Project Management that is holistic and radically different


We are a specialist hybrid consultancy focusing on brand aligned change and brand strategy driven operations, IT and digital transformation. Our belief that framing your challenges and corresponding change requirements as activities that should be true to your brand imperatives differentiates and propels us. Our project management practice is no different.

You can rely on receiving the highest standards of professional project management when you come to Iconify, as we will deliver value for money with a diverse team of experienced professionals from a range of backgrounds with strong project management expertise. We have worked on clients projects which are cross sector for diverse and challenging outcomes for all types of projects across financial, public sector, technology and telecoms companies for blue chips as well as smaller commissions. When we complete an implementation, your business will be better equipped to meet future challenges and with readiness that comes from defined and agreed operating models and robust readiness frameworks. This is part of how we assure that what we deliver is of quality.

Proper Project Management
We Deliver Enduring Results

Project Management in all its variations, is in our DNA. Putting together, planning and resourcing projects that realise the benefits your business has to have. Clarity is never a given and assumptions and risks are constantly morphing. You need people who are steeped in the experience, discipline and rigour of running successful projects and with the stamina and vision to see it through. You’ve found them!

We work with leaders and teams who know what they need and where they need to go, but who need our help with the ‘how’, to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

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Project Stations!

As trained and certified Programme and Project Managers, we can tell you there are infinite flavours of projects but most projects fall into Business Change driven, IT driven and very often projects are both business and IT change driven, because a change in one, very often predicates a change in the other.

There are also Infrastructure Projects which go beyond your business and IT frameworks to the peripheral architectural components and tools that support your operations. There is also often considerable overlap with the first three types of projects. A quick overview is provided below for the structures and methodologies we would put in place to help you with your projects in full or in part. Call us to discuss on +44(0)208 1919008.

Business Projects
Managing business projects effectively depends on alignment to the business strategy, integration stakeholder buy in as well as transparency of plans, actions, assumptions and risks.
IT Project Management
Managing IT projects is fraught with pitfalls.<br /> We use Agile methodologies to assure the requisite collaboration, capture changing perspectives and limit scope creep, linking strategy to deliverables.
Infrastructure Projects
Changing infrastructure is a particularly sensitive and potentially painful change activity, akin to modifying bones and nerves, and to be undertaken with great care.
Control Frameworks
Whether ia supportive, directive or ccontrolling PMO is required, dependent on the size of the project and other projects that may exist, we will set up a sysetm for efficiencies and transparency.
Governance and Controls
Running a project successfully relies on the participation of sponsors, functional owners and teams who are affected and a strong governance framework increases the chances of meeting expectations.
Programme Assurance
We can provide independent and objective oversight of the project management process for the sponsors and stakeholders on cost, time and other objectives.

We have experience across a range of industries on a range of projects and we have helped leaders deliver the right strategic outcomes,  operational and technology platforms improvement, while generating concepts for positioning and grounding brands.

Broad experience, Depth of Capability
Why Should You Choose Us ?

Change and project management go hand in hand, and whether you are pursuing technology change or business change, they can never be mutually exclusive. To truly innovate in any space, business changes must be accompanied by technical capabilities for greater effectiveness. We understand this and have the cross functional expertise required.

We believe that elevating your business, whether we help you do that through change, business or brand strategy, is absolutely dependent on innovation, both for processes as well as for technology. We help companies build innovation  mindsets and capabilities.

We can help you to improve your business and your brand by reconsidering your business and operational models and evaluate where value can be dded or remove what is not adding value. We can also help you formulate a strategy for changing these from a business and IT perspective if your business is ready.

We come to your project with concern and care for how your project work will affect your staff and stakeholders and their interactions with each other and with you. The changes we make can impact your brand and we are ever conscious of this and work accordingly.  If your project is brand rather than changed oriented – from new brand creation, brand strategy and formulating a purpose to developing brand ideas and a compelling message, we have a creative and multidisciplinary team to bring the dynamism that leaders need to create uniqueness.

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