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The acid test of Brand Communications these days is how well it intersects with the Brand Risk axis of brand health. Design of brand collateral and the look and feel and the copy generated in the strategic brand communications phases must also consider the best response to adverse events, negative and even malicious reviews and press not based on true performance and execution of your business.

Iconify helps you to define brand concepts, and refine these to ensure that your core beliefs and values are aligned with the primary concept, and the purpose of your brand. Crucially, we then help you plan and execute on these ideas to mobilise the power of the concept. We will work very closely with you to ask the questions that must be asked and challenge you to validate the answers, strip back the ideas to their core to extract the core value in them and test them against your purpose.


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December 15, 2018

Brand Communications for the Life of your Brand

The value of communications and interactions undertaken prior to adverse events is of great importance, but the quality, speed and clarity of communications in adversity is critical. We call this the The Brand Risk Axis, and it’s how we plan, profile and police your communications at the moments it matters most.

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Communications and Strengths Converge

We exist to build brands. We want to create the next generation of iconic brands in all categories. Brands that are resonant, have attitude and swagger and really speak to their target market. In a highly commoditised environment, almost nothing is new, except perhaps in the world of emerging tech – more on that here.
But if almost nothing is new, differentiation assumes ever greater weight and positioning becomes pivotal; your business will live or die literally more or less to the extent that it is possible to find a position for it in the mind of your tribe. A great product has value but that value is ascribed by the position it occupies in the mind of the people to whom we seek to attract.
That leads to the next point and of equivalent weight – the ‘goodness’ of/in your offering ultimately comes down to perception — so it’s subjective — so it is predicated on what the target segment you are targeting feel about, see and receive the offering. How well your offering fits them and their ideas about the world they inhabit. Make no mistake, most people are never sharing the same reality as the next group of people. This more than anything, determines the degree to which the attributes that make your offering ‘great’. Call us, let’s create the next iconic brand. 0208

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