Positioning a Business

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December 15, 2018

The Importance of Positioning a Business

Positioning a business is still one of the most common and biggest business challenges that companies face. It’s critical simply because in a congested market, market pressures can exert a downward force on pricing, and so purchasers who are willing to pay must be persuaded that what they are paying can give benefits – tangible and non-tangible – that other similar products or services cannot. This is purely a perceptual challenge and requires research and creativity. The advantages can be long term and so it makes sense to invest the time, effort and energy because in many ways, the positioning¬†is the business.

A Positioning and Perception Problem

A long established business wanted to change their brand perception, and create a strategic and overarching brand image and identity across the product landscape.

As we were spearheading a business transformation initiative for the same client, an opportunity existed for linking the impending transformation to a change in the positioning of the business and revamping of messaging. The time was ripe for the client to clearly define and differentiate their brand and rethink how they appealed to the customers.

Positioning a Business Implementation Touchpoints

Research and Data Analytics

Developed Perceptual Cues & New Positioning Strategy

Masterbrand Creation & Relaunch

What we did

Insead scholars highlight that effective positioning is strategically aligned and that this is a critical element of effective brand.

Working closely with the client, the staff and other stakeholders, we reassessed the brand vision. We established a business and brand purpose which confirmed the brand path was diverging. When we were able to codify brand purpose and mission points, it enabled the transformation efforts in train to be driven by the brand strategy.

We conducted focus groups and interviews to capture customer impressions and informed the strategic steps for the brand marketing and promotion using customer impressions. Using relevant frameworks to capture the heart, reach and targeted demographic for their products, and existing customer data and insights from research, we worked to uncover potential for new positioning.  We created a masterbrand ethos, identity and perceptual cues and artifacts for the brand and conducted brand led business transformation in parallel.

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