Defining Brand Purpose

Web Genius Lab
December 15, 2018

Aiming for your heart


To make the emotional connection and impact required with customers, it is critical to understand wants as well as needs in order to isolate value. This is predicated on your business defining its  purpose.

When a local London business needed to stem losses and increase their profitability, in an extremely competitive market, they sought us out.

Passion for their craft was palpable, and we go out of our way to work with passionate leaders and owners. However, diffuse marketing, vague messaging and too broad an offering meant they were unfocused and undifferentiated. In an abstracted way, they recognised they were focused on sales, not the customer experience and drivers.

Articulated Purpose

Determined a new position

New message and channels

What we did


We worked with the clients to articulate their actual purpose and outline compelling points of difference in their, carving out a position in an extremely competitive market. Iconify were quickly able to ruthlessly rationalise the client’s offerings, driven by what they loved and did best, and which many in the same business did not.

With clarity on their purpose, the clients could immediately see that authenticity was lacking in their business and messaging. Jettisoning other offerings, they concentrated on a  differentiated service which they did far better than competitors and for which they had incredible talent and skills.

Being able to focus their full resources on a whittled down range, allowed a focused marketing campaign. This led them to vastly increase their efficiency, the quality of their work and raised their sales by 39% in the first year post the changes we implemented.

Determined toand carve out a position in an extremely competitive market, within which they were losing sales to newer, flashier businesses, they called us in because they did not know which way to turn.

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