Strategy delivers a  'Digital First' Mindset

A Digital Centric Approach to Brand Marketing and Beyond

Where brand strategy and digital meet is digital marketing. Digital capability is driving business power and is a key consideration for advancing brand objectives. Whether or not your main sales channel is online or not, online points of access to customers should form a primary point of outreach and communications.

Brand and Digital Marketing Alignment

Digital methods must serve brand strategy objectives and elevate them, by enabling validation and advancement of positioning.

Effective Brand Strategy driven by Digital Marketing

Clear and robust brand positioning is actually a prerequisite to effective digital marketing, and positioning principles act as a north star to those navigating the choppy waters of digital marketing. There are undoubtedly enormous challenges along the way but thr reward is worth it.

Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Influencer Marketing using automation, analytics for start-ups or established companies.
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Compelling Communications

Digital strategy and web development and content marketing. We help you put requirements together to deliver stylish, responsive and highly functional marketing websites.
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Brand Image and Positioning Strategy

Gain insights on the marketplace and reveal ideas on how to appeal to different segments, and understand the best channels to reach them. Translate your image into identity and brand performance.
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Social Media

The brand strategy and digital capability intersection have huge potential for the effective digital marketing of your business, and for changing the ways you choose to present both your content and your offering. There is a huge scope to excite and impress ever savvier consumers using digital technology. Audience segments specific messaging is possible because of social media and this should be exploited to the hilt, to address the interests and concerns of individual segments if relationship building is to remain authentic and be sustained. The brand strategy and digital intersection here provides the axes of the message – from the what to the who, digital marketing capability enables carrying the message.

People are critical to maintaining this flow. Employees must be completely clear on principal brand architecture elements and be able to communicate in the brand voice and in alignment with the brand’s positioning. This takes time, but in the quest for resonance, it pays to invest in this process with a long term view in mind.


Your content should ensure that you stand out and is in keeping with your positioning. All communications should dovetail and be in the voice your customers are learning or have learned to expect from you. As well as brand building, content should be used to educate, entertain and above all reinforce the brand benefits and values that customers will recognise as aligned with the brand personality. This makes blending brand strategy and digital capability a worthy concentration for brands intent on growing.


It’s interesting to reflect that there is no practice stream that we deal with that does not have CX as an integral part of improving and embedding, whether it is for positioning or for processes! For effective digital marketing, it’s necessary to understand all the points of the customer journey and all the points at which your target segments engage with, communicate with or otherwise consume outputs from your business. This allows insights into where to reach them and what messaging – relationship building, information providing or marketing, to provide at every stage.

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