Brand Comms

Brand Communications for the Life of your Brand

The value of communications and interactions undertaken prior to adverse events is of great importance, but the quality, speed and clarity of communications in adversity is critical. We call this the The Brand Risk Axis, and it’s how we plan, profile and police your communications at the moments it matters most.

Winning Brand Communications

New Brand Communications

Verbal Branding and Straplines


Communications and Strengths Converge

We exist to build brands. We want to create the next generation of iconic brands in all categories. Brands that are resonant, have attitude and swagger and really speak to their target market. In a highly commoditised environment, almost nothing is new, except perhaps in the world of emerging tech – more on that here.
But if almost nothing is new, differentiation assumes ever greater weight and positioning becomes pivotal; your business will live or die literally more or less to the extent that it is possible to find a position for it in the mind of your tribe. A great product has value but that value is ascribed by the position it occupies in the mind of the people to whom we seek to attract.
That leads to the next point and of equivalent weight – the ‘goodness’ of/in your offering ultimately comes down to perception — so it’s subjective — so it is predicated on what the target segment you are targeting feel about, see and receive the offering. How well your offering fits them and their ideas about the world they inhabit. Make no mistake, most people are never sharing the same reality as the next group of people. This more than anything, determines the degree to which the attributes that make your offering ‘great’. Call us, let’s create the next iconic brand. 0208

Business Architecture and Target Operating Models

Winning Business Architecture and Target Operating Models

Advisory and Implementation

We have delivered Business Architecture and Target Operating Models at large global institutions, organisations of huge complexity to capture the organisations’ capabilities, restructuring and stakeholder roles and responsibilities.

Implementation requires in depth planning and collaboration and requires high levels of skill to translate business strategy, high level and interlinked functions into a clear topography of organisational functions and operations. Iconify can help with this.


Business Change and Adoption

Practice and Process Standardisation

Process Design and Improvements

Business Architecture

Our ability to define and deliver Business Architecture and target operating models is just one of the areas that differentiates us as a creative consulting agency because when we say we can change the game, it’s because we can do it on the levels where it counts in an integrated and synergistic way. This is also because we approach this crucial aspect of your business model and value delivery components with an eye on your brand imperatives. Through Business Architecture, and after reviewing your operations and identifying primary actions, we articulate the details of business organisation, governance and integral business processes as well as those who are process and workstream owners.

Business Model

A truly unique change management consultancy that makes change stick through focusing on the people side of change.

Simple Powerful Business Models

New businesses and start-ups need help in reviewing their business model and developing a profitable new business model design. Better business models help create value and a basis for establishing a differentiated brand.

Being an entrepreneur is exciting and that engine within you is just revving to go. But you do recognise the necessity and value of putting building blocks in place for success.

We help you understand and build out your value proposition, business model and growth and competitor strategy. It’s critical to define how the value is created and monetised and the relationship between these and your business strategy. We help you answer the question, ‘how is the money made?’. We help you communicate ‘why us and not our competitor?’

Your Business Story

Capture Value

Create Value

Deliver Value

Reinventing your proposition

Business Models can be reinvented when you are stuck in a rut and your proposition does not seem to be hitting as many marks. This challenging but the same questions and process obtains. We’ll help you see your business in a different light and validate that the view you hold id the same one your target audience will too. Let’s hear your story so we can see how it can be better retold.

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