Automation and Innovation

We provide advisory and engineering capabilities for automation and innovation to help businesses navigate this digital and new technology epoch.

As the digital and physical worlds collide, and the internet of things make our lives, all things of the internet, digital dimensions to business, innovation and growth can no longer be ignored. This is the new theatre for competition on a global scale! Regardless of your industry and your market segment, businesses will soon have to plan how to stay connected to the physical world and communicate with its aspects seamlessly through technology. This will inevitably require significant human-computer perspectives , architecture and processes at a whole new level.

The integration of these new technologies with enterprise architecture and systems will enable businesses to be far more responsive to customers and competitive, with solutions that scale. We can help you formulate a realistic and holistic strategy for adopting intelligent automation, AI and Robotics in your business’s operational landscape. Click here to find out more about automation or click on innovation. Let’s talk about these exciting developments and what you are thinking. 0208 191 9008 or contact us here.

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December 15, 2018

Consulting on Automation, Innovation  and Digital Transformation

Iconify Innovation Advisory is delivered as part of our Transformation and Technology practices and we help businesses evaluate aspects like, what value can be captured within your agreed strategy and what’s the smartest, fastest, most effective and in short, innovative way to can do it. A key differentiator of our approach across all disciplines is that we consider your business end to end, front to back and back to front so that the brand drivers do not stop but carry through all facets of the business. Our automation and innovation consulting and digital transformation practices are no different and we take a holistic approach to understanding your current state processes and use of tools and technology, problems that the process presents and creates to determine opportunities for optimisation or transformation. Additionally, we help leaders determine risk appetite and understand your innovation profile and consider which new ideas when implemented will deliver the highest impact.

What we can do for you

Process Improvements and Intelligent Automation

We conduct an end to end evaluation of your business processes through the lens of available technological advancements and collaborate with your employees and stakeholders to automate and innovate at pace, building sustainable frameworks.

Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

We believe the Customer Experience is both the critical link and driver of brand strategy most often overlooked. Focus on improving CX enables the harnessing of the power of digital transformation in attaining business objectives.

Innovation Tech, Culture & Change Consulting

Understanding the tools available to better use of organisational resources like people and data and using the necessary insights to drive the changes that will have the greatest impact on your business's ability to compete.

Tap into Innovation

Passionate about innovating, finding new solutions for old problems, new markets and methods, we will help your organisation explore innovation potential and build an innovation capability to exploit upcoming automation and innovation trends with ease and confidence.

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