Automation and Innovation

Regardless of your industry and your market segment, businesses will soon have to plan how to stay connected to the physical world and communicate with its aspects seamlessly through technology. This will inevitably require significant human-computer perspectives, architecture and processes at a whole new level.

Business Architecture and Target Operating Models

Winning Business Architecture and Target Operating Models

Advisory and Implementation

We have delivered Business Architecture and Target Operating Models at large global institutions, organisations of huge complexity to capture the organisations’ capabilities, restructuring and stakeholder roles and responsibilities.

Implementation requires in depth planning and collaboration and requires high levels of skill to translate business strategy, high level and interlinked functions into a clear topography of organisational functions and operations. Iconify can help with this.


Business Change and Adoption

Practice and Process Standardisation

Process Design and Improvements

Business Architecture

Our ability to define and deliver Business Architecture and target operating models is just one of the areas that differentiates us as a creative consulting agency because when we say we can change the game, it’s because we can do it on the levels where it counts in an integrated and synergistic way. This is also because we approach this crucial aspect of your business model and value delivery components with an eye on your brand imperatives. Through Business Architecture, and after reviewing your operations and identifying primary actions, we articulate the details of business organisation, governance and integral business processes as well as those who are process and workstream owners.

Business Model

A truly unique change management consultancy that makes change stick through focusing on the people side of change.

Simple Powerful Business Models

New businesses and start-ups need help in reviewing their business model and developing a profitable new business model design. Better business models help create value and a basis for establishing a differentiated brand.

Being an entrepreneur is exciting and that engine within you is just revving to go. But you do recognise the necessity and value of putting building blocks in place for success.

We help you understand and build out your value proposition, business model and growth and competitor strategy. It’s critical to define how the value is created and monetised and the relationship between these and your business strategy. We help you answer the question, ‘how is the money made?’. We help you communicate ‘why us and not our competitor?’

Your Business Story

Capture Value

Create Value

Deliver Value

Reinventing your proposition

Business Models can be reinvented when you are stuck in a rut and your proposition does not seem to be hitting as many marks. This challenging but the same questions and process obtains. We’ll help you see your business in a different light and validate that the view you hold id the same one your target audience will too. Let’s hear your story so we can see how it can be better retold.

Payment Platforms

Build a payment platform – the benefits


Revenue Growth

Market Expansion

Software and App Development

Passion  for rigourous and excellent software development runs in our blood. Our head of technology , Kennedy , is well known, admired and sought after for his sincere love of and evangelism of  best practice methods in programming, agile methodologies and enterprise level IT and security strategy. His wide ranging experience means that a breadth of approaches born of surmounting innumerable barriers and challenges will be at your disposal in building strategy, proof of concepts and in the design and development process.  At Iconify our developers and consultants have analysed, designed and developed mission critical software for organisations like Goldman Sachs, Visa and Worldpay, to name a few. We’ll be happy to do the same at yours.

Software and App Development Process and Options

Bespoke versus off the shelf

If it makes sense to make the time and cost investment to build bespoke code, we’ll help you lay out the process, elicit the requirements and fast track a proof of concept.

We help you review vendor supplied software or out of the box software and how configurable they are, how well they can integrate with other suites of pre-existing software and whether in your business’s architecture, they can deliver value many other considerations as part of out core IT consultancy.

If you decide to go bespoke, we have decades of expertise in helping you specify a solid, suitable solution, tight to requirements, functional processes and operating models working with your teams closely to capture the true requirements – more on that below in Requirements Gathering, Analyses and Challenge.

Requirements Gathering, Analysis and Challenge

We are risk managers, every one, and we worry about making unnecessary mistakes, leading us to be structured and disciplined. We run your projects under proper project management  frameworks to reduce risk of scope creep, re-dos and disappointment, ultimately. Getting close to how your business operates and your teams, we’ll strive to get full clarity on all functions, interactions and communications in a comprehensive discovery phase.


At Iconify our developers and consultants have analysed, designed and developed mission critical software for organisations like Goldman Sachs, Visa and Worldpay, to name a few. We’ll be happy to do the same at yours.We have decades of experience creating software solutions for many leading companies and resolving many challenges.  Staunch advocates of agile methodologies, we apply rigour to the process and keep communications as open as possible.

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Our Difference

There is a definitive and distinctive difference in the consulting and delivery process when people who live and breathe technology help you solve your technological challenges, and that is what we bring.  We believe software should be transformative and approaches to meeting requirements should be focused while methodologies should be flexible enough to accommodate  learning and stakeholder participation.

No brand can truly be resonant without robust and effective technology, because the business will lack resilience and facility at several fundamental levels. Therefore, we firmly believe that the Technology your business runs on, relies on is a fundamental pillar of brand strength and operational advantage.

So, if you are after a redevelopment, greenfield development, enhancements, systems integration with a mix of platforms and bespoke code, we can help. We like helping friendly businesses operate at their best, and no matter where you are in the lifecycle or problem solving process, feel free to call us to discuss. If we can help, we will. +44(0)20 8191 9008 or contact us.


IT Consulting Spectrum

Enterprise Architecture and Security

Software and Solutions Development and Delivery

Bespoke tools Integration and Digital Transformation

Where are you?

You could have a brand new development project or a redevelopment. You may be in the middle of enterprise and infrastructural programme and have had the courage to realise and accept it’s all gone wrong and a new remedial roadmap is required – we’ve been there and done it! Multi-million pound projects switching midstream from Oracle to Siebel or adopting a brand new reporting platform 5 minutes after rolling out a prior one because it was for fit for purpose. We have some muscular strategies to review and replan and give you the confidence to take the best options identified.

If you are not quite sure, still, one reason you definitely should call is that we are a small company with big skills with both depth and breadth across the business landscape with strong partnerships with trusted firms. We will take on your goals as ours, solve your issues as though they were ours and here’s the main thing – we LOVE this work. We bring real passion to it, true creativity, proven skills and complete commitment. We are friendly and we like to work with friendly companies, so get in touch! We are also good at listening, so feel free to call for an informal chat too.

Get in touch on if you are considering collaboration and MI tools or a solution for your Data Analytics or Document Management

Positioning and Marketing

The power, importance and pivotal nature of positioning and marketing cannot be overstated and as such it is critical to business health and competitive ability. This is because if strategic positioning can be achieved, so can competitive power. Iconify will help your company clearly articulate what will make your brand authentic, relevant and unique and how your difference will drive your target market to make a decision to buy your product or service.

Brand Development and Strategy Advisory

Brand creation, innovation and transformation are all critical milestones on the same concept realisation and brand recognition spectrum. Bring a strategic mindset to the development of these areas for your brand, from the initial ideas and brand creation to brand design.

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