Branded digital and web presence for retail brand

Having been in business for 20 years, this well known company decided the time had come to make some changes, and have a branded ecommerce website, online inventory and streamline their backend processes. The MD had been reluctant to make the necessary foray into the online marketplace but they knew it was necessary as the founder would be retiring and an outsider would be taking the reins of leadership along with the co-founder.

The new MD was very conscious of the gap in their online capability and was concerned they were losing out on market share in a sector where they were one of the very first to enter in a big way as an independent retailer.

They were especially wary as they had tried an e-commerce implementation a few years before which had gone badly wrong with the project managed offshore and communications that broke down.

Nonplussed by the by the number of providers and the array of choices for e-commerce implementations, they eventually chose as we were referred to them.

They really wanted to work with a company who understood them, their ethos and their company. They needed a company who understood their dreams and small beginnings and were very pleased to find us.

Core Implementation Touchpoints

Worked on Transformation and Implementation

Executed Programme and Resource Management

Embed Offshore Operating Model


We were able to deliver an e-commerce site and capability with attendant changes in operations, staff and tools for inventory management.

  • New inventory system
  • Branding Design for all channels
  • New Ecommerce website
  • Workflow management system

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