A Change Management Consultancy focused on People

When you’re looking for a change management consultancy that helps you reap the benefits of successful change and makes change stick, you should choose one that focuses on the people side of change.

A good change management consultancy will help you run a change programme and manage time and budget effectively, but a great one will help you achieve lasting, sustainable change and benefits through a successfully implemented change management process. A great consultancy will be passionate about people and project environments that foster empowered engagement and participation.

Iconify help you plan, prepare and put your change management and business transformation plans into readiness, implementation and delivery so that you can take advantage of opportunities through the use of technology and market shifts and compete effectively. We help you help your people get ready for new ways of doing things, ensuring they have the capability and participate as co-creators of the change. Benefits delivery is assured with focus on the people side of change because behavioural issues and drivers matter as much as structural and methodological ones.

A truly unique change management consultancy that makes change stick through focusing on the people side of change.


Change management encompasses a vast discipline, strategies and tools, including Business Transformation which may relate to any or all of people, processes, functions and technology and which will require changes to the target operating models. As a result, any change initiative must really hone in on the impact to people within the change programme but most importantly, beyond, to make change stick. The key to sustainable success in transformation projects is to successfully transition and make the change stick. It’s only too common that project failures result in people returning to systems that are supposed to be demised, people get very dissatisfied and leave and new projects are incepted to remediate apparently successful projects.

A Change Management consultancy focused on helping you create powerful capabilities within your organisations to plan and implement strategic change in a way that focuses on your people and your brand reputation, collating knowledge, developing and transferring skills, knowledge and expertise. Whether it’s business or IT change you are considering, we can help you plan and design a strategy and delivery framework that priorities your people as the primary success driver.

How we can help you manage change

As a unique change management consultancy, Iconify can help you build the business case for change and clarify with senior leaders drivers, objectives and prioritised activities and a strong people engagement strategy.

– We can help draw up and design parallel structural change and behavioural change strategies that build frameworks to make change stick.  – Help you design a transformation and change strategy that can achieve the vision and outcomes that your company really needs and wants.

– Develop a business transition capability that will deliver and implement operating models, operational readiness frameworks and timelines and cutover excellence.

– We help you understand why the ‘People Side of Change’ is so critical and share strategies for mapping those to delivering change objectives. For example, build a better and more empowered team to drive innovation in your changed organisation so that the people side of change drives strategies for attaining objectives.

– Power people and staff engagement your people to develop and share your vision in language and stories that will resonate emotionally as well rationally. We work with you to design change communications and events that will help telegraph and flesh out the target operating model and what it looks like.

– Identifying, coaching and upskilling change principals with tools and awareness required to empathetically lead people through the disruption of change and the rigour of the process.

We believe these are the gaps a great change management consultancy can help you plug.


The Importance of Change Management Consultancy that prioritises people

The Importance of a Change Management Consultancy that Prioritises People

The difference between Project Management and Change Management lies in how important it is that people are really brought into the heart of the process, managed and engaged very closely at a range of levels in line with the level of impact and disruption the change represents to their lives on the job. Operating system upgrades across a company carries some risk of aggravation, irritation and disruption. Failure would result in the risks outlined and of course, business continuity would be affected but with the relevant training and cutover readiness, the migration can be managed quite well, all other PM disciplines remaining equal. Transformation programmes, however, are wildly different as indeed requiring the full gamut of change management protocols. These types of projects require management of the ‘Hard Factors’. To summarise, the hard factors are the people factors. It is more important than ever that companies engage a change management consultancy that priorities people.


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