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Define a Winning Brand Strategy

Defining a winning brand strategy is something many companies are realising is critical so you are far from alone in looking for partners to help. Iconify teams’ key goals are to help you gain clarity on your company’s core strength, vision and evaluate the current business and operating environments in order to realign processes to match purpose and vision and create a roadmap to amplify brand love, power and loyalty.

Branding Methodologies

When we start discovery to define a winning brand strategy, we begin by using the brand values and identity lessons to start to create a visual framework for depicting and representing the psycho-graphic case for your brand and its products.

Our branding methodologies also  seek to honour your customers by understanding who they are and what your brand means to them on several levels, and how reinforcing these themes can propel more customers to buy in to the brands products, which act as bulwarks for when the brand is navigating choppy waters.

Using our STORI framework, we’ll help you work out how to make your customers feel valued, to ensure your business doesn’t get lost in an increasingly congested market.

We will reframe your brand story and what your offering means to your customers and if your brand makes them feel valued, using our STORI framework.

Brand Research

Positioning Strategy

Brand Purpose and Values

Inside Out Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy encompasses the principles, purposes and values running through what you do, why you do it and why it means something to people and how that translates to how you do what you do.

Our goal in defining a winning brand strategy is to concentrate focus and gain clarity on your company’s Core strength, vision and evaluating the current business and operating environments to realign the brand process to match it’s purpose and vision and create a roadmap to amplify band love, power and loyalty.

We help you set or reassert your brand vision and create a strategic plan to implement it and help you make purpose driven, brand led decisions to fine tune options on your target market, strategy and new ideas to realise higher ROI, stronger and more resonant reputation and clarity on CX improving activities.

Brand Risk Architecture

Brand value is predicated on the power and compulsion created by strong brand recognition and attachment, and the attendant loyalty and brand risk are actions your business takes, positive or negative, create a risk to brand equity. Deterioration caused by damage to the brand through adverse communications, events or ill prepared responses and operations for adversity, immediately starts to impact the brand value. This is often either accompanied by reputation damage or caused by reputation damage. We help you envision the future of your brand but also what can trip up your business and put adequate plans and Readiness Strategies in place to prevent and combat these potential factors. Legitimate business initiatives like business and IT change can create brand risk factors, and as a change and btrand agency, we never lose sight of these.

Our risk management approach enables you to confront risks with the confidence that comes from identifying and planning for your business’s unique risks and ensuring that there are systems in place not just to combat these and survive these eventualities but also rise above them. Taking a long term critical and prudential view of your risk horizon is crucial to your Operational Readiness model.

Taking a brand view of operational risk

We help you to define the risk scenarios and profile of your company, in order implement a continuity and override mechanism at your moments of greatest risk with clear roles and responsibilities, tested and simulated to scenarios and optimise capability and readiness to resolve risk.

We help your business devise a risk response operational model for all risks identified with the potential to cause disruption or damage to the business and the brand, that define the brand risk architecture. We can deploy the necessary media/social media responses to slow or halt reputational damage for imminent and current threats.

We help you formulate and gain internal engagement for clear and agreed mitigation, prevention and reduction strategies for the identified and assessed risks that your business and your brand face across key operations elements. We can also produce an operating model if required.

The real and welcome opportunities to reach your users and audience and interact with them on a personal level is fraught with people and perception risks which can spiral out of control very quickly. We help you consider these in depth and agree fundamental approaches to dealing with the inherent risks that exist.

Key Considerations

Brand Risk Architecture

Brand Risk Strategy

Risk Profiling and Readiness

Brand Risk Service

The truth is that brand risk matters. Iconify can provide clients with an Integrated Brand Risk Management and Reputation Management framework, perfected in global banks and organisations. These detail planning and prioritisation of risk scenarios, process risk models and holistic Readiness Strategy. and Communications to ensure continuity and that the correct responses are deployed to defray adverse scenarios.

Automation and Innovation

Consulting on Automation, Innovation  and Digital Transformation

Iconify Innovation Advisory is delivered as part of  our Transformation and Technology practices and we help businesses evaluate aspects like, what value can be captured within your agreed strategy and what’s the smartest, fastest, most effective and in short, innovative way to can do it. A key differentiator of our approach across all disciplines is that we consider your business end to end, front to back and back to front so that the brand drivers do not stop but carry through all facets of the business. Our automation and innovation consulting and digital transformation practices are no different and we take a holistic approach to understanding your current state processes and use of tools and technology, problems that the process presents and creates to determine opportunities for optimisation or transformation. Additionally, we help leaders determine risk appetite and understand your innovation profile and consider which new ideas when implemented will deliver the highest impact.

What we can do for you

Process Improvements and Intelligent Automation

We conduct an end to end evaluation of your business processes through the lens of available technological advancements and collaborate with your employees and stakeholders to automate and innovate at pace, building sustainable frameworks.

Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

We believe the Customer Experience is both the critical link and driver of brand strategy most often overlooked. Focus on improving CX enables the harnessing of the power of digital transformation in attaining business objectives.

Innovation Tech, Culture & Change Consulting

Understanding the tools available to better use of organisational resources like people and data and using the necessary insights to drive the changes that will have the greatest impact on your business's ability to compete.

Tap into Innovation

Passionate about innovating, finding new solutions for old problems, new markets and methods, we will help your organisation explore innovation potential and build an innovation capability to exploit upcoming automation and innovation trends with ease and confidence.

Business Architecture and Target Operating Models

Winning Business Architecture and Target Operating Models

Advisory and Implementation

We have delivered Business Architecture and Target Operating Models at large global institutions, organisations of huge complexity to capture the organisations’ capabilities, restructuring and stakeholder roles and responsibilities.

Implementation requires in depth planning and collaboration and requires high levels of skill to translate business strategy, high level and interlinked functions into a clear topography of organisational functions and operations. Iconify can help with this.


Business Change and Adoption

Practice and Process Standardisation

Process Design and Improvements

Business Architecture

Our ability to define and deliver Business Architecture and target operating models is just one of the areas that differentiates us as a creative consulting agency because when we say we can change the game, it’s because we can do it on the levels where it counts in an integrated and synergistic way. This is also because we approach this crucial aspect of your business model and value delivery components with an eye on your brand imperatives. Through Business Architecture, and after reviewing your operations and identifying primary actions, we articulate the details of business organisation, governance and integral business processes as well as those who are process and workstream owners.

Positioning and Marketing

Positioning and Marketing – Exploring Brand Positioning

The Brand Positioning Dimension

We pay attention to a number of considerations in order to outline the options open to your business with regard to positioning your brand. We can advise you on how best to manage or pivot your brand by looking on the decision making dimensions of your target segments and the current positioning of your brand in their minds and the awareness relevant to your business’ stage in the business life cycle as well as any gaps in need fulfillment in order to help carve out a strong brand position. This is at the heart of marketing and forms the foundation of all the work that will be incorporated in marketing campaigns and brand communications.

The Product Positioning Dimension

We pay attention to the clear factors of differentiation in the context of the market the business operates or seeks to compete in and the functionality provided. Equally important is the internal consistency in the positioning of your business as well as your offerings. This especially important if your company has multiple products or if you considering extending your product portfolio, as there are brand risks attached to those. We are ready to discuss these with you now.

The Competitive Positioning Dimension

Your business’ ability to be differentiated is directly correlated to competitive ability and strategy options – functionality, delivery methods and channels are primary considerations. This difference must be effectively and compellingly sold through an underlying lens that presents your offering as more desirable based on what else is available even if not necessarily empirically superior, as this latter consideration matters much less. Positioning and Marketing is right at the heart of what your brand needs to do to have a powerful positioning strategy.

The Competitive Pricing Dimension

Iconify consult to our clients on the pricing that propels their products based on your offerings competitive position and the positioning message, and clear first considerations revolve around price sensitivity of target segment, relative to awareness of the brand, the business position and the product or service’s value and/or difference. For all of these dimensions, we refer to your purpose and rely on market data to help to make the decisions.

The Positioning Message Dimension

The positioning messdage dimension is a synthesis of the output of the other dimensions and is the point at which your target segment interfaces with the decisions made on the other areas. We help you clarify this target audience with persona and pain points and unifying characteristics, within a relevance framework applicable to that audience so that your customers can ‘perceive your position’ in relation to competitors and make cognitive comparative analyses and  decisions on where your business fits based on the product’s strengths of meeting their wants and needs.

Breaking Down the Process of Positioning and Marketing

Competitor Research

Know and understand your competition, their benefits and how well they deliver

Customer Research

Drill down in the consumer data to uncover the people who you can win.

Pitch from Power

Determine the elements for which features and benefits can be amplified, and how

Benefits of getting us on board

We never forget, as scholars from Insead point out, that effective brands have regarded positioning as a strategic necessity that is aligned to business objectives, as we focus on your business’s positioning and marketing efforts. Perspective and clarity are two primary benefits you will get immediately, in the initial marketing phase of defining positioning. You’ll see your brand possibilities like never before. We focus on successful delivery pf positioning and marketing activities and we mean to get you the results you want. New campaigns for social media, a new website or a new marketing plan – whatever it is, we can help to take your marketing objectives a reality and take your marketing to next level. The key thing you need to know is that when you come on board, we genuinely care about your success – we envision and work for all that you want fro your marketing efforts.

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