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When you are ready for full service website development services that go beyond the basic and execute on strategy from telling a story to impactful website design. and with the twin objectives of impact and performance, we’re the agency you need to call.

It’s got to do more than look the business, it literally has to be the business. It’s got to help your business make an impression, its content has got to be compelling and from the get-go, it must be designed to be found, convert and appeal to your target market. You don’t want just traffic, you want the right traffic. That’s about strategy.

Imbue your business with everything needed to build your brand equity with a consistent brand and web presence, with our branding and website development services.

Creating a great brand requires great design but it needs something more. It requires capability, consistency and connectedness with all your brand assets. Your brand assets are a representation of your values, identity and position and so everything that represents the business should align, including your online presence, starting with your website. Creating a strong, branded website is about more than just about logos, it’s about the consistency of look, feel and messaging. Impactful website design is key but ideally, your website should also be responsive and performant.

Integrated branding starts with a strong purpose, aligned with your principles and business strategy in ways that position your business and brand experience uniquely in the mind of your customer. It requires great and targeted design. It doesn’t end with building a brand asset or creating a website. Whether it’s rand identity design or website design, the same considerations apply.

But, by designing a strong brand and developing a credible and robust web presence, using both great website design and development services and aligned messaging, we can help you build a brand reputation to be proud of. Click on the links below to get more information or call now to discuss on +44(0)20 8191 9008 or contact us now to arrange a consultation and join the new generation of brand stalwarts.

We can provide a full service website development.

Build your Website and Online Presence

Turn your ideas and dreams into a powerful design and compelling reality. This helps build your business, online presence and brand equity.

Using a change agency to create your website and online presence has many inbuilt advantages, not least deep technical and software development experience, paired with project and risk management skills. When it comes to creating your website, our website development services look beyond the facade of the business and into challenges and opportunities to promote not just your web presence but other aspects of your business. For Web Design and Development, we start with structure, ensure we deliver a responsive website that’s good for mobile and designed to be high converting. When it comes to your social media, we strive for design excellence and consistency.

It’s worthwhile investing in the website’s functionality, and make it high performance and highly optimised right from the outset. To design and create a powerful website in these turbulent times requires a focus on impact as well as looks.

We provide full service website development so  to create your professional website, we can customise or go fully bespoke, and to keep your business looking and being professional, as part of our website development services, we will provide ongoing support and troubleshooting for your website, ensure that security is established and safeguarded and take care of your updates.

We recommend and can help you to implement peace of mind hosting for your valuable web collateral. With our strong technical and integration capabilities, we can provide handholding with other digital initiatives, integration with your CRM or ERP and other proprietary software.

High Performance Websites - Audit, Architecture, Capability


Website Design and Development - Customised or Bespoke


Digital Presence and Promotion plus Digital Transformation


Technical Integrations and Software Development

Full service website development services and website design that speaks not just to who you are but who your customer is

Speak to the people you serve, whoever they are

10 Powerful Functions of High Performance website

10 Functions of a High-Performance Website

Considering their unique challenges, it’s undeniable that the B2B websites of small to medium size businesses are a powerful brand asset and there are 10 powerful functions of a high-performance website that make it so, meaning that building a fully fit for purpose B2B websites require thought and technique, from structure to SEO, covered below. At a time when struggling businesses are being advised to aim for resilience and survivability, with more new businesses are compelled to start and existing businesses are compelled to look for new ways to find clients and grow, it’s never been more important to consider what makes a high performance website as driver of survivability.

Building a high-performance website is very much akin to building a high-velocity brand or high impact branding. We know how to those too, Business websites need to be high-performance websites, whether they are transactional or purely informational, if high performance is defined as being found by your target market, having content which engages, educates and delights them and allows them to easily connect with you.

1) Prospecting – First Function of a High-Performance Website – The Searchlight Effect

The first function of a high-performance website is that of prospecting – defining, identifying and knowing who your customers are.  Knowing them allows you to call them by name or at least call their problems by name, through your high performing website using your content, which will target them and their needs and allow them to find you. If your targeting is sufficiently tight, your website will help you appeal to your target but ideally repel non-ideal customers and not attract them at all. This reduces your bounce rate.


2) Perception – Becoming a Contender

It starts with perception. As soon as they land on your page, they should feel that your website gives them a view of the capacity of the people who own it to help them solve an immediate problem and that they can trust the advice on your blog. Dependent on where they are on the funnel, they may just need an answer to a preliminary question but if they feel the answer is there, they’ll stick around to see it. And they’ll come back. The perception expands to accommodate some trust in your business’s ability and then it is easy to begin building a position in their minds and later, a relationship if you make the right moves or offer them an opportunity to do so. This is especially important for B2B websites for small and medium size businesses as they build their profile.


3) Positioning – Positioned to Provide Value

High Performance Websites are highly effective, partly because they a positioning tool with regard to whom your customers are, where they are today with regard to how they are feeling as well as where they are in a purchasing funnel. Are they looking to understand more about the problem area, are they looking for solutions, are they ready to buy or do they just need valuable information? They are looking for categories of information depending on where they are and your job is to be an answer to your prospective buyers’ problems, if not at a granular level, initially, then at a broad level. Your main site pages must provide this breadth and the depth should come in your blogs, for when they are in the frame of mind to delve, which they are unlikely to be right at the start of the purchasing journey.

4)  Pitching – the Platform to Present Solutions

For B2B websites of small to medium size businesses, your high performance website has great potential as a pitching tool for what you can provide to address that prospect’s need and a way to inform them on what they should want and expect as auxiliaries to that need. It’s your sales ladder and you need to ensure they easily navigate it, upward through the stages of conversion until they are ready to hire.
You should be able to convince them you have everything they need – what they have thought of and what they have not, what their business needs and what they should want to meet to meet that need.


5) Pupillage – The Privilege to Educate

When people are on a search to resolve their pain, they want, they need to learn. Your opportunity is to take advantage of their state of being willing to be a student and their willingness to learn. Teach them. Tell them with all the passion for what you do. Educational content is key at this stage and the goal is to connect, engage, nurture and foster. Show and tell is the name of the game, not sell!


6) Performance – The Need for Speed and Security

Your website has got to look good and inspire confidence, but more importantly it has to load fast and load images faster. It absolutely has to be secure and this requires a lot of resources to implement and ongoing resources to assure and maintain, in order not to lose authority and risk reputation damage. Security is a brand risk issue that the B2B websites of small to medium size businesses working to build their brand image should be careful not to fall into.
Ensuring that there are internal links that expose the structure and topics in your website to your prospective clients and also external links that give an opportunity for further reading and enrichment, help websites to be performant in search engines because they expect you not just to provide supplementary links to your own content but also to that of others.

There are many tools out there that can give some assistance, for example, Yoast has a free tool that can help guide you through the linking process; based on other content on your website, it will suggest pages and articles you can link to. quite well and intuitively. Build links naturally through your content as relevant.
Responsive sites optimised for mobile devices need to be a core consideration for performance as many people now reach for their phones to research a problem, and connect through their phones and tablets and must not be overlooked.


7) Content – The Seventh Function of High Performance Website – Educate to Influence

Your Prospective customers need different types of content at different points in their journey which is why a broad array of media can help your business and solutions resonate with your audience, from your ever-important blogs to ebooks, white papers and videos. Your website’s educational content can be everything from your blog (more on that below) to videos, guides, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies and more. Having a wide range of information and material mediums can help you connect with a broader audience.

Blogs are critical for high-performance websites as they drive lead generation and you or somebody in your business will need to regularly write valuable content for the consumption of your customers, whose needs you are positioning yourself to be the best to meet. Long-form blogs are valuable but ensure your blogs at least exceed 500 words to be effective.

Well written and researched copy is important for valuable content and it should give clarity and also provide opportunities to reach out for more help and questions. It should aid understanding and build the prospective clients’ confidence, in your business and also in their readiness to take the next steps to address their needs. This is addressed further below.


8) Connection – The Eighth Function of a High-Performance Website – Touchpoint for Conversion

Lead Generation and SEO

Your website should help to generate leads and it should not be difficult to find by people looking for your services so that prospects can connect to you. You probably know that SEO is the holy grail for this but it starts with websites that are structured and code that is SEO ready so that you can get the relevant traffic. Relevant traffic is key otherwise you get a high bounce rate. Keywords are king but their courtiers are content, within which you should embed the keywords that your prospects are searching for. There are many tools out there that can give some assistance, for example, Yoast has a free tool that can help guide you through the SEO and linking process quite well and intuitively. Build links naturally through your content and seed keywords as you would speak naturally to a person, and do not to try and ‘force’ the algorithms. Your website could be penalised for that.
It’s clear your content is a huge driver of connection and you must endeavour to include a call to action so readers connect with you and you can then follow up with more valuable content or ideally start conversations, either through their responses to your newsletter or answers to their question. Whatever action you think is most likely, should inform what call to action you use. From a connection perspective, social sharing buttons and a ‘subscribe’ button are critical in helping you reach a greater audience.

Calls to Action

CTAs (calls to action), offering a free audit or even short consultation for example, and subscription prompts are all useful devices for both your business and for the prospective client to take the first step in making a connection, so provide them on your website and in your blogs. Many people at this stage are comfortable with providing some key personal data in order to receive valuable content in return.


Value is a very important driving principle with regard to making and maintaining connections. The educational phase of the purchase funnel is so important for both your prospective clients – it helps them fully understand the dimensions of their problem and what to look for in solutions – and for your business – it helps you establish authority and gain trust. Just don’t ask for lots of data, as the time taken in keying it in, or even the anticipation of that can lead to the abandonment of the page.

9) Communication – The Ninth Function of a High Performance Website – The Crux of Perception

Communication on your website should be succinct and as informative as possible without an excess of jargon. The homepage should clarify what your business does and why you are the best delivery partner for this prospective customer – your remarkable difference or unique attributes for their specific circumstances, and hence why they should choose you should be clear.

If you walk into a crowded room and shout, looking in no particular direction, ‘I love ya, baby,’ if you do indeed love someone in that room, they’re going to miss you, and everyone else might ignore you. It needs to be clear you are for them and they are for you. Clarity of client, of the offer, of the messaging is an important objective as is what differentiates your business. If you do not know clearly what this is and how to arrive at it, this is a key part of defining a winning brand strategy.


10) Exceptional Copy – The Tenth Function of a High-Performance Website  – Fit for Every Phase

Great copy helps you sell but if you remember that your prospects might only be in a state of pupillage, it should be helping you sell more understanding, inspiring confidence to take the next steps, whether that is to get help or try it themselves and later in the sales funnel, it should help you leverage the perception and positioning you have gained in the prospect’s mind. It should be inspiring and to avoid jargon, longer explanations may be necessary but it’s important to avoid overlong sentences and confusing text.

It’s clear to see exactly why a high performance website is so important and the factors that contribute to its power, and even though it can seem a lengthy and in-depth process to deliver the benefits, it is a worthwhile project for a company seeking competitive advantage, which post-COVID, is everyone, and is definitely something you should consider investing in.

How Iconify Can Help You and Your Company

A high performance B2B website is a necessity and we can help your business create a proactive digital and web strategy, architect the right structure and flow to drive engagement and connection online, and design an attractive and innovative website while keeping secure and delivering excellent content that will help drive both brand and business strategy and build brand equity. should be one of your firm’s greatest assets

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Top Website Development Processes the Best Website Developers Use

Processes for top website development

The top website development process is used by the best website developers and development companies because it has people and function at the heart of it, and as such is driven by research, validated by mock-ups and iterated requirements and underpinned by testing and a robust cutover process.
The best website developers understand the software development process and have internalised the key lessons of that process, right at the top of which is that iterations drive progress, learning and clarification and that early prototypes give insights and early learning especially with regard to prioritisation and elaboration of your requirements. The best website development companies employ the skills and tactics of change and project management and value the discipline of discovery and the power of process.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to small businesses and professional services firm is to ensure that they receive the highest ROI for their technical and business transformations, including their websites. We work to make sure they achieve the highest value possible and a structured process is a key method to assure that, and the best website development companies should follow a transparent process, which we share with our clients to set expectations. The top website development process must rely on the input from the business with a frequent review and feedback process in a collaborative exercise to deliver what is ultimately a business asset.
Building a website that becomes a business boon comes by design and with the expertise of top software developers and people skilled in managing projects, people, technology and change. The discovery process is an opportunity to inspire clients with the best options for meeting more detailed requirements they express and provide guidance on how to exploit new technology to meet objectives.

Your aspirational website deserves the best process

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Common and easy questions we ask right at the outset

Top software developers can be identified by the questions they ask because it’s not all about code. It’s about the business and the people in it.

What do you think is the most important function of your website? Do you want a branded website or brochure website? If you do not already have branding collateral to use, how useful would you find it if the website development company you pick can also tackle your branding? What are your primary objectives for his website? How does it map to your business objects? Which objectives will the website help you to fulfil?

Finding the best website development company for the needs of your company to build a user friendly, attractive and well-structured website that reflects your company’s image and ethos is tougher than one might expect especially for smaller businesses.

However, agencies that can utilise and deploy the top website development processes for companies are not just for big global brands. We are excited and passionate about providing high-quality services to small to medium size businesses and equipping them to derive as much value from their business and marketing expenditures as large corporates do. This defines our offering and approach to making businesses like yours slicker, quicker and fitter.
The same holistic philosophy of pursuing excellence in every facet available also drives our professional website design and development work. The same commitment to making it the best your business can get to take your business as far as it wants to is brought to bear on every project, making our professional website design services approach serious, structured and focused on your business’s objectives at all times.

Our Website Development Process

The top website developers will follow a structured process with a view to delivering excellent and high performance websites. Each step below is iterated as more information is collated and a mock-up or prototype of the website is developed. Our process incorporates a feedback loop that informs rework and revision through core parts of the project.

– Research internal and external
– Discovery and review of existing brand collateral and high level requirements
– Planning and Scheduling
– Detailed Requirements Analysis and Architecture and User Experience Mapping
– Branding Considerations (fully branded, if so, have we collateral in place or do we need to develop it?
– Brand Pyramid, Look and Feel and Voice and Message Analysis and Branding Guidelines Review
– High-Level Design and Review
– Initial Mockups and Wireframing
– Tone and messaging decisions based on an inherited or developed brand pyramid
– Creating Copy and SEO ready code
– Development and Testing (we test every single feature across platforms and range of scenarios for browser compatibility, CX and correct functioning.
– Transition, Delivery and Cutover

As soon as core inputs are agreed and signed off, your website development is kicked off, and our top software developers plan for cutover and delivery right from the outset. Once cutover meets the set criteria, your new website can be officially launched!

Would you like to find out more about any of the steps above and how they ensure you get an amazing website? Contact us by clicking on the button below – we’d love to share more about our professional web design services. It’s one of a kind!

top website development process and top software developers follow a structured process

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Iconify doesn’t just design a new site; as a brand, change and digital agency, when building your website, we explore with you what other productivity and efficiency opportunities you may want to exploit with our assistance, for example, creating an enquiry generation functionality, or integrating with other systems. The best website development companies are always thinking about how to help your business with visibility, growth, UX and brand love.
From creating brand new designs for your new look or a first website to integrating with WordPress or CRM, our ambition is to be strategically relevant with what is delivered for your business and empower you to be more innovative, collaborative and more targeted and clear on your brand and identity.
Our services are perfect for small to medium businesses who either need help exploring and deciding the scope and size of the projects, or who have bespoke technical requirements.

Website Development Company for Small Businesses

Critical Websites for Businesses

If you recognise how important a solid website is to your business prospects, take advantage of a website development company for small businesses that can provide a 360-degree capability for your company.

Iconify is a brand, change and digital agency dedicated to equipping small to medium size companies through creating exceptional, highly functional and performant websites and implementing business transformations that your business needs to thrive. We are focused on the power of your site to make a mark and help achieve your business vision and we’ll manage your project with skill and verve from beginning to end.


Let's make it a reality!

A Partner Who Understands your Unique Challenges

Are you a small business or professional services firm looking for a company passionate about the challenges of small businesses, to build a good looking, high-performance website? We’re glad you’ve found us. Our proven development expertise will help equip your business in the digital online presence stakes.

We provide high-quality software and website development for small businesses all around the world based on performance principles around your branding, visibility and customer experience and security, from brochure websites to e-commerce.

website development companies for small business


A Website Development Company For Small Businesses

As a website development company for small businesses, you benefit from our unique knowledge of, and passion for small businesses.

Websites play just as crucial a role in the success of the business and marketing efforts of smaller businesses as they do for large corporates – and we believe arguably more – because they face significant and unique challenges with visibility, perception and finding and engaging with their customers.

As a result, proactive leaders search for website development companies for small businesses who prioritise getting the crucial functionality, not least helping to support and generate business, just as much as the right design. Therefore, we’ll ensure that items like Calls to action and promotions will be included as well as responsive technology for mobile-friendly sites.
We’ll be happy to show you examples of our website development for small businesses and we’re happy to have a consultation to discuss your requirements and send you a proposal.

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    Professional Website Design and Development Services

    Our Professional Website Design and Development Services

    We are committed to ensuring that businesses we work with achieve the highest value and quality from our professional website design services and devote ourselves to running a project that will deliver the website that they deserve and one that justifies their financial investment as well as their faith, time and effort. Building a website that becomes a business boon is not come by easily but by design and it requires expertise in managing projects, people, technology and change. It requires inspiring our clients with opportunities they didn’t know were available and showing them how they can be exploited.

    Our Philosophy

    The same holistic philosophy of excellence in every facet chosen for improvement that we use in other parts of our business also drives our professional website design and development work. The same commitment to making it the best your business can get to take your business as far as it wants to is brought to bear on every project. It means that our professional website design services approach is serious, structured and focused on your business’s objectives at all times.

    Competition and growth are in many ways inherently harder for smaller companies who do not have the same access to unlimited resources for ad spend or building websites on space race budgets and our passion is to help small to medium services attain the advantages large corporates take for granted through their websites, digital collateral and the transformation of the business processes and IT to be the best they can be and achieve the success they too deserve. Getting high-quality web design and development services should be no different and we believe this should be the gold standard.

    The Gold Standard

    A web development process with your business at heart

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    Our Website Design and Development Process

    • Research (internal – your business, strategic business goals and target audience) and external (marketplace, competitors, trends and opportunities
    • Discovery & Mapping (understanding very high-level requirements and mapping your website to where it best fits with other marketing and brand collateral plus support requirements post-launch)
    • Planning and Scheduling (first cut of plan and schedule of work and inputs required from critical people in your organisation)
    • Requirements (mapping out detailed requirements) and Architecture and User Experience (working out the best architecture to support a strong UX)
    • Branding Considerations (fully branded, if so, have we collateral in place or do we need to develop it?
    • initial Look and Feel and Voice and Message Analysis and Branding Guidelines Review
    • High-Level Design and Review
    • Initial Mockups and Wireframing
    • Revisit requirements, architecture and UX and firm up look and feel.
    • Agree on tone and messaging based on inherited or developed brand pyramid
    • Begin work on creating and editing copy
    • Development and Testing (we test every single feature across platforms and range of scenarios for browser compatibility, CX and correct functioning.
    • Transition, Delivery and Cutover

    Our process incorporates a feedback loop that informs rework and revision through core parts of the project. As soon as core inputs are agreed and signed off, your website development is kicked off!

    Would you like to find out more about any of the steps above and how they ensure you get an amazing website? Contact us by clicking on the button below – we’d love to share more about our professional web design services. It’s one of a kind!

    “The team were truly amazing, the process was far more in-depth and detailed than we had been expecting and it was expertly managed from beginning to end. The quality of what they have produced speaks for itself and the detail they went into all makes a lot sense now. ”

    Mel Grindas


    web design and development agency

    Wireframes and Prototypes

    To bring you, the business owner into the website design and get feedback, we build rich wireframes and mockup of your website. With agile development practices in our toolbox, it’s natural that for our web design and development services, we believe in driving value, getting clarity and inviting clarity as early as possible in the process. This means that misconceptions in the requirements are put to bed early, which is critical with website design, and this is the purpose of mocking up wireframes of your website as early and as rapidly as possible. Lessons learned from this process enrich the process tremendously.

    With our software development and project management expertise, you also get leadership and structured project management.

    Branding and Custom Graphics

    For a unique and branded website that bolsters your brand, our professional web designers will pull out every stop to ensure your customers have a differentiated experience on your website and like to push the boundaries on the digital capabilities, dependent on your risk appetite. Custom graphics can be developed to extend your brand collateral for use on the website and other brand assets, from logos, infographics and iconography.

    Fully Branded Websites with Clean lines on Efficient Designs

    Our professional web development services deliver user interfaces that are intuitive and draw your visitors in, and an easy to navigate architecture help persuade visitors to remain, engage, share details with you or make a purchase and get in contact.

    User Experience

    Part of good professional web design is paying attention to the UX and CX – the user experience/ customer experience. We’ll help you develop clear brand and usability guidelines by working with you on your website structure and architecture to ensure your website is attractive and intuitive to navigate. With your website part of your brand, it is important that it can be perceived favourably.

    “A fun, extremely knowledgeable and organised team who were committed 100% to achieving our vision.”

    L Moses

    AVP Grand Vistas

    Web Design and Web Development Agency

    Ambition, Aspiration, Rebellion and Strategy –

    A Web Agency that Understands the Power of Uniqueness and Change

    Creating websites for small businesses to medium enterprises is our passion because we want you to have the advantages large corporates take for granted and if you’re seeking a web design and development agency that is strategic and ambitious, with creativity as well as project management expertise, you’re in the right place. We are proud to be more than just web designers and developers but a strategic creative partner to businesses with a powerful vision and budding brands of the future.

    You’re not in Business to Fit in. You’re Here to Make your Mark.

    Work with a web design and development agency that gets that.

    You need website developers who understand the pain of needing a website that truly represents your business and the aspirations in your heart and the rebellion in your mind. You need a website design agency that understands the importance of truly partnering with you, who can listen to you and turn your ambitions into something fabulously tangible. You want a company who are passionate about developing digital online presence and solutions for small to medium-size businesses because we understand their distinct challenges and value their uniqueness.

    Your website must not only underpin but extend your brand, and adopt any technical integrations with other systems if necessary. You will not compromise on having a team that is strategic and can think and deliver beyond web. You’ve found us!

    Use a web developer agency that will ihelpncrease Brand love and loyalty


    A Web Design and Development Agency for Brand Love and Loyalty –

    Avoid a Mediocre Website

    Deepening authority and brand love and loyalty are core elements of the purpose of your website. We’ll create a website that matches your uniqueness and rebellious spirit and approach, a vehicle that will empower your business to build opportunities and an audience, to garner notice and gather momentum.

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    High Performance Websites for SMEs

    High Performance Websites for SMEs and Professional Services Companies

    Our approach to creating high performance websites for SMEs and professional services companies relies on a potent and exciting blend of innovation, brand strategy, change management and excellent design. A high performance website needs to be robust and secure, load fast, serve images optimally, repel attacks and be visible as well as great looking and impactful. That’s not the whole story though.

    Like all branding truths, the success of your website will lie in the power of the emotions it can elicit. We can help you work out what those need to be and at what stage, so that your website can form a solid part of your business’s growth strategy.

    Get High Fidelity

    Get High Quality and High Performance

    Websites designed for businesses in the most competitive fields

    Being in some of the most competitive fields such as law firms, accountancies and consultancies, is challenging and more so post COVID 19, and all marketing tools, especially your website more than before needs to be super effective at all levels. A super optimised high performance website for SMEs and professional services companies, actually represents a brand asset in many respects and the importance of your website to potential customers cannot be overstated. The role of design in your website’s ability to engage, convert and delight is an important consideration. The planning and design of your website should be fully cognisant of the buyer’s journey and show an understanding of what they will feel as they go through your website.


    Compelling story has power for high performance websites that SMEs and Professional Service Companies need.

    Website Story

    We like to say that as designers and change professionals, we are first and foremost thinkers and feelers, and this is nowhere more important than when considering a brand asset as central as your website.  It’s our job to understand enough about your business, your people and your vision to start to craft a story that will drive actions and nurture engagement on your website. We help you find your voice and we ensure its used to great effect through a content strategy and tailored copywriting. The story of your brand, built on the purpose of your brand is extremely important for website creation and design, and especially for high performance websites for SMEs and professional services companies given the sustainable impact they need to make.

    Customer Experience for High Performance Websites

    Customer experience is a fundamental of both brand strategy and reputation and is therefore pivotal to the power of high performance websites for SMEs. For customer experience to remain consistent, all threads of your brand and branding should be integrated across all areas of your business and your website is one important vehicle to help mobilise this.

    Content and Copywriting

    Strategy used to be king. Now it’s data that’s king. If you consider the way that Google processes and presents data,  Google is all about Bif Data strategies that can serve valuable and rich information to searchers as they need it. This makes content a key differentiator for your website, so a well-considered will help to identify, craft and write content that carries the right message to your target audience that reinforces your place in their mind. All branding is a battle for the minds of your customer and content and the copy you write to create that is one tool in the arsenal.  data strategy is what sets your website apart from the masses and delivers the right message into the hearts and minds of your customers.

    Your content should be driven by market research which allows you to ascertain and ascribe value to your customer segments and create associated personas that can be targeted. Keyword research is also extremely important to create relevant and targeted content with authority and confidence that will create the ongoing engagement necessary for purchasing decisions.

    Look and Feel

    Responsive is the watchword and we’ll ensure that your website has the look and feel that your customers will respond to and appreciate and that will look exactly as required and specified on all devices.

    Beyond Web: Integration

    Developers live here! Your website can have so many functions beyond a sales, marketing and information channel, it can also serve other purposes through integrations to other application and systems that your business requires that data is extracted from or sent to produce other data sets, reports or perform operations for suppliers and other stakeholders. If this is the case, we have extensively skilled software developers and technical architects to help integrate your ERP, SalesForce or collaborative applications.

    Website Creation and Design

    Website Design and Creation for Professional Services Companies and SMEs

    Iconify provide website design and creation services for professional services companies and SMEs who need bespoke websites. We will create exquisite and exceptional websites that show your customers who you are and what you stand for, by understanding those very things and communicating them to engage and educate your target audience. We’ll help you optimise for social media, search engines and provide ongoing technical support so you can focus on delivering the services that create value for your clients.

    Your website really matters in the purchasing decisions that your clients make and so it is worth going to the effort to make it an effective engagement channel.

    Website Review and Development

    For your website creation and design project, we’ll provide you with a clear view on the works you need to do to improve your online business presence and service delivery modes or take advantage of opportunities offered by web technology, social media for visibility, brand recognition, recallability and engagement.

    Website Branding and Guidelines

    We help you explore the necessity for website branding and the suitability of your existing collateral for the web, and can help you with brand development for your website. Never compromise on style, uniqueness and branding, certainly never on substance. We will guide you through architecture, audience considerations, branding guidelines, brand voice and personality as well as copywriting.

    Security and Speed

    Https: protocol to content delivery networks, AMP and copyright of your data, our web creation and design service.

    Professional Services and SMEs

    Companies like yours – law firms, accountancy firms, consultants, auditors, architecture, management consultants and SMEs – your business is different and so your website has to be. You have to stand out for the right reasons in a mightily crowded market place and websites and branding for professional services is a different ball game. Your website is more than ever an integral aspect of how you create trust and engagement in what can be a lengthy buying process.  We have developed innovative approaches that blend branding, design and web technology to create a compelling website propelled by capturing your remarkable difference and uniqueness. projecting it with every mouse click, and reinforced by every word, image and promise.

    High Performance Optimised Website

    High Performance Websites

    Change the game
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    New Brand Creation – From Brand Naming, Logo and Branding Guidelines to Strategy, Websites and Digital Presence

    If you are just getting started in your business or you are relaunching, refreshing or rebranding your business, we can help you start your brand and digital presence, all the way from the ground up. We can also help you make the relevant changes in your business to build, reinforce and sustain your fabulous new brand. As well as website creation and design for your business, we can help you with new brand creation, even to brand naming and brainstorming for brand logo ideas. We help with defining your brand purpose and positioning and to develop a strategy for your digital and online presence to reinforce your brand visibility.

    Capture and Keep Your Customers Interest

    Get help with building your website - hello@iconify.org.uk

    website design and creation At the core of brand strategy is purpose, promise and principles, that lead to love and loyalty and extend that through brand creation and design

    While we design and create your website, we always keep Brand Love in focus

    Digital and Web Presence

    brand and marketing vehicle
    Digital, Web and Social Presence

    Increasingly, a business’ s digital and web presence and associated social signals are precious brand assets that are indispensable for building branded websites and as a digital agency with strong change management capabilities, we can be your secret weapon. From landing pages to websites to communications and the brand identity that goes with them – all must be considered and executed with great care, clarity and planning. This Forbes article explains how very important great digital is for small to medium business, and professional services firms cannot afford to ignore the power of digital.

    Why would you want a branded website? Your branding should be consistent across all media and channels to assure recognisability and reliability, and your website’s ability to engage your target audience is an opportunity to reinforce your branding as well as brand principles with them. Your digital and web presence and the branding that is executed on it is a matter of strategy and is a reflection of some strategic objectives. Your website should be an extension of all that your brand embodies, encompasses and encapsulates and should help to further business objectives. With the use of painstakingly crafted copy and assets, digital marketing based on the analytics of your owned data, search engine and social marketing research, we are the digital agency that can help you construct what actually amounts to a web capability that should be extensible, flexible; fully on-brand and fully on message, not only a branded website.

    Your digital and web presence and the data and core brand precepts that go into creating it makes it a microcosm of all other brand efforts and outputs and should be treated as a multi-faceted and highly capable tool. If you need help conceptualizing to the fullest and most effective extent your digital and web presence, start the journey here with us today.


    Digital and Web presence and high performance websites that make your customers' smile

    Go Beyond Web

    A Digital Agency that is also a Change Agency

    Building branded websites are about identity and strategy and building a digital presence is about transformation – of your thinking of how your business positions and presents in the world and this is driven by your digital processes, your people and your ability to capture and leverage technology and data to get the business you deserve. Being grounded in technology and change management means that our focus extends beyond an attractive front end and breathtaking functionality. We want the experience to be rewarding and to be a great opportunity to present what your brand stands for to the world.
    A digital agency for the turbulent future focuses on the transformative capabilities of your business and seeks to link them to your web and digital presence in as many integrative capacities as possible. As a Change Agency, we are uniquely positioned to blend technological know-how, change management expertise and high-performance website design and development to change your customer experience and engagement game and also empower your employees and optimise their experience and capabilities. The possibilities are endless from using AR/VR, web services and digital suites that go beyond the web.

    Go Digital with a Unique Digital Agency

    Iconify is a digital agency that is genuinely excited about digital technology and about guiding clients on the change management journey to realise their abilities to get their messages out to the right markets through the right channels and finding options for new and exciting and exciting ways to do so. We have extremely strong technical project management experience, forged in years of delivering technology projects for global giants, which we will use to deliver uniquely branded websites.

    As a digital and change agency, we have considerable capacity in creating digital strategies that increase your competitive advantage. A strong and positive digital and web presence powers your brand, and as a Change Agency, we help you understand and implement your digital opportunities and options to reinforce your brand’s purpose and drive your brand strategy through meaningful customer engagements and providing outstanding experiences for them.

    Building your Digital and web presence is an opportunity to explore opportunities to leverage fantastic new technologies and focus on content that tells your
    story and touches people beyond the digital. A digital agency that knows how to structure, plan and implement the change that will be the journey to
    an enhanced digital capability is most desirable now. Having a change agency as well means you will get a differentiated and end to end service.

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