theatre for competition on a global scale!
Regardless of your industry and your market segment, businesses will soon have to plan how to stay connected to the physical world and communicate with its aspects seamlessly through technology. This will inevitably require significant human-computer perspectives , architecture and processes at a whole new level.

The integration of these new technologies with enterprise architecture and systems will enable businesses to be far more responsive to customers and competitive, with solutions that scale.

Take up of these technologies and their integration into, or transformation of existing enterprise architecture is very much in its infancy but our engineering teams can help you look at how tomorrow’s processes may be transformed.  We can help you formulate a realistic and holistic strategy for adopting intelligent automation, AI and Robotics in your business’s operational landscape. Let’s talk about these exciting developments and what you are thinking. 0208 191 9008 or contact us here. There’s been some time for lots of companies to have tried to implement some or all of these technologies and many illuminating lessons have been learned.

We provide advisory and engineering capabilities to help businesses navigate this digital, new tech and transformative epoch.
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AI has the highest exposure of all the new tech to risks to workforce and marginalisation of segments of a business’s customers – job losses and discrimination are real and potential outcomes. More than almost any innovation, the adoption of AI must be strategic and yoked to valued led transformation and reorganisation of people, processes and practices. In that way, the business is positioned to combat the high inherent risks, fully evaluate the ethical and social cost while taking advantage of the potential benefits.

Let’s talk Robotics – madly exciting software that transacts rule based repetitive tasks sans supervision, enabled by amplified and intelligent architecture, transformed processes, digital and AI integration, analytics and Big Data.
Adoption of these technologies has transformed sectors such as insurance and have found wide ranging application within functions with high customer interaction, HR and Finance. It is rapidly gaining adoption in back-office functions such as finance, tax, human resources and IT, as well as in supply chain and many customer-facing processes.
We help you construct the right infrastructure and strategies to take advantage of opportunities created by these capabilities.

So, what’s machine learning and what does it mean for your business?
At the very least, we can help you understand and explore the possibilities to understand where benefits exist for your business. The possibilities are myriad, immense and complex. AI, automation, robotics, IoT and the vast computing power afforded by intelligent automation create incredible synergies that are interlinked and truly transformative. Machine learning is an extension of AI that allows machines to harness and mine the copious quantities of data at its disposal, capture and analyse patterns and deploy predictive power at speed using gargantuan processing power now available.
Using new algorithmic methods to solve problems that businesses face without the guidance and constraints of prior programming, rather picking up on prevalent patterns at a micro level that inform disciplines like forecasting accuracy, machine learning has real problem solving capability for business, like detecting malicious network attacks and the ability to model demand, given a range of variables .

Intelligent automation is the sum of the powerful new digital, analytical and artificial intelligence driven infrastructure that enables the capability these technologies harness which can power all parts of or integrations of processes, operations and functions with an eye on transforming and scaling human computer interactions to open up opportunities for efficiencies and collaboration that justify return on investment on a long range basis. To effectively implement streamlined systems, we help you develop target operating models that consider how and where the greatest value can be added.



Internet of Things
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A decade and a half ago, our MD worked for Yahoo! on a huge and highly secretive  project called ConnectedLife, which explored the technology necessary to connect your phone and things like your lights, your fridge and washing machine and oven to each other.
It was a revolutionary then and is revolutionary now, but that’s exactly what the Internet of Things is like. A ubiquitous connection of everything in your physical world connected to your digital world powered up and down and across by connectivity, internet and computing power.
IoT, then is the connection of several and myriad devices to the internet with the ability to connect and exchange and decode data using intrinsic and integrated software, sensors and networks.
There will only be greater connections, more mindblowing melding of what’s in our world and how we can communicate seamlessly with them using technological peripherals and sensors.  If you are excited to learn more and consider applications to your own business, get in contact!

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