Ops Model Change

Operating Models – A People Oriented Discipline

Following negative risk and impact assessments from regulators and industry press, a global bank needed to upgrade their technology platforms to support new regulatory requirements, frequencies and data mandated.  We worked very closely and at a detailed level to understand the existing business architecture, standard procedures and shortcomings and areas of operational risk. We then, in concert with leaders of all operational teams, built new and standardised high level and very detailed operating models, ensuring that there were agreed operational timelines, clear exception processes and capability to respond to critical emergent events with defined and tested responses.

Core Deliverables

New Business Architecture with redefined roles

People, Process and Platform Integration

Standardised Processes & Embedded Best Practice

New Target Operating Models – What we did

Researched and reviewed existing business architecture with a view to making process innovations, to consistently prepare submission quality artifacts by the  mandated deadlines.

Rolled out and embedded new target ops models supporting global sites across several functions and for a large number of reports on a range of platforms in parallel, testing and validating processes, platform integration, roles and responsibilities.

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