The Brand Strategy and Digital Intersection

Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Influencer Marketing using automation, analytics for start-ups or established companies.
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Compelling Communications

Digital strategy and web development and content marketing. We help you put requirements together to deliver stylish, responsive and highly functional marketing websites.
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Brand Image and Positioning Strategy

Gain insights on the marketplace and reveal ideas on how to appeal to different segments, and understand the best channels to reach them. Translate your image into identity and brand performance.
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Social Media

The brand strategy and digital capability intersection has huge potential for  digital marketing your business and changing the ways you choose to present both your content and your offering, and there is a huge scope to excite and impress ever savvier consumers using digital technology. Audience segments specific messaging is possible because of social media and this should be exploited to the hilt, to address the interests and concerns of individual segments if relationship building is to remain authentic and be sustained. The brand strategy and digital intersection here provides the axes of the message – the what to the who and digital marketing capability enables carrying the message. People are critical to maintaining this flow. Employees must be completely clear on principal brand architecture elements and be able to communicate in the brand voice and in alignment with the brand’s positioning. This takes time, but in the quest for resonance, it pays to invest with in this process with a long term view in mind.


Your content should ensure that you stand out and is in keeping with your positioning. All communications should dovetail and be in the voice your customers are learning or have learned to expect from you. As well as brand building, content should be used to educate, entertain and above all reinforce the brand benefits and values that customers will recognise as aligned with the brand personality. This makes blending brand strategy and digital capability a worthy concentration for brands intent on growing.


It’s interesting to reflect that there is no practice stream that we deal with that does not have CX as an integral part of improving and embedding, whether it is for positioning or for processes! In the case of Digital Marketing, it’s necessary to understand all the points of the customer journey and all the points at which your target segments engage with, communicate with or otherwise consume outputs from your business. This allows insights into where to reach them and what messaging – relationship building, information providing or marketing, to provide at every stage.

Business and IT Transformation

At our Transformation Practice, Business and IT Transformation strategy is at the core of what we do. Iconify is interested in remediating displaced value, identifying areas within your business where improvements or even re-engineering will lead to measurable improvements and efficacy across your operational landscape.

We provide business and IT transformation strategy and implementation and can provide expertise on brand identity and innovation strategy integration.

Business and IT Transformation Strategy

We provide end to end programme and project management, with highly skilled and experienced change management practitioners.

And it all matters – your people, set practices, operational and functional process, tools, your culture, training – no elements are overlooked in articulating the change your business needs to thrive again.

Where issues have been identified, we will conduct root cause analyses but we then apply brand values lenses to strategies for transformation, to  remediate the causes and drivers of these issues, gaps in systems, the procedures and support procedures that will need to be tightened and future proofed, through adopting innovative technology  wherever possible.

Iconify strive to align your brand efforts with your purpose and your brand strategy with your business and IT transformation strategy, and deliver innovative Target Operating Models.

Brand Strategy Development

How to take the fight to the market

Business Transformation Implementation and Delivery

Plugging the gaps and preparing for success

Transformation Technology and Architecture

Technology, software and systems that elevate your capability


Culture, Leadership and Ecosystems to compete

Risk Management and Architecture

Frameworks for managing brand risk through Readiness

Positioning and Brand Identity

Distill your brand's purpose and position for success

Change Management and Target Operating Models

Managing your projects and defining the best models to support business ops and growth

Brand Purpose to Transformation Alignment and Assurance

End to end assistance - defining purpose to embedding process

Brand Risk Architecture

Brand value is predicated on the power and compulsion created by strong brand recognition and attachment, and the attendant loyalty and brand risk are actions your business takes, positive or negative, create a risk to brand equity. Deterioration caused by damage to the brand through adverse communications, events or ill prepared responses and operations for adversity, immediately starts to impact the brand value. This is often either accompanied by reputation damage or caused by reputation damage. We help you envision the future of your brand but also what can trip up your business and put adequate plans and Readiness Strategies in place to prevent and combat these potential factors. Legitimate business initiatives like business and IT change can create brand risk factors, and as a change and btrand agency, we never lose sight of these.

Our risk management approach enables you to confront risks with the confidence that comes from identifying and planning for your business’s unique risks and ensuring that there are systems in place not just to combat these and survive these eventualities but also rise above them. Taking a long term critical and prudential view of your risk horizon is crucial to your Operational Readiness model.

Taking a brand view of operational risk

We help you to define the risk scenarios and profile of your company, in order implement a continuity and override mechanism at your moments of greatest risk with clear roles and responsibilities, tested and simulated to scenarios and optimise capability and readiness to resolve risk.

We help your business devise a risk response operational model for all risks identified with the potential to cause disruption or damage to the business and the brand, that define the brand risk architecture. We can deploy the necessary media/social media responses to slow or halt reputational damage for imminent and current threats.

We help you formulate and gain internal engagement for clear and agreed mitigation, prevention and reduction strategies for the identified and assessed risks that your business and your brand face across key operations elements. We can also produce an operating model if required.

The real and welcome opportunities to reach your users and audience and interact with them on a personal level is fraught with people and perception risks which can spiral out of control very quickly. We help you consider these in depth and agree fundamental approaches to dealing with the inherent risks that exist.

Key Considerations

Brand Risk Architecture

Brand Risk Strategy

Risk Profiling and Readiness

Brand Risk Service

The truth is that brand risk matters. Iconify can provide clients with an Integrated Brand Risk Management and Reputation Management framework, perfected in global banks and organisations. These detail planning and prioritisation of risk scenarios, process risk models and holistic Readiness Strategy. and Communications to ensure continuity and that the correct responses are deployed to defray adverse scenarios.

Automation and Innovation

Consulting on Automation, Innovation  and Digital Transformation

Iconify Innovation Advisory is delivered as part of  our Transformation and Technology practices and we help businesses evaluate aspects like, what value can be captured within your agreed strategy and what’s the smartest, fastest, most effective and in short, innovative way to can do it. A key differentiator of our approach across all disciplines is that we consider your business end to end, front to back and back to front so that the brand drivers do not stop but carry through all facets of the business. Our automation and innovation consulting and digital transformation practices are no different and we take a holistic approach to understanding your current state processes and use of tools and technology, problems that the process presents and creates to determine opportunities for optimisation or transformation. Additionally, we help leaders determine risk appetite and understand your innovation profile and consider which new ideas when implemented will deliver the highest impact.

What we can do for you

Process Improvements and Intelligent Automation

We conduct an end to end evaluation of your business processes through the lens of available technological advancements and collaborate with your employees and stakeholders to automate and innovate at pace, building sustainable frameworks.

Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

We believe the Customer Experience is both the critical link and driver of brand strategy most often overlooked. Focus on improving CX enables the harnessing of the power of digital transformation in attaining business objectives.

Innovation Tech, Culture & Change Consulting

Understanding the tools available to better use of organisational resources like people and data and using the necessary insights to drive the changes that will have the greatest impact on your business's ability to compete.

Tap into Innovation

Passionate about innovating, finding new solutions for old problems, new markets and methods, we will help your organisation explore innovation potential and build an innovation capability to exploit upcoming automation and innovation trends with ease and confidence.

Payment Platforms

Build a payment platform – the benefits


Revenue Growth

Market Expansion

Software and App Development

Passion  for rigourous and excellent software development runs in our blood. Our head of technology , Kennedy , is well known, admired and sought after for his sincere love of and evangelism of  best practice methods in programming, agile methodologies and enterprise level IT and security strategy. His wide ranging experience means that a breadth of approaches born of surmounting innumerable barriers and challenges will be at your disposal in building strategy, proof of concepts and in the design and development process.  At Iconify our developers and consultants have analysed, designed and developed mission critical software for organisations like Goldman Sachs, Visa and Worldpay, to name a few. We’ll be happy to do the same at yours.

Software and App Development Process and Options

Bespoke versus off the shelf

If it makes sense to make the time and cost investment to build bespoke code, we’ll help you lay out the process, elicit the requirements and fast track a proof of concept.

We help you review vendor supplied software or out of the box software and how configurable they are, how well they can integrate with other suites of pre-existing software and whether in your business’s architecture, they can deliver value many other considerations as part of out core IT consultancy.

If you decide to go bespoke, we have decades of expertise in helping you specify a solid, suitable solution, tight to requirements, functional processes and operating models working with your teams closely to capture the true requirements – more on that below in Requirements Gathering, Analyses and Challenge.

Requirements Gathering, Analysis and Challenge

We are risk managers, every one, and we worry about making unnecessary mistakes, leading us to be structured and disciplined. We run your projects under proper project management  frameworks to reduce risk of scope creep, re-dos and disappointment, ultimately. Getting close to how your business operates and your teams, we’ll strive to get full clarity on all functions, interactions and communications in a comprehensive discovery phase.


At Iconify our developers and consultants have analysed, designed and developed mission critical software for organisations like Goldman Sachs, Visa and Worldpay, to name a few. We’ll be happy to do the same at yours.We have decades of experience creating software solutions for many leading companies and resolving many challenges.  Staunch advocates of agile methodologies, we apply rigour to the process and keep communications as open as possible.

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Our Difference

There is a definitive and distinctive difference in the consulting and delivery process when people who live and breathe technology help you solve your technological challenges, and that is what we bring.  We believe software should be transformative and approaches to meeting requirements should be focused while methodologies should be flexible enough to accommodate  learning and stakeholder participation.

No brand can truly be resonant without robust and effective technology, because the business will lack resilience and facility at several fundamental levels. Therefore, we firmly believe that the Technology your business runs on, relies on is a fundamental pillar of brand strength and operational advantage.

So, if you are after a redevelopment, greenfield development, enhancements, systems integration with a mix of platforms and bespoke code, we can help. We like helping friendly businesses operate at their best, and no matter where you are in the lifecycle or problem solving process, feel free to call us to discuss. If we can help, we will. +44(0)20 8191 9008 or contact us.


IT Consulting Spectrum

Enterprise Architecture and Security

Software and Solutions Development and Delivery

Bespoke tools Integration and Digital Transformation

Where are you?

You could have a brand new development project or a redevelopment. You may be in the middle of enterprise and infrastructural programme and have had the courage to realise and accept it’s all gone wrong and a new remedial roadmap is required – we’ve been there and done it! Multi-million pound projects switching midstream from Oracle to Siebel or adopting a brand new reporting platform 5 minutes after rolling out a prior one because it was for fit for purpose. We have some muscular strategies to review and replan and give you the confidence to take the best options identified.

If you are not quite sure, still, one reason you definitely should call is that we are a small company with big skills with both depth and breadth across the business landscape with strong partnerships with trusted firms. We will take on your goals as ours, solve your issues as though they were ours and here’s the main thing – we LOVE this work. We bring real passion to it, true creativity, proven skills and complete commitment. We are friendly and we like to work with friendly companies, so get in touch! We are also good at listening, so feel free to call for an informal chat too.

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