Business Model

Business Models in the agile context within which businesses must increasingly operate defines how your business will create, capture and deliver value. Hugely influential and instructive is the Business Model canvas which has revolutionised how this definition activity is approached.

We can help you with Business Model Design and understanding the connections between components of the canvas. We guide you through the thought, planning and envisioning processes necessary to compellingly map these.

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December 15, 2018
A truly unique change management consultancy that makes change stick through focusing on the people side of change.

Simple Powerful Business Models

Being an entrepreneur is exciting and that engine within you is just revving to go. But you do recognise the necessity and value of putting building blocks in place for success and the criticality of a fit for purpose business model.

We help you understand and build out your value proposition, business model and growth and competitor strategy. We help you define how the value is created and monetised and the relationship between these and your business strategy. We help you answer the question, ‘how is the money made?’

Your Business Story

Capture Value

Create Value

Deliver Value

Reinventing your proposition

Business Models can be reinvented when you are stuck in a rut and your proposition does not seem to be hitting as many marks. This challenging but the same questions and process obtains. We’ll help you see your business in a different light and validate that the view you hold id the same one your target audience will too. Let’s hear your story so we can see how it can be better retold.

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