Verbal Branding

Web Genius Lab
December 15, 2018

Standing for what you mean


In creating the verbal branding required on this project, drilling into the passion of the leaders of an exciting new diversity platform to help them encapsulate their passion, purpose and ambition for inclusivity and justice across the businesses they are integrated with, was key.


The mission was worthy, so the name and straplines needed to be authentic and resonant for all stakeholders and the message needed to cut through possible preconceptions about diversity initiatives. It really needed to capture the opportunities presented by diversity and also differentiate their platform and vision.


Core Implementation Touchpoints

Naming and Storytelling

Persona Development

Verbal Branding

Creating Verbal Branding

What we did

Discovery and intention workshops to ascertain the personality of the brand and personas for subscribers as well as users. We provided guidance in focus groups to start to determine the language and artifacts to project in the naming and creating verbal branding.

This process allowed us to create authentic, inspirational and emotive verbal branding based on the primary purpose and message of the new diversity platform. The directors were extremely pleased and we all had a lot of fun!


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