CX Remodel

Customer Experience Remodel

Customer experience (CX) Remodel is a critical transformation for now and the future because CX is a major factor in superior brand performance. We love the latest buzzwords as much as the next guys and CX is super on-trend- Customer experience writ large cut down and rolling off the tongue. But CX is not just the latest thing, it is the thing because  (here’s some of that straight talk we promised you)  – the Customer journey is important. That’s because,  well – the experience your customer has with your brand and of your brand is the picture and position they hold in their heads. Period. CX is the beginning and end and sum of all interactions with your current and future tribes, and customer service is just a way station on the road that your clients should not have to visit regularly, but when they do, they should be refueled and happy to continue on the road with you. Customer service is not CX because customer service is not the whole story, and that is why CX Remodel and the requisite engagement with your staff and culture change are so important. The whole story is your brand and your business goals and how you consistently achieve the latter. CX Remodel is central to that entire thesis.


Many companies have worked hard to evolve a model of service that encourages the customer to solve their own problems and funnel and filter the actual customers that actually need to have direct one-on-one contact with the brand. This may be cost effective for Google and Amazon and FB, and they may be willing to stand the risk of customer drop off simply because the risk is low – there are just not that many alternatives for their customers and their customers are close to innumerable. Most businesses do not operate in a similar risk environment and costs of switching are lower than ever before, so models like this must be used with care. If customers feel the need to get in contact with you, it should be easy, straight forward, intuitive. The CX Remodel process is an opportunity to rethink how best to solve challenges like this and others in ways that create an opportunity for your brand to convert consumers to advocates.

Risk based CX Mapping

Customer journey mapping must be done from the perspective of the customer, so they should have easy access  to your brand when hey feel they have run out of road even if they actually haven’t! Their perception versus yours, drive on this journey, otherwise customers will tend to feel a lack of power and feel that you are contemptuous of them. Canvas and include diverse and divergent views of the broad range of your customers and understand the outliers because there may be insights of pure gold.

Take a risk based approach to mapping the customer journey and emphasis the actions that your business roles will take in exceptions and how you effectively handle those. Combined with ensuring that customers can reach you with ease via their preferred channels, it is possible begin creating a CX journey that matches your brand ideals and your customers ideas and perceptions.

It should be noted that for the CX Remodel process to deliver all available value, how your personnel are engaged and trained is the other side of the CX Remodel coin.

Customer based perception versus LOB Business-centric Approaches

Looking through a customer lens is the definitive rule of CX Remodelling. Your customers use their products seamlessly or as integral to their lives, and will always reach for what’s easiest. What customers are not doing is perceiving your business on a Lines of Business level – they are truly and fully function agnostic about the structure of your business. If you are lucky enough to have a position in the minds of you customer, they perceive a seamless entity and seek to engage with it on that basis. They just want an answer, they just want their problem solved.they just want an answer or their problem, easily. To make this happen, it’s necessary to understand how different demographics consume your product  and use it through their whole journey.

The Role of Integration and Collaboration

As we discuss elsewhere, integration is what makes transformation truly hum, doesn’t work without it. As also discussed, the CX lens must be employed through the transformation process to ensure adherence to the brand values and the expectations of customers. To complete that circle, integration of the functional areas of your business must be achieved. Collaboration, of course facilitates integration and delivers synergies into the bargain. This collaboration ensures that CX is a business spanning discipline and activity. In turn, this attitude of being actively and intentionally customer-centric as an organisation will make your CX delivery  authentic and sustainable.

Where the ‘Feels’ Matter

CX Remodel unashamedly demands that we focus on the emotional requirements of the customer, and the numbers speak for themselves, and rather loudly – perceptions of great customer experience are tightly correlated to willingness to pay more, so great CX sense is great business sense.

In the end CX carries or crushes your brand and as such can be recognised as having great power. It is critical to be in control of it.

Key Interaction Points

People and Training

The Customer Journey

Expectations and Identity

We want your XCX
In Pursuit of Excellence

Excellent Customer Experience – coming full circle to why we exist, and our approach to making your brand resonant. Using the Iconifier Framework, we believe that Excellent Customer  Experience is the driver of sustainable and iconic brands of the future.

With more choice than ever before, customers need to be wooed and delighted. We believe that the search for brand resonance cannot belong only to the front end presentation but is distilled, articulated and transmitted through the backend technology engineering and operations, run by your most valuable resource who must be converted to be your brand’s advocates, your people.

There are several determinants and approaches to CX as discussed by Verhoef et al, but the consensus around CX is that it must be a holistic and inclusive initiative across the organisation. The goal that leaders with long term vision will have will be to deliver Excellent Customer Experience – XCX.  To get there,  we believe the road leads all the way back to the beginning – affirming purpose and values, inside out brand strategy, adopting a consumer-centric lens to mapping the customer journey, collaboration and end to end integration. The loop is closed by authentic branding and full life cycle communications to achieve  excellent customer experience.

Transformation and Brand Assurance

The case for Assurance


Transformation Programme Assurance

To give confidence that the transformation being embarked upon has the best chance of success and justify investment, programme assurance is indispensable. The risks of change programmes are known to be high – people, process and reputational etc. Many risks are unavoidable in attempting to realise many of the benefits sought but well managed risks is a key part of assurance. However, the overarching risk that most leaders are concerned with is that the business case of many projects is not met and the strategic objectives are not realised.

Structured project management and transparent project management office are all good practice but oversight and governance is instrumental to managing the risks of non-delivery and achieving assurance. This where we come in.

There is also the issue of brand risk which is often overlooked but is insidious, in that it could manifest in successful programmes. Therefore, even when programmes circumvent and navigate the risks above, and realise the stated benefits, the new operating models may have the net effect of reducing performance and undermining the customer experience across the board as well as the morale and agency of staff. This is a dimension we are set up to focus in addition to other governance.

Your brand and its underlying purpose and heart can power your brand’s growth and as a driver of objectives, it can be second to none. However, this can be easily forgotten in the heat of projects and transformation exercises. That’s why we are here to ensure that there is independent oversight and protection of purpose and promise for your brand as part of any project.

We believe that transformation should be brand led and by definition, purpose driven and people centric – looking inward to your staff and equipping them for change and leadership. Looking outward to your target segments and prospects and nurturing them for conversion to consumers or consumers to advocates.

To lead and compete, businesses have got to change. This is a fundamental force of business in this era. Change is the new normal. This means that rigorous, structured and finely targeted change is more important than ever before. We must ensure, however, that change elevates the business and disruption is kept to a minimum and planned for.

Part of the process of managing under control is to identify, prioritise and have specific actions planned to manage risk. A key implementation risk is transition from project/change implementation to being deployed to business as usual. To defend against this, we offer transition management. Even if the project implementation was undertaken by another provider, we can provide independent, holistic, risk based business transition management to help protect your business’ operational timelines, service and delivery expectations. This allows changes, adjustments and risk assessments to be made or extended in advance of deployment and Day One. This enables you to aspire to and achieve Day One Excellence.

The iconification of your brand is our reason for being. Whether you are established or a start up, to accomplish this, it is necessary to understand the risks that your business faces and to make an assessment of its potential impact to your brand’s health and image. As part of our 360° degree brand activation and protection system, we institute a Risk Management Process.
We also develop target operating models that are triggered when the business is under different types of stress and adverse events and test these through intensive dress rehearsals. These brand management processes are unique to us because we believe your brand and its artifacts and your business operations do not stand alone, but are comprehensively connected. What is damaged in one place, reverberates through out. When an area can shine, resonance grows and is transmitted.

Preparation for and testing of new process design, adoption and use of changed IT platforms and systems to reduce risk to Business As Usual and prevent negative impacts.

Dress Rehearsals allows us to witness operational and integration issues prior to embedding.

Improving your business increases efficiency, employee engagement and enables brand promise fulfilment. Making business better while focusing on brand values makes brands brilliant.

Brand Assurance

Transformation and brand assurance are two sides of the same coin, allowing you to stay focussed on whether what the business is changing aligns with how and why the business aspires to operate.

Brands that succeed and persist never stop focusing on what they mean to their customers and how they stay relevant. They never lose sight of the fact that everything they do in the business impacts the brand. When you bring us on board programmes as brand assurance partners, you can be sure there is somebody whose business it is to concentrate on the brand’s strategic ideals, goals and principles.

Some Common questions  our clients have come to us with  are:

  • How do you change failing processes and not jeopardise your brand message?
  • How do you train and encourage  promising personnel or identify and  help  underperforming or toxic staff?
  • How do you optimise the back end to improve customer experience ?
  • What are the first steps to identify areas diluting the efficiencies that your business should be leveraging?
  • With a change roadmap in place, how do you ensure that planned work will uphold your brand’s values?
  • How can you halt the leakage of brand resonance, that is due to operational changes be halted?
  • How can you encourage and increase internal employee engagement and ensure the relevant buy-in from different teams?
  • On lengthy change management projects, how can you be sure that people and personalities are not  jeopardising your plan and derailing benefits realisation?

Really good questions that we would love to help you answer, and change we can help you manage by implementing governance and assurance.

Even if you are using an in house or other change management team, we would still love to help by providing independent Transformation and Brand Assurance. We will work to ensure that the benefits realisation plan is realistic and is compatible with brand ideals. We can also help with team Insights and Oversight Teams to ensure that sufficient rigour is employed around project methodologies, governance, people training and highlighting ineffective or damaging workstream leadership.

Many businesses value the independent oversight provided on challenging programmes through transformation and brand assurance.This is because  it looks not just at the incipient change but how it is brought about. It seeks to limit damaging practices and highlight issues. It’s also a function which focuses on the relationship between sustaining the brand ideals as well implementing the change that businesses really need.

The iconification of your brand is our reason for being. Whether you are established or a start up, to accomplish this, it is necessary to understand the risks that your business faces and to make an assessment of its potential impact to your brand’s health and image. As part of our 360° degree brand activation and protection system, we institute a Risk Management Process.
We also develop target operating models that are triggered when the business is under different types of stress and adverse events and test these through intensive dress rehearsals. These brand management processes are unique to us because we believe your brand and its artifacts and your business operations do not stand alone, but are comprehensively connected. What is damaged in one place, reverberates through out. When an area can shine, resonance grows and is transmitted.

Take cover under proper governance

Assurance that strengthens the brand and powers transformation

Provide assurance for projects to improve performance and optimise processes and operations run high risks of failure and ultimately improve a brand’s competitive capabilities

Examples of Programme Initiation Actions for Assurance


Brand Standards and CX PIA

Establish brand purpose, principles, promise and ma to proof points in as is process
Map to proof points in to-be process
Map CX ‘sight and delight’ points to benefits realisation
Build risk register of potential points of failure
Build Risk strategy
Ensure there are brand risk dimensions in project RAIDs to brand risk standards and defined dimensions

Programme Assurance PIA

Establish project scope, business case, resource plans, objectives and governance and assurance activities
Assurance participants and owners across functional streams
Operating Model areas of involvement engaged with roles and responsibilities
Set operational timelines and transition plan
Integrate Project RAIDs to any other assurance/risk registers
Define and review project plans regularly with all areas of involvement
Governance of delivery roadmaps

Your Independent Assurance Partners

Independent oversight of transformation programmes through programme assurance has long been understood and valued but it is not deployed as often as it could be. In the service of your brand, it should not be overlooked.

Our team of programme assurance and brand assurance specialists will ensure that there is tight governance and effective accountabilities or the end to end success of your transformation initiatives. They will keep a focus on benefits realisation as well as factors affecting the brand promise parameters and key project objectives.

We partner with you through your change and transformation initiatives to ensure you not only realise the goals of the transformation but also maintain or increase brand strength and resonance and CX improvements.

Transformation Programme and Brand Assurance Specialists

Get us on side today!

Innovation Ecosystems

Enabling Innovation

Our innovation consulting services, focusing on building out innovation ecosystems,  work on articulating an innovation strategy based on our clients’ most critical issues, medium to long term objectives and opportunities. Across strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and sustainability, we consider the business innovation needs.

Leadership Counts

Leadership is crucial for innovation and forms a key cog in any innovation ecosystem but innovation leadership is often stymied right at the outset of their innovation endeavours in striving to build an innovation business. This is due to some fundamental considerations that should exist with regards to innovation consulting.
Firstly, innovation can come from anywhere in the organisation but needs to be fostered, nurtured, captured and extended. This means that innovation ecosystems need to exist in some form because innovation is unlikely to flourish without the requisite ecosystems.

Next, the language, not to say the terminology, surrounding innovation tends to be somewhat problematic because we find many expect that innovation will be necessarily technologically and widely disruptive. The first is off putting for some. The second is desirable but unlikely to be true and therefore sets up an unrealistic expectation which saps the will and stamina required to make an innovation culture stick. So this issue is about perceptions around what innovation actually is and does.

Innovation as Business Strategy

Let’s talk about how you can  create advantage using innovation

What is innovation?

There are several definitions of innovation but while innovation can be radical, breakthrough or incremental, innovation outcomes in established business models are likely to be incremental. Organisational attitudes to innovation and creation within the organisation also have a lot to do with the issues described above.

There are also several models of innovation including ‘shocks’ and directional proliferation of ideas but there is also a partial or limited understanding of the innovation process, per Joe Tidd, all of which contribute to challenges in incepting innovation frameworks.

We have been conditioned to expect that innovation will deliver wide ranging applications and benefits but while innovation is critical, because it helps us to find better ways of doing things or even better, different ways of solving problems in a way that creates value, then that objective needs to be sufficient. To innovate, essentially is to find new ways (and better) ways to do what we do.

Therefore, innovation is basically about determining where and how in the business value can be created, captured and even inculcated.
It may or may not be based on the facility of a particular technology, the power and channelling of application or it could be purely based in creativity or in changing the organisation and fundamental things like culture. In reality their benefits are likely to be constrained to your organisation, and be incremental to start with rather than immediately explosive and exponential.

However, if an innovation mindset exists or can be made to exist, and innovation is continuous, then exponential effects are possible. The takeaway is that innovation can and will be beneficial and the process has sustained value in its own right and is highly desirable. To do nothing o have no plan with regard to innovation is not an option at all. Innovation strategy must be long term, innovation management should be embedded structurally and functionally, innovation leadership should support the ability of people to engage in innovation creativity as part of the overall innovation culture.


Why Innovation Ecosystems?

The function of innovation ecosystems is to enable innovation and ensure there is leadership facilitating innovation and with oversight of the innovation process.
Changes and ideally innovations can be discovered or built in any number of areas across a business – ops, processes like sales, distribution or customer experience and communications, service model, collaboration and community, analytics, for example using data in the organisation to realise under-served needs and find ways to meet them.

People innovations are always an opportunity when revisiting operating models because building innovation capability in organisations is wholly dependent on people. People, of course will discover and apply these innovations and are most affected by it, especially if the innovations are founded in higher efficiency and increased productivity. Metrics based improvements to performance and quality also have impacts on people but are often the first areas that are looked to for innovation. Innovation capability models and frameworks that have people at their centre are much less likely to cannibalise their largest assets (people) and their most valuable customer experience and engagement model components.
With this in mind, effective innovation ecosystems for building and capturing this value will come from preparing and instituting certain enablers within your business to enable any kind of innovation to not to be stillborn. Iconify is the innovation consultancy to engage for innovation strategy. We take a wide lens to coming up with solutions that are business driven, people-centric and interested in the link between innovation and entrepreneurship and exactly how we could exploit those opportunities where they exist in your people.

People are the most valuable resource on which the success of everything else depends
Deep and central value created by culture which links people, strategy, leadership and a shared mindset and commitment.
Managing change effectively is a source of competitive advantage, yet few organizations do it well.
Connections with Universities, to recruit talent, Government and Networks plus a firm understanding of trends, threats and growth factors in the competitive environment.
Technology and Digital
Technology is an integral and potential differentiator that embeds quality and efficacy but also influences your consumers through data and interfaces for interaction.
Change Management
Effective change management and delivery is fundamental for business but is also vital for fostering innovation, an increasingly crucial capability for competitive advantage.

Change Management

Stay dynamic and responsive to compete
Change Under Control

Managing change effectively is a source of competitive advantage, but it can be challenging. We uniquely focus on brand purpose to driven by our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, in our change management approach. We deploy proven methodologies to manage business and IT change that delivers and enhances brand strength. With our decades of experience in planning, tracking and delivering large scale change management we can help you with your challenge. Call us now to get planning and changing.

Stakeholder and people management are key as is adjusting expectations, reducing resistance and winning trust. We do this by enabling participation and co-creation, and is a point of difference in our approach. We are real people who like people and have had lots of experience managing change and we are ever mindful that it affects people, their peace of mind and their productivity. We never lose sight of the fact that how well purpose, practice and process work is directly linked to people, differentiates our Change Management Practice. People are central, pivotal and vital and how well we influence external people is dependent on how much we reckon with and move internal people and enables control, from purpose to process.

We provide extensive project and programme management services with experienced practitioners and can work as part as part of an in house  framework too.


Change the record, Sam. It may still work but is it the best use of time, space and your capability? Change Management helps you explore and achieve your organisation’s full potential and keeps you ahead of the competitive curve.

Change Management
Transformation keeps your business responsive and your brand fresh and appealing.
Programme Management
Linking strategy, planning, budgeting and execution to increase capabilities so you can keep your promises.
Business Analyisis
The quality of the project deliverables, is inextricably linked to the quality of analyses undertaken and levels of engagement.
Data Analysis
Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create value.
Information Technology
An integral and potentially differentiating component of your business that both enables and shapes your brand.
Plan, organise and embed governance transparently and rigorously to track execution of strategy.

Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services for small to medium size businesses who want to manage change and adopt digital technology and marketing

All the ways
We can help

The main thrust of our consulting services overall is that of creating, reinforcing and building solutions and drivers for a transformative brand. A transformative brand doesn’t just happen. It’s not just skin deep, it is not just logo or font deep. It comes from the inside out, from your back end operations to the front end customer experience and everything in between. Our Consulting Services is about making that transformative brand a reality.

Transformative brands change people’s minds and attitudes and sometimes their lives. That’s why we are in this,why we are closing the consulting-creative gap. It’s because we see and believe it is all interconnected – brilliance is reflected and refracted through all the facets of your business and brand. So, we strive to be innovators and with an entrepreneurial culture and our unique creative flair and we are never satisfied with the status quo, for ourselves or for our clients. It takes time, but we promise, it’s worth it.

We believe in pushing the boundaries and pressing your advantage to get your brand to where it deserves to be – Iconified. Call us on 02081919008 to get started envisioning, connecting and correcting.

Automation, AI and Robotics

potential and promise of new tech
Automation, AI and Robotics

As the digital and physical worlds collide, and the internet of things increasingly make the mainstays of our lives, all things of the internet, these dimensions to business, innovation and growth can no longer be ignored. This is the new theatre for competition on a global scale!
Regardless of your industry and your market segment, businesses will soon have to plan how to stay connected to the physical world and communicate with its aspects seamlessly through technology. This will inevitably require significant human-computer perspectives , architecture and processes at a whole new level.

The integration of these new technologies with enterprise architecture and systems will enable businesses to be far more responsive to customers and competitive, with solutions that scale.

Take up of these technologies and their integration into, or transformation of existing enterprise architecture is very much in its infancy but our engineering teams can help you look at how tomorrow’s processes may be transformed.  We can help you formulate a realistic and holistic strategy for adopting intelligent automation, AI and Robotics in your business’s operational landscape. Let’s talk about these exciting developments and what you are thinking. 0208 191 9008 or contact us here. There’s been some time for lots of companies to have tried to implement some or all of these technologies and many illuminating lessons have been learned.

We provide advisory and engineering capabilities to help businesses navigate this digital, new tech and transformative epoch.
Artificial Intelligence
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Robotics and RPAs
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Machine Learning
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AI has the highest exposure of all the new tech to risks to workforce and marginalisation of segments of a business’s customers – job losses and discrimination are real and potential outcomes. More than almost any innovation, the adoption of AI must be strategic and yoked to valued led transformation and reorganisation of people, processes and practices. In that way, the business is positioned to combat the high inherent risks, fully evaluate the ethical and social cost while taking advantage of the potential benefits.

Let’s talk Robotics – madly exciting software that transacts rule based repetitive tasks sans supervision, enabled by amplified and intelligent architecture, transformed processes, digital and AI integration, analytics and Big Data.
Adoption of these technologies has transformed sectors such as insurance and have found wide ranging application within functions with high customer interaction, HR and Finance. It is rapidly gaining adoption in back-office functions such as finance, tax, human resources and IT, as well as in supply chain and many customer-facing processes.
We help you construct the right infrastructure and strategies to take advantage of opportunities created by these capabilities.

So, what’s machine learning and what does it mean for your business?
At the very least, we can help you understand and explore the possibilities to understand where benefits exist for your business. The possibilities are myriad, immense and complex. AI, automation, robotics, IoT and the vast computing power afforded by intelligent automation create incredible synergies that are interlinked and truly transformative. Machine learning is an extension of AI that allows machines to harness and mine the copious quantities of data at its disposal, capture and analyse patterns and deploy predictive power at speed using gargantuan processing power now available.
Using new algorithmic methods to solve problems that businesses face without the guidance and constraints of prior programming, rather picking up on prevalent patterns at a micro level that inform disciplines like forecasting accuracy, machine learning has real problem solving capability for business, like detecting malicious network attacks and the ability to model demand, given a range of variables .

Intelligent automation is the sum of the powerful new digital, analytical and artificial intelligence driven infrastructure that enables the capability these technologies harness which can power all parts of or integrations of processes, operations and functions with an eye on transforming and scaling human computer interactions to open up opportunities for efficiencies and collaboration that justify return on investment on a long range basis. To effectively implement streamlined systems, we help you develop target operating models that consider how and where the greatest value can be added.



Internet of Things
Where to start? Call us on +44(0) 208 191 9008 or contact us here.


A decade and a half ago, our MD worked for Yahoo! on a huge and highly secretive  project called ConnectedLife, which explored the technology necessary to connect your phone and things like your lights, your fridge and washing machine and oven to each other.
It was a revolutionary then and is revolutionary now, but that’s exactly what the Internet of Things is like. A ubiquitous connection of everything in your physical world connected to your digital world powered up and down and across by connectivity, internet and computing power.
IoT, then is the connection of several and myriad devices to the internet with the ability to connect and exchange and decode data using intrinsic and integrated software, sensors and networks.
There will only be greater connections, more mindblowing melding of what’s in our world and how we can communicate seamlessly with them using technological peripherals and sensors.  If you are excited to learn more and consider applications to your own business, get in contact!

Software Engineering and Security

Engineering Capability
Engineering Excellence

When you are looking for software engineering and security partners, we offer you more than just programming languages and skills, more than strategic thinking, risk based testing and technical application. We bring an engineering mindset and prowess to solving problems. Engineering capability is a critical part of our skills base when it comes to finding or defining solutions that change business trajectories.  We help businesses  to harness transformative technology and to create innovative applications. If you want to engage in change or process improvement programmes, we want to delight you.

There is just so much advancement in our time, in our wondrously connected environment and the potential of digital transformation, which is a large area of focus for our engineers. We are seriously excited by all that’s happening, all that’s possible, and we’ll never stop. To share this with you, we’d love to discuss this potential with you and what it could do for your business. We’re here – or contact us.

Delivering innovative and agile software engineering and security is dependent on the breadth and depth of the skillsets of the people that work on the project. Our engineering teams are comprised of enterprise architects, security specialists, software engineers and digital experts who will help your business envision and execute new ways of doing, working and collaborating.

Digital Risk Management

With the rise in possibility and potential, there is a concomitant rise in risk, and we do not forget that in all the excitement. We match all plans for software engineering and security adoption with a framework for identifying and managing risk, collaborating with leaders and their teams to do so. Cybersecurity threats abound but we will help you still exploit the opportunities that exist. Digital Transformation, thoughtfully executed delivers too many growth opportunities to embark on that process. It is a bigger risk not to. That’s why we’ll ensure that risk, resiliency, robustness will be at the forefront of our objectives, along with innovation, transformation and fusion.

in the round
IT Consulting

Project Management

Project Management that is holistic and radically different


We are a specialist hybrid consultancy focusing on brand aligned change and brand strategy driven operations, IT and digital transformation. Our belief that framing your challenges and corresponding change requirements as activities that should be true to your brand imperatives differentiates and propels us. Our project management practice is no different.

You can rely on receiving the highest standards of professional project management when you come to Iconify, as we will deliver value for money with a diverse team of experienced professionals from a range of backgrounds with strong project management expertise. We have worked on clients projects which are cross sector for diverse and challenging outcomes for all types of projects across financial, public sector, technology and telecoms companies for blue chips as well as smaller commissions. When we complete an implementation, your business will be better equipped to meet future challenges and with readiness that comes from defined and agreed operating models and robust readiness frameworks. This is part of how we assure that what we deliver is of quality.

Proper Project Management
We Deliver Enduring Results

Project Management in all its variations, is in our DNA. Putting together, planning and resourcing projects that realise the benefits your business has to have. Clarity is never a given and assumptions and risks are constantly morphing. You need people who are steeped in the experience, discipline and rigour of running successful projects and with the stamina and vision to see it through. You’ve found them!

We work with leaders and teams who know what they need and where they need to go, but who need our help with the ‘how’, to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

Call us or contact us, using our contact form.

+44 (0)208-191-9008

Project Stations!

As trained and certified Programme and Project Managers, we can tell you there are infinite flavours of projects but most projects fall into Business Change driven, IT driven and very often projects are both business and IT change driven, because a change in one, very often predicates a change in the other.

There are also Infrastructure Projects which go beyond your business and IT frameworks to the peripheral architectural components and tools that support your operations. There is also often considerable overlap with the first three types of projects. A quick overview is provided below for the structures and methodologies we would put in place to help you with your projects in full or in part. Call us to discuss on +44(0)208 1919008.

Business Projects
Managing business projects effectively depends on alignment to the business strategy, integration stakeholder buy in as well as transparency of plans, actions, assumptions and risks.
IT Project Management
Managing IT projects is fraught with pitfalls.<br /> We use Agile methodologies to assure the requisite collaboration, capture changing perspectives and limit scope creep, linking strategy to deliverables.
Infrastructure Projects
Changing infrastructure is a particularly sensitive and potentially painful change activity, akin to modifying bones and nerves, and to be undertaken with great care.
Control Frameworks
Whether ia supportive, directive or ccontrolling PMO is required, dependent on the size of the project and other projects that may exist, we will set up a sysetm for efficiencies and transparency.
Governance and Controls
Running a project successfully relies on the participation of sponsors, functional owners and teams who are affected and a strong governance framework increases the chances of meeting expectations.
Programme Assurance
We can provide independent and objective oversight of the project management process for the sponsors and stakeholders on cost, time and other objectives.

We have experience across a range of industries on a range of projects and we have helped leaders deliver the right strategic outcomes,  operational and technology platforms improvement, while generating concepts for positioning and grounding brands.

Broad experience, Depth of Capability
Why Should You Choose Us ?

Change and project management go hand in hand, and whether you are pursuing technology change or business change, they can never be mutually exclusive. To truly innovate in any space, business changes must be accompanied by technical capabilities for greater effectiveness. We understand this and have the cross functional expertise required.

We believe that elevating your business, whether we help you do that through change, business or brand strategy, is absolutely dependent on innovation, both for processes as well as for technology. We help companies build innovation  mindsets and capabilities.

We can help you to improve your business and your brand by reconsidering your business and operational models and evaluate where value can be dded or remove what is not adding value. We can also help you formulate a strategy for changing these from a business and IT perspective if your business is ready.

We come to your project with concern and care for how your project work will affect your staff and stakeholders and their interactions with each other and with you. The changes we make can impact your brand and we are ever conscious of this and work accordingly.  If your project is brand rather than changed oriented – from new brand creation, brand strategy and formulating a purpose to developing brand ideas and a compelling message, we have a creative and multidisciplinary team to bring the dynamism that leaders need to create uniqueness.

Innovation Leadership

Leading Leaders

Iconify help leaders execute on their ambitions to innovate by helping them recognise that innovation must now be a mindset, an intrinsic part of their company’s business model. Leaders should see innovation as the way to accelerate the speed and capability to respond to change in the changing technological landscape, customer preferences and expectations in harsher market conditions.  Innovation leaders of digital era business winners will need to take these current truths and make them cohere. The ability of a business to thrive over the coming decade will depend heavily on innovation, ability to change agilely and prioritising customer experience in order to grow brand equity.

There’s has always been an opportunity to explore and exploit the great ideas of talented and committed people. Nowadays, it’s imperative that the latent talent and ideas in suppliers and partners and employees are not left dormant or die fallow. Business processes must allow capture and harvesting of these idea. First, to attract the right talent and then give them the tools to excel and harvest their ideas must be the first and fundamental purposes of leaders.


Strategic Objectives


Developing Authentic Leadership


Entrepreneurial Leadership


Innovation Frameworks

Leading talented people is not just about strategic management. Years of validated research has shown that culture in a team is dependent to a large extent to leaders. For teams to become high performing, leadership is critical and so it makes sense that we see Leadership as the base  and first component of ecosystems that foster innovation. We would contend that it’s about Leadership first, of the right People, given and receptive to the right motivations that help to formulate Culture, in that order. People are wildly different, complex and engender great ideas but also great tension. Building trust and synergies inspite of this and building the motivation required to reach  the desirable state known as ‘Innovation Premium’,  is a primary function of leadership.

Strategically speaking, recruiting and involving leaders that understand and pursue this scenario is paramount. Similarly, leaders that seek to create high performing teams as a strategic imperative are indispensable to the process of creating the right culture, the right teams and innovation.

This is a complex but highly interesting and essential area of building innovation ecosystems for businesses who understand that the only way to true and lasting transformation is sustainability, and that this requires innovation. Contact us to discuss next steps.

Leading talented people is about more than strategic management. Talented and smart people can often sense insincerity in leaders , and can grow to resent inconsistency, lack of clear directives in parallel with scope to make decisions within set and agreed parameters. The importance of trust in high performing teams and innovative cultures cannot be overstated. It is hard to trust what appears inauthentic and or sets up a cognitive dissonance in your teams.

This is why, Iconify Innovation Consulting sets a lot of store by authentic leadership. It cannot be faked but it can be learned with the right commitments and long term brand strategy in mind.

The fundamental goal of Entrepreneurial Leaders…. is to create an atmosphere of innovation while helping constituents or followers
become more entrepreneurial.

Entrepreneurial leadership has to do with trying to solve problems using creativity, effecting change and progress through beginning new or as we like to call them ‘challenger or insurgent’ teams.If these people were out in the world they would start new business in response to perceived gaps and undeserved needs. In an organisational context, they can deploy these same skills passion and restlessness for solving problems, and in doing so give rise to innovation. To do so requires an environment that accepts, rewards, enables, empowers, rewards and mobilises initiative and innovation mindset.
The desire and willingness to go to great lengths at great personal cost and risk to solve this, reveals a service and helping mindset. Service Leadership is with an entrepreneurial bent is an extraordinary mix of personality attributes that can help to build extraordinary and high performing teams in an organisational context, and this latter attribute is one of the most important in appointing a leader that can help find the right people and build the appropriate culture to rally people to the entrepreneurial and innovation cause.

Unlike change initiatives, putting together frameworks is not so much about implementing correctives, as it is about engineering capability into the organisation. We consult to businesses on how to create innovative capability and advantage by developing innovation ecosystems but also can provide guidance to leaders on frameworks to adopt for implementing the right leadership across the estate. Leaders need ideas, but they also need tools and process for executing the leadership strategy to enable innovation gain true traction.

We build a full view across the people, infrastructure, procedural and cultural factors amongst other factors and identify required capabilities and capabilities required to create opportunities for innovation. The only requirements are a long term view and commitment to building the capacity for innovation.

Leadership for Innovation Ecosystems

Several reports, studies and papers over the last few years have highlighted the importance of leadership in cultivating innovation ecosystems. Recently, Hubbard and Rogers 2018 consolidated the factors for which leadership is a precursor and indispensable enabler for innovation.

The effectiveness  of  a leader has significant impacts on all other ecosystem components culturally and structurally as well as economically. It naturally falls to leaders to incept change across the organisation and establish systems and mindsets to nurture innovation.We hope you are as convinced are that innovation leadership deserves focus. Contact us to move the conversation forward.

Innovation Environments

Intelligent Environments
Establishing Excellence

Contributing to, and crucially interlinked to culture, environments that foster innovation are worthy of evaluation for lessons that can be learned and applied as part of putting together an overall ecosystem within which your people can thrive , ideas can be explored and your internal brand engagement  and commitment are high. This aspect of the ecosystem has a lot of potential for conferring additional branding advantages, not least the amplification of your brand’s values from your key stakeholders, your staff who become the first and most defensive line of customer experience and perception feedback.

It is worth noting that there appears to be a consensus that a key part of making innovation work, revolves around People and the environments created by how they are treated and managed.



Systems and tools for increased capabilities for sharing and collaborating.

Policy & Reward Systems

Explore, choose and tailor Motivational Models and Incentives

Learning and Incubation Labs

Structures that nurture, innovation, growth and creativity

Multiple Helix

Systems for Support, Partnerships and Cross Germination to advance innovation.

Networks and Clustering

Expose your employees to similar companies and people to enhance their capabilities.

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