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As part of our brand services, we offer the scope and capability to create a brand strategy, story and define the difference your business needs to stand up and stand out. For new market entrants who need to create and establish a brand, we offer creative idea generation, brand concept creation and positioning strategy.  For established businesses, who are realising they lack the brand love and loyalty they crave and are trading increasingly on a commoditised basis, we help to reposition and rebrand, creating a brand concept that can be carried through to branding design and marketing campaign.  With a range of brand services, let’s help you articulate a new brand promise and build the processes to deliver that promise.


Strategic Impetus

Strategy drives brand success and resonance. Visual identity, image and communications are all  just tools that work only as well as the strategy they are based on. Brand strategy is derived from the  inside out, with concentration on your purpose, brand values, proposition and perception you desire.
Once strategy is defined, we can expand  with you in all kinds of directions that depend on this foundation – brand communications, branding and your visual identity, creative ideas to use across channels.
Some of the options below reflect some of the problems we solve.

Brand Hack

For new offerings, line extension or brand launch or refresh
A cross sectional brand offering that delivers fundamental brand pillars and foundations for visual branding

Strategy Sprint

Story to Strategy, Mission Statement to Messaging
Brand Architecture, identifying brand personality, target audience, personas and mindshare to own

Marketing Marathon

Value promotion, message crafting and promotion plan
Defining true value, target segments and channels, determining voice and building campaigns and channels

Brand Communications Hack

The Who, What, When and Where of all of your brand's comms
Crucial for Customer, brand comms fuel brand embedding, requiring deep insights and knowledge

Pole Position Hack

With few new categories for products or services - how can you stand out?
Analyse & understand your potential target demographics - what they look, feel and think like and how to appeal to them.

Naming, Visual and Verbal Branding Hack

Find the right name and focus on the how your brand faces the world
Define brand identity principles and branding guidelines based on brand personality and image.

Brand Risk Hack

Reputation and credibility risks impact brand power
Mitigation and management of risks to your reputation and credibility are central to sustaining your brand.

Brand Messaging Hack

What your product is or isn't matters far less than what your message is
Crafting compelling commentary & convincing comms is critical for success.

Storytelling & Ideas Generation Hack

Frame your brand story or mission statement
Why your brand matters. Storytelling & concept generation sessions.

Industry and Competitor Research and Data Analytics

Research is pivotal, underpinning and enabling confident and directional decision making
With our partners, we undertake research into your particular sector and competitors to understand motivations and demographics, to articulate your fundamental brand imperatives and provide clarity for you adopt.

High Level Process Flows for Popular Services

High Level Process Flows for Popular Services

Here are some high level process views of some of our services. The size, scope and length of processes will vary between clients as each business is unique and there ate options for other services, which many clients opt for.

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