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Define a Winning Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy encompasses the principles, purposes and values running through what you do, why you do it and why it means something to people and how that translates to how you do what you do.

Managing the risks to your brand

Brand Risk Architecture

M anaging your company’s brand risks and brand reputation protection are primary drivers of ensuring there is a brand risk architecture at the heart of your brand communications.

Brand value is predicated on the power and compulsion created by strong brand recognition, attachment and equity. The attendant loyalty and advocacy given by clients could be subject to systemic brand risks through actions your business takes.

Deterioration or damage to the brand through adverse communications, events or ill-prepared responses and operations for adversity, immediately starts to impact the brand value. This is often either accompanied by reputation damage or caused by reputation damage. We help you envision the future of your brand but also what can trip up your business and put adequate plans and Readiness Strategies in place to prevent and combat these potential factors. Legitimate business initiatives like business and IT change can create brand risk factors, and as a change and brand agency, we never lose sight of these.

Our risk management approach enables you to confront risks with the confidence that comes from identifying and planning for your business’s unique risks and ensuring that there are systems in place not just to combat these and survive these eventualities but also to rise above them. Taking a long term critical and prudential view of your risk horizon is crucial to your Operational Readiness model.

Managing Brand Risks – Taking a brand view of operational risk

We help you to define the risk scenarios and profile of your company, in order to implement a continuity and override mechanism at your moments of greatest risk with clear roles and responsibilities, tested and simulated scenarios and optimise capability and readiness to resolve risk.

We help your business devise a risk response operational model for all risks identified with the potential to cause disruption or damage to the business and the brand, that define the brand risk architecture. For managing brand risks, we can deploy the necessary media/social media responses to slow or halt reputational damage for imminent and current threats.

We help you formulate and gain internal engagement for clear and agreed mitigation, prevention and reduction strategies for the identified and assessed risks that your business and your brand face across key operations elements. We can also produce an operating model if required.

The real and welcome opportunities to reach your users and audience and interact with them on a personal level, uncovered through brand strategy is fraught with people and perception risks that can spiral out of control very quickly. We help you consider these in-depth and agree on fundamental approaches to dealing with the inherent risks that exist.

Key Considerations

Brand Risk Architecture

Brand Risk Strategy

Risk Profiling and Readiness

Brand Risk Service

The truth is that brand risk matters. Iconify can provide clients with an Integrated Brand Risk Management and Reputation Management framework, perfected in global banks and organisations. These detail planning and prioritisation of risk scenarios, process risk models and holistic Readiness Strategy. and Communications to ensure continuity and that the correct responses are deployed to defray adverse scenarios.

Brand Reputation Protection

Your brand reputation is an indisputable asset that cannot be taken for granted as your brand love, loyalty and credibility relies on it. Reputational crises are always now just a social media message away which means a brand reputation protection plan must be par for the course for businesses to manage harmful online content. This is why there needs to be a solid brand communications strategy in place, with an attendant risk mitigation strategy framework, including remediation and PR for when adverse events occur

Reputational equity and internal brand advocacy are improved mightily by a responsive customer experience and attention paid to the employee experience especially during business transformations and organisational restructure.

Brand Comms

Brand Communications for the Life of your Brand

The value of communications and interactions undertaken prior to adverse events is of great importance, but the quality, speed and clarity of communications in adversity is critical. We call this the The Brand Risk Axis, and it’s how we plan, profile and police your communications at the moments it matters most.

Winning Brand Communications

New Brand Communications

Verbal Branding and Straplines


Communications and Strengths Converge

We exist to build brands. We want to create the next generation of iconic brands in all categories. Brands that are resonant, have attitude and swagger and really speak to their target market. In a highly commoditised environment, almost nothing is new, except perhaps in the world of emerging tech – more on that here.
But if almost nothing is new, differentiation assumes ever greater weight and positioning becomes pivotal; your business will live or die literally more or less to the extent that it is possible to find a position for it in the mind of your tribe. A great product has value but that value is ascribed by the position it occupies in the mind of the people to whom we seek to attract.
That leads to the next point and of equivalent weight – the ‘goodness’ of/in your offering ultimately comes down to perception — so it’s subjective — so it is predicated on what the target segment you are targeting feel about, see and receive the offering. How well your offering fits them and their ideas about the world they inhabit. Make no mistake, most people are never sharing the same reality as the next group of people. This more than anything, determines the degree to which the attributes that make your offering ‘great’. Call us, let’s create the next iconic brand. 0208

Brand Development and Strategy Advisory

Brand creation, innovation and transformation are all critical milestones on the same concept realisation and brand recognition spectrum. Bring a strategic mindset to the development of these areas for your brand, from the initial ideas and brand creation to brand design.

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