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Technology Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital transformation consulting, for many businesses is now at the centre of technology consulting, for operations as well as marketing but is seen as separate to IT consulting.  It cannot be denied that technology is no longer just behind the scenes and the sole preserve and responsibility of ‘techies’. Because digital transformation is center stage, and demonstrably the main event, digital transformation consulting must therefore address it as such.

Good systems and software are absolutely definitive for increasing and sustaining brand equity and the relevance of your brand.  We advise leaders considering digital transformation on trends and best practices for transformation as whole. As a digital transformation consulting firm with change management expertise, we bring the special and critical angle of experience of managing the people side of change – business transition, operational readiness and change adoption. This includes training your staff to use the new systems and ensuring that the change is managed in a sympathetic way that emphasises participation.

Through digital transformation consulting, We help increase business leaders awareness and understanding of trending, innovative and disruptive technology by undertaking research and analysis across the competitive and cross-sectoral landscapes.

If you’re here because you were looking for a digital transformation consulting firm, we would love to help your business map out your  digital transformation journey or design solutions to support every part of your business. The right mix of collaborative tools, functional computing, and networks technology is instrumental to increasing your reach and responsiveness, and ultimately the resonance of your brand. To discuss, get in contact today.

Technology Consulting and IT Consulting Change your Competitive Landscape

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Technology Consulting

Transformative Technology is fully focused on what your business absolutely needs to thrive and do what you do in an even better way, from digital transformation to IT Transformation.

Technology utilised with imagination and rigour can confer the power to transform your business, thereby strengthening your brand, through raising productivity and employee, supplier productivity and customer satisfaction.

From infrastructural transformations, like Cloud computing on platforms like AWS or increasingly on Azure platforms to customer driven innovations, of consideration both for operations and for market, like UX/UI (user experience/user interface) development, we are committed to doing what is pragmatic, efficient and builds the capability for change and innovation.

Because we understand that brand advancement and protection considerations must be prioritised in all types of transformations, at Iconify, technology consultung is focused on facilitating the work you do, we believe technology transformation consulting should be:

  • instructive
  • constructive
  • connected
  • prioritised
  • strategic

Below are a few of the areas that technology transformation might encompass for your business. Contact us today to discuss.

Transformation Technology and Architecture


Software Engineering and Security


Digital Transformation


AWS and Cloud Computing


Blockchain Technology Application


Automation, AI and Robotics


Information Technology Consulting

Excellent information technology consulting gives your business the power to transform your business through not just the implementation of new tools and systems, but also supporting your people and processes more holistically; the best information technology consultants understand that.

From decoding your business requirements, specifying design and implementing hardware or software solutions, our whole life cycle IT consulting expertise has been gained in a range of sectors from finance and banking to Fintech. Our information technology consultants can help with a range of transformations – moving your business away from manual tasks, end user computing, systems integration, data migration to systems testing.  Your business can benefit from our IT consulting services and consultants to partner with them in reviewing organisational needs and plan out and execute the necessary changes.

An IT consultant is critical to this work but a team of IT consultants as well as business analysts and change and project managers are equally important to ensure a successful technology transformation process

Our IT consultants will not overlook significant areas of business power like marketing and moreover will be able to call on expertise in those areas to ensure your marketing objectives are incorporated.

The architecture of enabling systems and technology requires a holistic view of your enterprise solution and is equally critical. This is what sets us apart in how deliver it consulting services.

If your current software no longer delivers the sought for benefits or your teams need help to evaluate systems to be implemented for your business, get in touch. We can help your create solutions that support every part of your business. The right mix of collaborative tools, functional computing, and networks technology is instrumental to increasing your reach and responsiveness, and ultimately the resonance of your brand. We work with you to analyse and assess what your business needs and the best available fit, then map those for your particular IT consulting needs.


Digital Marketing Transformation

If your interest in a digital transformation consulting firm requires an approach that is sensitive to your business strategy, you’re in the right place.

A digital marketing transformation relies on a ‘digital first’ mindset and approach which dispenses with viewing digital marketing as a bolt-on to traditional marketing, driven by how people consume data, their higher and more informed demands for speed, variety and accuracy of content. In many ways, digital innovations in infrastructural and operational spheres have heralded the golden of age of marketing driven through digital and social channels. It’s increasingly crucial as businesses seek relevance and recognisability. TLDR – your business needs it to succed in a phenomenally overcrowded online context.

The ability to identify, target and engage with customers directly and with frequency, often with geographical constraints,  is a strong enough reason to overcome these concerns.

At the core of our digital marketing consulting projects would be to ensure there is a paradigm shift to the concept of ‘digital first’, clarity on how orgnisational goals can be met through a strategic analysis of your current efforts. Ger in touch today to see how we could help.


Digital Transformation Consulting and IT Consulting, drive and harness innovation for marketing and operations prowess of brands of the future


Innovation Consulting

Working with our innovation analysts we are able to provide advice on how our clients can take advantage of what’s available and future proof any transformation underway. Digital transformation consulting helps to find opportunities for innovation within the business.

Innovation consulting is in many ways part and parcel of the engagement with our clients and it is geared towards benchmarking best practices as well as direct and indirect competitors to understand trends and their underlying factors.

Core to this process is finding new ways of creating value within the organisation through improvements and digitisation and for the customers and clients through knowledge, analysis and business intelligence.

Innovation and the confidence to find ways to do this is largely dependent upon culture and the leadership in place to foster innovation. We provide guidance on how processes that engender and encourage innovation can be built through seeing employees as a resource and first line customers.

Making Transformation Technology deliver value

Businesses can utilise advances in technology to extend and increase value within their organisation with a coherent vision and intrinsically within their offering.

The way in which opportunities can be identified and the myriad ways that transformation technology can be implemented and adopted represent a huge challenge. Beyond that, how to embed, integrate and utilise these new technological tools and infrastructure with legacy systems is an even bigger challenge for many business leaders to contend with.

There are numerous complexities to contend with and it may feel like a minefield. Digital transformation though often spoken of,  is not fully understood nor does it mean the same thing universally, and in any event, is not the whole story. We can help to simplify and decompose the tasks of understanding the change that is necessary and how to set about implementing it.

The challenge of instituting transformation technology and realising the transformation desired is not just a design and technical one. It fundamentally touches also on business transformation as people will need to be guided to accept, use and leverage these technologies in their day to working lives. It clearly becomes a change management process.


  • Audit and analyses
    Iconify Transformation Technology team will help your business with necessary audits and analysis of existing, complementary and possible replacement candidates and the extent of change and digital transformation that would suit. Bear in mind that there are literally hundreds of options currently out there, so this step is indispensable.


  • Create transition teams to test the technology along with the process stringently before roll out
  • Agree delivery and operational timelines that match and complement team jobs and deliverables and test them
  • Engagement of all areas of involvement and agree governance
  • Choose and agree methodology for delivery and for capturing backlog of works that should be phased or postponed


  • Create strategic and functionally based roadmaps with clear views on intersectionality between functions, roles and responsibilities.
  • Specifically set out the benefits that will be realised, map the change proof points against the customer experience touchpoints to validate viability and reduce risk to the brand
  • Ensure knowledge handover and in depth and structured training road maps that strategically focus investments needed to reinvent their legacy businesses and create new digital ones.


  • Develop new process designs and organisational architecture roles and handoffs that matches the technology architecture technology.
  • Consider team structures that enable and focus innovation and improvements
  • Build new operating models for affected areas and review existing models for any areas of involvement

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