Verbal Branding

Standing for what you mean


In creating the verbal branding required on this project, drilling into the passion of the leaders of an exciting new diversity platform to help them encapsulate their passion, purpose and ambition for inclusivity and justice across the businesses they are integrated with, was key.


The mission was worthy, so the name and straplines needed to be authentic and resonant for all stakeholders and the message needed to cut through possible preconceptions about diversity initiatives. It really needed to capture the opportunities presented by diversity and also differentiate their platform and vision.


Core Implementation Touchpoints

Naming and Storytelling

Persona Development

Verbal Branding

Creating Verbal Branding

What we did

Discovery and intention workshops to ascertain the personality of the brand and personas for subscribers as well as users. We provided guidance in focus groups to start to determine the language and artifacts to project in the naming and creating verbal branding.

This process allowed us to create authentic, inspirational and emotive verbal branding based on the primary purpose and message of the new diversity platform. The directors were extremely pleased and we all had a lot of fun!


Defining Brand Purpose

Aiming for your heart


To make the emotional connection and impact required with customers, it is critical to understand wants as well as needs in order to isolate value. This is predicated on your business defining its  purpose.

When a local London business needed to stem losses and increase their profitability, in an extremely competitive market, they sought us out.

Passion for their craft was palpable, and we go out of our way to work with passionate leaders and owners. However, diffuse marketing, vague messaging and too broad an offering meant they were unfocused and undifferentiated. In an abstracted way, they recognised they were focused on sales, not the customer experience and drivers.

Articulated Purpose

Determined a new position

New message and channels

What we did


We worked with the clients to articulate their actual purpose and outline compelling points of difference in their, carving out a position in an extremely competitive market. Iconify were quickly able to ruthlessly rationalise the client’s offerings, driven by what they loved and did best, and which many in the same business did not.

With clarity on their purpose, the clients could immediately see that authenticity was lacking in their business and messaging. Jettisoning other offerings, they concentrated on a  differentiated service which they did far better than competitors and for which they had incredible talent and skills.

Being able to focus their full resources on a whittled down range, allowed a focused marketing campaign. This led them to vastly increase their efficiency, the quality of their work and raised their sales by 39% in the first year post the changes we implemented.

Determined toand carve out a position in an extremely competitive market, within which they were losing sales to newer, flashier businesses, they called us in because they did not know which way to turn.

Positioning a Business

The Importance of Positioning a Business

Positioning a business is still one of the most common and biggest business challenges that companies face. It’s critical simply because in a congested market, market pressures can exert a downward force on pricing, and so purchasers who are willing to pay must be persuaded that what they are paying can give benefits – tangible and non-tangible – that other similar products or services cannot. This is purely a perceptual challenge and requires research and creativity. The advantages can be long term and so it makes sense to invest the time, effort and energy because in many ways, the positioning is the business.

A Positioning and Perception Problem

A long established business wanted to change their brand perception, and create a strategic and overarching brand image and identity across the product landscape.

As we were spearheading a business transformation initiative for the same client, an opportunity existed for linking the impending transformation to a change in the positioning of the business and revamping of messaging. The time was ripe for the client to clearly define and differentiate their brand and rethink how they appealed to the customers.

Positioning a Business Implementation Touchpoints

Research and Data Analytics

Developed Perceptual Cues & New Positioning Strategy

Masterbrand Creation & Relaunch

What we did

Insead scholars highlight that effective positioning is strategically aligned and that this is a critical element of effective brand.

Working closely with the client, the staff and other stakeholders, we reassessed the brand vision. We established a business and brand purpose which confirmed the brand path was diverging. When we were able to codify brand purpose and mission points, it enabled the transformation efforts in train to be driven by the brand strategy.

We conducted focus groups and interviews to capture customer impressions and informed the strategic steps for the brand marketing and promotion using customer impressions. Using relevant frameworks to capture the heart, reach and targeted demographic for their products, and existing customer data and insights from research, we worked to uncover potential for new positioning.  We created a masterbrand ethos, identity and perceptual cues and artifacts for the brand and conducted brand led business transformation in parallel.

Software Development Solutions

Developing your Software and Technical Solutions

We have helped many organisations identify opportunities for potential high yield improvements and innovation and helped them plan the technical projects to realise them across several industries and sectors, with our unique approach.

The Problem

When your organisation is facing a fundamental requirement to innovate, we build powerful software with a fresh approach that helps you create value and improve integration.

Exploiting innovation and cost and efficiency savings

Increased transparency and collaboration

Tailored, enhancing CX and internal engagement

Software Development Solutions – Bespoke and Beyond

There are many good reasons why bespoke software might be the way to go for your business. It’s tailored to your process, it incorporates your functional and operational preferences and is a real opportunity to create all the key capabilities you envisage for your business now and in the future. These are powerful reaosns but you need a team to that can ensure you realise all the benefits of a bespoke software development solution. That requires planning and clarity of requirements and a team who know how to capture these and manage change professionally. We’re glad you found us!

The Change you Want to See

Transformation like it should be

The Problem

A leading bank needed to change their half a year month stress testing reporting process to a fraction of the time to meet regulatory and operational drive. The business case was to provide the Chief Economist’s office and regulators with an agile and highly responsive process to produce clarity and directional reports. Delivering this required multi -dimensional business, technology, and in depth procedural change, working business and technical partners from across a spectrum of capabilities to deliver this in the planned timeframe.

The Key Touchpoints

Data Cleanse, Restructure and Mapping

Target Operating Model Transformation

Risk Infrastructure and Technology Delivery

Risk Models and Validation Framework

Requirements Clarification and Codification

Automation Strategy and Planning

What we did

Appointed to deliver a Stress Testing Solution and extended infrastructure and IT capability to house, process and support Credit Risk Modelling lifecycle, Data, and IT deliverables, across lines of business, wherein we were responsible or identifying and appointing and directing delivery partners. Responsible for getting business case signed off and translating the requirements into a programme and bringing resource on board to implement as well as running process of developing the underlying for stress testing.

Business and IT Transformation

At our Transformation Practice, Business and IT Transformation strategy is at the core of what we do. Iconify is interested in remediating displaced value, identifying areas within your business where improvements or even re-engineering will lead to measurable improvements and efficacy across your operational landscape.

We provide business and IT transformation strategy and implementation and can provide expertise on brand identity and innovation strategy integration.

Business and IT Transformation Strategy

We provide end to end programme and project management, with highly skilled and experienced change management practitioners.

And it all matters – your people, set practices, operational and functional process, tools, your culture, training – no elements are overlooked in articulating the change your business needs to thrive again.

Where issues have been identified, we will conduct root cause analyses but we then apply brand values lenses to strategies for transformation, to  remediate the causes and drivers of these issues, gaps in systems, the procedures and support procedures that will need to be tightened and future proofed, through adopting innovative technology  wherever possible.

Iconify strive to align your brand efforts with your purpose and your brand strategy with your business and IT transformation strategy, and deliver innovative Target Operating Models.

Brand Strategy Development

How to take the fight to the market

Business Transformation Implementation and Delivery

Plugging the gaps and preparing for success

Transformation Technology and Architecture

Technology, software and systems that elevate your capability


Culture, Leadership and Ecosystems to compete

Risk Management and Architecture

Frameworks for managing brand risk through Readiness

Positioning and Brand Identity

Distill your brand's purpose and position for success

Change Management and Target Operating Models

Managing your projects and defining the best models to support business ops and growth

Brand Purpose to Transformation Alignment and Assurance

End to end assistance - defining purpose to embedding process

About Digital Transformation

About Digital Transformation – Advisory and Implementation

Digital Transformation has more to do with strategy and service than technology. According to Insead’s Joerg Niessing Digital Transgformation is about people – how it allows you to put people first and last and create technology in service of customers. We extend that to the service and optimal support of your staff too.

That is the truth about digital transformation, and in truth, done correctly and sustainably, all transformation – it is all about people and how we can best serve their needs, through data, speed of processing and how we can power products and services to meet needs faster and economically.

We provide a Advisory as well as project and engineering teams to leverage embodies great opportunities for transformation, capability growth and brand influence. Digital Transformation promises many opportunities to gain vibrancy, relevance, reliability through the adoption of platforms that enable your business to take advantage of technology that’s already here, whilst being positioned to take advantage of what is imminent.

Why Digital Transformation now?

Successful digital transformation will accelerate awareness, visibility and growth but it is dependent on commitment to developing resonance and using it to extend brand reach, access and relevance. Key is, who really your customer is, what you can do to deliver needs that are unmet and how your business can support this through engagement of primary stakeholders like employees and suppliers. To truly special and stand out, your brand must embodies all the characteristics of resonance.

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Define a Winning Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy encompasses the principles, purposes and values running through what you do, why you do it and why it means something to people and how that translates to how you do what you do.

Managing the risks to your brand

Brand Risk Architecture

M anaging your company’s brand risks and brand reputation protection are primary drivers of ensuring there is a brand risk architecture at the heart of your brand communications.

Brand value is predicated on the power and compulsion created by strong brand recognition, attachment and equity. The attendant loyalty and advocacy given by clients could be subject to systemic brand risks through actions your business takes.

Deterioration or damage to the brand through adverse communications, events or ill-prepared responses and operations for adversity, immediately starts to impact the brand value. This is often either accompanied by reputation damage or caused by reputation damage. We help you envision the future of your brand but also what can trip up your business and put adequate plans and Readiness Strategies in place to prevent and combat these potential factors. Legitimate business initiatives like business and IT change can create brand risk factors, and as a change and brand agency, we never lose sight of these.

Our risk management approach enables you to confront risks with the confidence that comes from identifying and planning for your business’s unique risks and ensuring that there are systems in place not just to combat these and survive these eventualities but also to rise above them. Taking a long term critical and prudential view of your risk horizon is crucial to your Operational Readiness model.

Managing Brand Risks – Taking a brand view of operational risk

We help you to define the risk scenarios and profile of your company, in order to implement a continuity and override mechanism at your moments of greatest risk with clear roles and responsibilities, tested and simulated scenarios and optimise capability and readiness to resolve risk.

We help your business devise a risk response operational model for all risks identified with the potential to cause disruption or damage to the business and the brand, that define the brand risk architecture. For managing brand risks, we can deploy the necessary media/social media responses to slow or halt reputational damage for imminent and current threats.

We help you formulate and gain internal engagement for clear and agreed mitigation, prevention and reduction strategies for the identified and assessed risks that your business and your brand face across key operations elements. We can also produce an operating model if required.

The real and welcome opportunities to reach your users and audience and interact with them on a personal level, uncovered through brand strategy is fraught with people and perception risks that can spiral out of control very quickly. We help you consider these in-depth and agree on fundamental approaches to dealing with the inherent risks that exist.

Key Considerations

Brand Risk Architecture

Brand Risk Strategy

Risk Profiling and Readiness

Brand Risk Service

The truth is that brand risk matters. Iconify can provide clients with an Integrated Brand Risk Management and Reputation Management framework, perfected in global banks and organisations. These detail planning and prioritisation of risk scenarios, process risk models and holistic Readiness Strategy. and Communications to ensure continuity and that the correct responses are deployed to defray adverse scenarios.

Brand Reputation Protection

Your brand reputation is an indisputable asset that cannot be taken for granted as your brand love, loyalty and credibility relies on it. Reputational crises are always now just a social media message away which means a brand reputation protection plan must be par for the course for businesses to manage harmful online content. This is why there needs to be a solid brand communications strategy in place, with an attendant risk mitigation strategy framework, including remediation and PR for when adverse events occur

Reputational equity and internal brand advocacy are improved mightily by a responsive customer experience and attention paid to the employee experience especially during business transformations and organisational restructure.

Brand Comms

Brand Communications for the Life of your Brand

The value of communications and interactions undertaken prior to adverse events is of great importance, but the quality, speed and clarity of communications in adversity is critical. We call this the The Brand Risk Axis, and it’s how we plan, profile and police your communications at the moments it matters most.

Winning Brand Communications

New Brand Communications

Verbal Branding and Straplines


Communications and Strengths Converge

We exist to build brands. We want to create the next generation of iconic brands in all categories. Brands that are resonant, have attitude and swagger and really speak to their target market. In a highly commoditised environment, almost nothing is new, except perhaps in the world of emerging tech – more on that here.
But if almost nothing is new, differentiation assumes ever greater weight and positioning becomes pivotal; your business will live or die literally more or less to the extent that it is possible to find a position for it in the mind of your tribe. A great product has value but that value is ascribed by the position it occupies in the mind of the people to whom we seek to attract.
That leads to the next point and of equivalent weight – the ‘goodness’ of/in your offering ultimately comes down to perception — so it’s subjective — so it is predicated on what the target segment you are targeting feel about, see and receive the offering. How well your offering fits them and their ideas about the world they inhabit. Make no mistake, most people are never sharing the same reality as the next group of people. This more than anything, determines the degree to which the attributes that make your offering ‘great’. Call us, let’s create the next iconic brand. 0208

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