Intelligent Environments
Establishing Excellence

Contributing to, and crucially interlinked to culture, environments that foster innovation are worthy of evaluation for lessons that can be learned and applied as part of putting together an overall ecosystem within which your people can thrive , ideas can be explored and your internal brand engagement  and commitment are high. This aspect of the ecosystem has a lot of potential for conferring additional branding advantages, not least the amplification of your brand’s values from your key stakeholders, your staff who become the first and most defensive line of customer experience and perception feedback.

It is worth noting that there appears to be a consensus that a key part of making innovation work, revolves around People and the environments created by how they are treated and managed.


Systems and tools for increased capabilities for sharing and collaborating.

Policy & Reward Systems

Explore, choose and tailor Motivational Models and Incentives

Learning and Incubation Labs

Structures that nurture, innovation, growth and creativity

Multiple Helix

Systems for Support, Partnerships and Cross Germination to advance innovation.

Networks and Clustering

Expose your employees to similar companies and people to enhance their capabilities.