Rehabilitating a Finance Brand

Brand rehabilitation and positioning was as critical post the credit crunch as rebranding is now, post the pandemic. Many finance and accounting corporations struggled hugely to justify their existence, given irregularities that were rife and systemic in the industry.

BDO was one such company our associates helped to reposition in this situation when the spotlight was shone on the auditing firms. There was a need for purpose review, a market fit to message evaluation and a reputation rehabilitation.

BDO’s previous positioning was relatively vague based on being creative but a branding exercise was undertaken to firm up the ideas that really mattered to stakeholders post this crisis and reposition as an accounting and auditing firm that could still have credibility for regulators and prospective clients alike.

Once consensus was reached on the brand rehabilitation and positioning consensus, it was important to coach executives and senior leadership on the meaning and translation of brand pillars across the business.

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