Business Architecture and Target Operating Models

Your business architecture and target operating models is quite central to building and maintaining the capability in your business to be consistent, productive and meet the goals of the business. There are many points of potential and most revolve around people and so developing suitable business architecture and target operating models is important.

The variables are numerous – from how your company runs the day to day, the degree of seamlessness and efficacy of your technology, how it interfaces with your business operations, how innovative and agile your company is in adopting change. Even the commitment and the interest of people you employ to represent the brand and the way they handle exceptions and disaster events and how supported your staff and customers feel – all these factors are critical to your brand’s performance in the market place and on maintaining your grip on your competitive prowess.

But are they up to task? Have you established the roles and responsibilities to ensure preparedness in key areas?

These factors are too often overlooked in the pursuit of brand supremacy, but it is these very real factors that help to ensure that your USP and brand integrity are maintained. Iconify can help you to review and redefine business architecture and target operating models from the ground up.

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December 15, 2018

Winning Business Architecture and Target Operating Models

Advisory and Implementation

We have delivered Business Architecture and Target Operating Models at large global institutions, organisations of huge complexity to capture the organisations’ capabilities, restructuring and stakeholder roles and responsibilities.

Implementation requires in depth planning and collaboration and requires high levels of skill to translate business strategy, high level and interlinked functions into a clear topography of organisational functions and operations. Iconify can help with this.


Business Change and Adoption

Practice and Process Standardisation

Process Design and Improvements

Business Architecture

Our ability to define and deliver Business Architecture and target operating models is just one of the areas that differentiates us as a creative consulting agency because when we say we can change the game, it’s because we can do it on the levels where it counts in an integrated and synergistic way. This is also because we approach this crucial aspect of your business model and value delivery components with an eye on your brand imperatives. Through Business Architecture, and after reviewing your operations and identifying primary actions, we articulate the details of business organisation, governance and integral business processes as well as those who are process and workstream owners.

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