New Website and Payments Integration Case Study

Some businesses are born Ecommerce entities but many businesses don’te even have a web presence and have to transition to selling online, and that’s where payments integration comes in.

Businesses with no online presence who needed to rapidly create an inventory online, take orders and also add the capability to take payments.

Core Implementation Touchpoints

New Website & Online Inventory

Payments Integration

Local Online Promotion


At the start of the coronavirus epidemic, several brick and mortar businesses who had steadfastly remained offline or who had maintained fairly low key, purely informational websites or whose presence only extended to having a ‘Google My Business’ listing found that they were in a situation where their businesses came overnight to a standstill.
Pubs and restaurants who up to then had operated 100% within the restaurant setting had no way of making an income. Noticing the buoyancy of the Deliveroos and Just Eats, with people continuing to pay for food to be delivered, many businesses came to an inescapable conclusion.
Varying their business models to deliver food was the only way to survive but perhaps might represent a diversification opportunity that would not only be useful for the future but would create resiliency for other waves of the pandemic or another lockdown, There was one problem – their websites, if they had them were not ecommerce websites.


They didn’t have any way of showing the full menu they could make available, make people aware of them and take payments.


As noted by Ronak Patel of readwrite, identifying the best payment gateway for your business’s needs is a challenges that requires consideration and an understanding of the potentials and pitfalls, including compatibility with your website, the ease, accessibility and process of integrations, costs and customer experience. We took away this headache and helped the business understand the best options for their situation and then implemented it.

  • Rapidly delivered an online inventory with payments integration from trusted partners, which was easy for the proprietors to update as the need arose.
  • Worked with businesses to define their new process as a short term workaround and beyond.
  • Understanding what else they wanted for their websites.
  • Hosting and support profiles.
  • Promoting their business locally online
  • Idenified best provider/gateway to take payments seamlessly and enabled taking secure online payments as well as credit cards

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