Brand Development and Strategy Advisory

Brand creation, innovation and transformation are all critical milestones on the same concept realisation and brand recognition spectrum. Iconify bring a strategic mindset to the development of any of these areas for your brand and can work with clients on just one area or through the entire brand value creation continuum, from the initial ideas and brand creation to working on your brand design and communications to building or reengineering your business model to uphold and promote your brand’s purpose and values.

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December 15, 2018

Brand Development and Strategy

At our Brand Development and Strategy Advisory, we use a rigorous and a holistic approach to developing insights that can inform and ground a Brand strategy that is inspiring, and that encompasses the purpose and objectives of your brand in order to address your business brand and CX (customer experience) objectives. Focusing on inside out branding, we elicit the core essence of your brand and your people to define the voice of your brand and develop an enduring concept and also have the capability to review and implement constructs that will support your great brand. We work with our ambitious clients to pinpoint potential market opportunities and value and capture these through making improvements in the business process using transformation, innovation or automation.

We provide guidance in building Business Models for new business or re-engineering and embedding a new business model to really help your brand operationally. With clarity on how the business model creates value, your Business Strategy can be revised with the firm footing fueled by the sector research and data analysis that we undertake to create a clear strategic and operational pathway to make the objectives of your enterprise achievable.

Understanding the primary factors of relevance and drivers of resonance from your brand’s uniqueness and authenticity, our brand development and strategy advisory team use these insights to help clients build a foundation for employee culture, behaviours and functional practices, that are linked to ideals and goals of your brand’s CX, to effect a lasting Brand Transformation.

Creative strategy drives the creation of an initial shell for your brand to use as a  proof of concept to test the marketing and to pivot if it is not a fit in Brand Development. With purpose, positioning and customers defined, and with a strategic mindset, there is then a  greater ability to relate a narrative that captures the distinctive essence of your brand that informs fantastic brand design that strikes the right emotional connection with your target market.


Where do you belong in the world of your customers’ minds, in the spectrum of ideals and at the heart of their wants and needs? Our brand strategy and development advisory team explore these fundamentals through positioning strategy to carve out clarity on available and potential markets to claim a position where your brand can shine. Where do you stand? Let’s help you work it out.

How we can help you break out, get heard and grow

Purpose and Positioning

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create value.

Ideas and Concept Generation

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create value.

Brand Communications

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create value.

Clarity, Creativity, Compelling

Iconify bring perspective, insight and clarity to the work we do with our clients, in our brand development and strategy function, to ensure we develop only strategies aligned to your brand purpose and business strategies consistent with that.

Iconify’s Brand Purpose Driven Framework informs our strategic process for business transformation, brand creation and positioning and marketing, and is the basis of the work we do in CX Remodelling, and brand communications.

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