The Secret of High Quality Software

How to get Fit, High Quality Software

As your business grows and evolves, you will likely need to enhance, transform or replace your existing software, and there is a secret to fit, high-quality software and applications and finding a  fantastic software development company. If you are like many of the leaders responsible for procuring the right software consultancy and software project management, you may baulk at the task, as it is fraught with risk, not least to your brand. Horror stories of trashed systems, overruns and overspend or a combination, mostly as a result of poor software project management, emanate from the biggest names in the industry for work done in sectors as critical as healthcare and government. As there are myriad considerations, it is often useful to focus on the aptitudes, attitudes and motivations of the people to whom you would entrust such an important deliverable as Fit Software – software that is fit for purpose, actually solves existing and anticipated problems and delivers high value.

‘Good code’

The attributes of good software and the code that goes into it, have been written about ad infinitum, not least in the brilliant and incisive article by Zachary Goldberg, which even questions what is meant by ‘good code’. Software has a life cycle, rules, algorithms and systems which help. However, ‘fit software’, i.e. software that will encompass the core attributes of well written programs but most importantly, that is fit for your company, fit for your processes and people and therefore supremely fit for purpose, has a crucial dependency. This dependency and a primary dimension to good code are, of course, the software engineers, developers, programmers and coders (terms hereafter used interchangeably!), and this is the primary secret to getting fit, high-quality software and build a great software development company.

The best software engineers are at heart, artists who entered into their craft with a desire to do and create great things and transform the world around them. They are the ultimate dreamers and hopers. Traditional stereotypes suggest purely nerdy types, tethered to reality and constrained by parameters and algorithms, being detailed oriented and concerned with algorithms. Like all stereotypes, some of that is true, but in fact, software engineers are also people that need to have and hold a big picture idea in their heads and hearts in order to fully extend and apply the detail they treasure. They are steady and systematic, even seeming to slow their heart rate much like a sharpshooter does before taking aim, as they painstakingly debug code in it often in high pressure, fast paced environments.

Take the first step to fit software

Get the right people with the right aptitudes and attitude  to code fit software.


The right software consultancy will know that great software developers are creators of reality through their code and must care and understand your business purpose, so they can take a story, decompose then rebuild it to create stories of greater power and myriad applications.

Like artists, they make something out of nothing, like linguists, they manipulate language, patterns and ideas through the use of engineering practices, tools and structures and integration with other technologies, filtering a spectrum of possibilities through the prism of the technical limitations to create fit software.

A factor that keeps them connected to their first love is solving big problems as elegantly as possible. Linear or non-linear approaches matter far less than fit and capability or structured software project management. Their ability to deliver both for their clients and users is their greatest driver. Many of the best coders would work for free, so relentless and fierce are they in the pursuit of the possibilities they create, and the right software consultancy harnesses this passion. Like an author, they know the building blocks and characters but are often surprised by what the characters flowing from their fingertips eventually choose to do and they never know exactly how the story will end, except that it must support, enable and integrate as fully as possible with the story of their clients and if possible elevate it. This is at the heart of good coders and the right software consultancy knows and understand that this is the secret of fit, high quality software  and applications.


the secret of fit high quality software and applications from the right software consultancy iand software development company in London, using the best software project management practices


Star Quality

In many a software development company, programmers cannot program as they would like to, to effect the explosion of tiny ideas into planetary brilliance because this instinct and freedom are often lost in the frenzy of projects. They can similarly be constrained by the vision of business case owners or just time, whilst trying to write fit software.

Nevertheless, to get fit software, look for the software development company with experienced programmers who still have dreams in their eyes, who listen well and believe, whatever they have achieved, that there are better ideas than they have been able to implement, who still believe that their best art, their best code, is still ahead of them. Look for the ones who want to dive into what your business is and who will walk with you on your journey to determine what your business needs. Choose the ones who will work with you to distil high-quality requirements with business, technical and people integration facets. Yes, they’ll be obsessed with performance and be concerned with efficacy and coverage and logic but as storytellers ultimately, this is because they want to hit you between the eyes with the beauty, sleekness and seamlessness of their application.

Adhering to methodologies that prioritise teamwork, and enable collaboration, the finest programmers have beautiful minds that synthesise the simplest solutions and execute them elegantly. Their world view allows them to be less judgmental and more patient and optimistic – optimism deriving from readiness to try new things to get a solution. It comes from inside, the willingness to feel the pain and code anyway, to be aware the picture may not be complete but create anyway, the special ability to conceive at the same time, multiple ways to see and solve a problem and create concepts to prove it. These are the people you will want building the fit software that your business needs to scale, transform and continue your story into the future, and we ensure they are served and enabled by strong software project management, and a software development company that has the experience working with the best.

The Software Engineering Mindset

How a Software Engineering Mindset Could Break the Spiral of Failure

Software engineering cultures have created many of the solutions and applications without which our lives as we know it, just wouldn’t be possible, just wouldn’t work. So it’s easy to see that the outcomes and impacts of software engineering can and do change the world. 

From Netflix, Google to Facebook to Microsoft and Apple, we are surrounded by the brilliance that software engineering can engender for the world. They give the lie to prevalent software engineering personality tropes too. Software engineers come in all shapes and sizes but speaking as someone who is natively a software engineer and who manages teams of them, the one trait they all share is overriding respect for striving and for solving.

Yet we hear of IT programme after IT change program that fails deplorably, irredeemably. 


I am very fortunate at this point in my career to be working in an excellent team of leaders who demonstrate just this mindset, with those leading us having a clear-eyed understanding of what compromises must never be attempted while fostering, even insisting on innovation. But I have at times worked in somewhat different environments and since COVID, the number of ex-colleagues in a vast array of other sectors who are reporting a scale of problems that my prior experiences have made me very able to sympathise with and my musings about them have led me to write this article.

Russian Doll

The normal structure of a program is that the engineering team is a team or teams within a larger program management construct that adhere to a discipline with a set of rules and structures within their internal teams while other rules obtain externally. 

The Agile movement aims to bridge that divide and does to an extent ameliorate some of the most important issues – specialist to generalist functionality, working at purely unitary levels, poor communication, delivery focus and iteratively built small linked component –  but it’s simply not enough as we see in the sheer number of rather large and impactful failing projects. 

 Software Engineering Mindset is only for Software Engineers – or is it?

One of the reasons, I think, we see problems often is that there is a perception and it is certainly the practice, that an engineering mindset is only borne by software engineers. In fact, it would make sense if all the people involved in delivering a project were aware of and adopted a software engineering mindset especially when critical decisions need to be made. Now, even when we can get project managers and business analysts and other non-engineers on the team to adopt a software engineering mindset, those responsible for governance – sponsors and executives who naturally focus on constraints like budget and time over arguably value and expediency rather than engineering tenets that will deliver an almost guaranteed result, also require a software engineering mindset when it comes to developing solutions. 

As Chinenye Ikwuemesi lyrically describes (I want to be the software engineer in that article if I am not, don’t you – even if you’re not even a software engineer!) in her article, software engineers seek to solve problems with precision, elegance and style – it’s got to be fit to solve the problem. There are rules for engineering but problems do not respect rules – their very unpredictability is why the rules and discipline of engineering matter so much. We can harness the wind and bend steel and change the direction of a seemingly unstoppable force given enough motivation and resources to engineer a solution. The one casualty of this might be time. But when it comes to real-life projects you can run the risk of being pennywise with time – gain a few seconds on the project to lose days, months and years in business as usual. Save $0.5m  a half here and there only to spend $10m there on gaps the engineering might have plugged. 

There is a constant tension between the engineer’s need to take the time required to actually do the work and solve, and the executives need to shave off time and money where they think it’s possible and justifiable. There is an uneasy tension between what engineers may believe is justifiable and what sponsors believe is. In my role, I feel this tension keenly. The manager that I have to be, understands the pressing constraints while the engineer in me is resigned to the fact that certain things and processes will take as long as it takes, even while casting about for new approaches and considering other possibilities and running these equations in parallel in the back of my mind. 

Equivalents of Real Engineering Compromises in the Real World

It’s a queer thing. Nobody as far as I know, and I do hope this is the case, asks surgeons to close up patients before the operation is complete to save time or to leave implements in the patient to save having to dispose of them or having to wash and sterilise them. 

Nobody asks pilots to do whatever is necessary to reduce the length of a flight if the plane is only capable of doing a certain speed and the rules of time and space will not bend to his ready pilot’s charm, however much money it might save. 

Even on the erstwhile Concord flights, the calculations do not change – the plane’s capability might. So what do they do? They do what is safe and what is sustainable. They work around the fact that reaching a destination requires a sometimes undesirably long, arduous and expensive journey, and accept asymmetries. Getting passengers off halfway through the flight to trudge through the Sahara desert to save on fuel is not an answer to any conceivable question. Yet this is analogous to what is sometimes required of engineering teams. 

A Software Engineering Mindset and Sustainability

Again, what is sustainable? What is the realistic timeframe to find a solution, build it and implement it? In recent years, bridges built in substandard ways to save money have just…. given up and caved in beneath cars and on top of the unwitting people below leading to lost lives; rail tracks built with substandard materials or practices have buckled and created disasters. 

Problem-solving is in its way, precise, as long as you understand the problem. You put this here and that there and pull that down over there and it’s a kite or a plane. 

If you take a Jenga mindset when a software engineering mindset is called for, it all falls down. 

Yet people seem content to make and accept these compromises in the interest of saving time and money. 

The ‘CEO Horizon’ Factor

Look, in some places, a CEO or an executive comes in for a few years – he has to make his mark in about 5 years and is judged on these same efficiencies highlighted above, that give birth to monsters of inefficiency through multipliers in several aspects of the business. But it might never be that CEO’s problem. Another CEO will have to ‘transform’ their way out of it but is likely to fall into the same pitfalls. And the wheel turns, and over and over again, we make unsustainable software, decisions and workplaces.

The Scourge of ‘What might have been’

The true horror lies in the fact that the time and money being saved is a pittance compared to what might have been saved and what might be achieved if the solution is allowed to be fully realised. Somebody has to mind the pennies, sure, and people’s productivity can be improved with goals, leadership and some chivvying but sometimes, we chip away at the wrong things.

Software Engineers tend to have a simple guiding purpose to find the innards of the actual problem – the root cause if you will then worry at it till it reveals the kernel at the heart of the seed that grew that root;  then they need to figure out how to grow a better tree. All engineers have the same drive in whatever field you find them, It’s how we are built. Doing this over and over leads to mastery and given autonomy, good engineers will rebuild this world for the better. In the meantime, they can certainly build the solution your organisation needs given these enablers.

What is a Software Engineering Mindset

The software engineering mindset is purely about the willingness and motivation to solve problems, to be interested in all the pieces of the puzzle, how they fit together and the parts you can’t see or understand yet.

It is about awareness, knowledge and interest in a range of tools and technology to survey the full spectrum of available possibilities to plug gaps, and attempts to find applications that can prise open an enigma when nothing else has worked.

It’s about a mind that can roam outside of the confines of the problem to find an application from another context that may be applicable. It speaks to truly caring for the impact of what you create or fail to,  and dedication.

It’s about daring, it’s about creation, it’s about solving.

A software engineering mindset refers to knowing how your best solution for a component will work, fit and integrate with the rest and understanding that if at any of these levels it fails, it is suboptimal or ensuring you have some options to address those failures. 

A software engineering mindset is obsessed with the overall architecture and takes a global view of problem-solving in the context of the solution. It knows and understands areas directly outside of its own sphere and control, understands the dependencies and risks that arise when you pull a component out of the whole.

A software engineering mindset never loses sight of the problem we are trying to solve as-a-team, and never stops burning to find a real solution. A software engineering mindset is not just for engineers. Finally, a software engineering mindset recognises that we are in the capability business – we deliver power and capability to make the things that were defined as necessary, desirable and high priority, happen. It’s a great example of systems thinking.

This mindset is unlikely to produce a specialist ‘MichaelAngelo’ type of engineer who while they may build a single large product of immense brilliance over a long space of time is unlikely to work on a project team.

Themes of the Software Engineering Mindset

Good cultures if they worship anything, worship excellence in what is created not the creator. The latter creates cults which as we have seen can get toxic very quickly. Good cultures strive for excellence; great cultures get the freedom to attain it and do not hog the credit.

Good cultures know the best engineers and programmers are creative and honest,  they value innovation and do not stifle it with bureaucracy; great cultures foster and mobilise the innovatory muscles with great leadership and vision. Leaders with the power to do so should be focused on getting their engineers everything they need to succeed instead of removing pillars of stability or force them to compromise on big important parts of the solution. Actions and risks should be mapped to the specific part and power of the solution that is affected. This means a non-engineer leader can appreciate the impacts of varying a sprint or backlog schedules and the like.

See the Whole Picture

Ultimately, in a delivery team no matter how large or small or how they are structured, all sub-teams have the same goals, and it’s important to reinforce this through communication, a team ethos and building a culture that is based on adopting a software engineering mindset across the board and implementing processes and structures that support and strengthen this at every level. If the focus remains on identifying with great clarity and then keeping the focus on the exact dimensions of the problem, even while everybody is working on separate parts of it, the chances of success are far greater.


The software engineering mindset keeps everybody focused on the big picture

©G Renee Guzlas

Kennedy Ikwuemesi is the Head of Engineering at Pollinate International

He loves coding and architecture and all the different ways of solving problems in joined-up ways.

Popular Software Services

Popular Software Services – Holistic Guidance, Help, Implementation and Transition


For businesses looking for experienced and talented partners to guide them on their software and digital change journey, we will work with you to validate the root causes of your challenges and offer a range of popular software services. We then formulate a clear and holistic IT strategy, software requirements and design, which we will test as much as possible before development. Creating software that answers the true articulated need of your business is critical, but so is testing and transition and we do not skimp on these areas and aim for deployment and cutover excellence.
From bespoke software engineering to power your business in a way that is tailored to your unique processes to implementing and assuring your enterprise architecture and security, get the full benefit of engineers who have worked for global giants and delivered critical IT,  infrastructure and major software implementations.

Software design and development is just one part of the picture or dependent on where you, is an aggregate of a range of other necessary processes, shown below. At Iconify, we believe in holistic change – we never lose track of your business’s objectives and the needs of your people and we are always protective of your brand’s reputation and that’s why in all work we do for you, while we aspire to efficiency, we are never slaves to speed. Software design and development for us is about making your world and your business better. We are aiming for Day 1 excellence for your business and never lose sight of that. We provide a holistic software service that will ensure that transition and adoption of the new software systems and tools that accompany them are planned and considered.

Popular software services – Methodology

Our experienced technologists have worked across a range of software development methodologies and know what is most efficient or your business. We are Agile practitioners but understand how to adapt that for different environments so that our focus remains people and progress, and never not process to the exclusion of those.

Popular Software Services and Technology Solutions


  • Digital Solutions and Services

The time for digital transformation is now and is more important than ever for competitive advantage and it is definitely time to learn more about AI, Machine Learning and what Big Data can do for you. We can help you prepare for The Cloud and the powerful services it can enable. We love to educate on technology and can come and speak with your teams and provide a knowledge base to help you make better-informed decisions about which solutions might be best for you. Transformations must address a medium to long term horizon in the needs of the business.

  • Digital, Data and Integration

Harmonisation, standardisation and integration of your systems, software and tools help to increase overall operational effectiveness and strength and with our focus on providing holistic services, we can help to get your systems communicating and sharing data on a common schema to work in more seamless ways across stakeholders, suppliers and even clients.

  • ERP, CRM, Payments Integration

Implementing and integrating Business Intelligence, Analytics, ERP, Finance and HR suites based on your business needs. These are challenging and lengthy implementations that you should undertake with knowledgable trusted partners that will work with your internal business Subject Matter Experts to ensure that your core business process is captured and the workflows of the system are tailored to that. Even better, we have  Target Operating Model expertise that can help audit and review if your existing process is limited, problematic and has gaps and opportunities for change, which can then underpin the processes for your new systems. This reduces the adoption friction and transition.

Professional Services Firms and SMEs have unique challenges that we believe our experience serves very well. We also work with finance and retail sectors

  • Software Programming on Web

We are happy to provide specialist website software development to help you use your technical and digital assets achieve your business goals in a sustainable and scalable way that can enable closer relationships with suppliers as well as customers. Our developers can provide integration with your ERP, CRM and even legacy systems to genuinely lift your business’s capabilities to tackle business challenges and also channel opportunities like AR/VR and other experiential technology into your website to make it a high performing website and an excellent example of the power of great software design and development.


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From requirements analysis to software development and testing, we will be thrilled to provide help and advice on a range of popular software services. We help leaders increase their awareness and understanding of trending, innovative and disruptive technology by undertaking research and analysis across the competitive and cross-sectoral landscapes. Working with our Innovation analysts we are able to provide advice on how our clients can take advantage of what’s available and future proof transformation commissioned. Contact us to discuss.

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Some Popular Software Services

Requirements Analysis

We help you get clear on what your full requirements are

System Architecture Documents

Enterprise Architecture Model


Lean Proof of Concept - Rapid , Instructive and Directive

Software Testing

Comprehensive, end to end software testing

Software & System Advisory

Inform and Educate - Advice on all your software needs

Software Development & Test Process Improvement

Develop effective SDLC /Test process

Agile Software Development Coaching

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Digital Transformation Review & Planning

Find opportunities for digital value

Solutions Development & Delivery

Software as business solutions

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    Software Services

    As well as providing software engineering and bespoke app and tools development, we can also bring value to your business by providing independent and additional software services. If you have implementation partners for underlying provisions, we can get involved on an ongoing or one off basis dependent on the requirements, as part of a full managed service, or .

    Software and Application Testing

    Iconify Test Services can provide complete Testing and Quality Assurance framework, with a view to enabling our clients to have greater confidence in their software implementations.

    The best methodologies and excellent programming in the provision of software services are often let down by an insufficiently detailed testing strategy that is multi layered, holistic and rigorous. We have experience of implementing testing processes and even in house specialist test organisations and embedding test process to incorporate new developments on a myriad of platforms, languages and technologies.

    Testing methodologies from Waterfall, V-Model and of course agile are covered and our consultation with you and your organisation’s technical maturity will tend to dictate how we should proceed. We help you to understand where there are opportunities for automated tests and decide how to implement hybrid models.


    Provision of security testing and software security management for existing or new enterprise architecture and software. Cyber security and digital risks are dominant and prevalent and if it is not something you have considered, now is the time to do so, as malicious attacks against enterprise at several levels are active and numerous. Security provision at every level of your infrastructure is crucial to undisrupted operations.

    Cloud Computing & Enterprise Architecture


    AWS and Cloud Computing

    The sky really may be the limit with the power of Cloud Computing and Enterprise Architecture.

    Cloud computing advances enterprise architecture to fully leverage Service Oriented Architecture, harnessing immense computing  power to deliver services via the web on a per use model, which is hosted on distributed networks and delivered on demand to eliminate the need to buy, store and deploy the necessary computing power locally. If you are concerned about taking advantages of trends and advances in technology that have the potential to improve your business and brand, then cloud computing could be a significant part of your technology and business transformation.

    Providing applications, platforms and infrastructure  as a service using web services is the future with a myriad of benefits, costs and procedural changes. To take advantage of the power and potential while helping you with the planning, impact assessment and identification of where the best synergies lie, call us. 02081919008. Don’t waste another day wondering. Get the help you need to get going with Cloud Computing and Web Services.

    Enterprise Architecture and Amazon Web Services

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    Enterprise Architecture

    The system development process – requirements, analysis and validation, design, planning, development, testing, implementation and delivery – at Enterprise scale, is applied with rigour by highly skilled Enterprise Architects at Iconify. We are here to guide our clients through this most critical and complex of processes. The great thing is that project, development and technical quality assurance expertise also available with us in implementing your cloud computing and enterprise architecture solution. You can have confidence this will be accomplished under control and be driven by strategy as much as prowess. We’d love to talk about what you are thinking – call us now 02081919008.

    Software Development and Bespoke Business Tools

    Software and Solutions Development

    Passion for rigorous and excellent software and solutions development runs in our blood, and naturally through our development and bespoke business tools teams. Our head of technology, Kennedy, is well known, admired and sought after for his sincere love of and evangelism of best practice methods in programming, agile methodologies and enterprise-level IT and security strategy. His wide-ranging experience means that breadth of approaches born of surmounting innumerable barriers and challenges will be at your disposal in building strategy, proof of concepts and in the design and development process.  At Iconify our developers and consultants have analysed, designed and developed mission-critical software for organisations like Goldman Sachs, Visa and Worldpay, to name a few. We’ll be happy to do the same at yours.

    There is a definitive and distinctive difference in the consulting and delivery process when people who live and breathe technology help you solve your technological challenges, and that is what we bring.  We believe software should be transformative and approaches to meeting requirements should be focused while methodologies should be flexible enough to accommodate learning and stakeholder participation.

    No brand can truly be resonant without robust and effective technology, because the business will lack resilience and facility at several fundamental levels. Therefore, we firmly believe that the Technology your business runs on, relies on is a fundamental pillar of brand strength and operational advantage. This is the advantage we wish to help you develop when you take up our software development and bespoke business tools services.

    You could have a brand new development project or a redevelopment requirement and therefore need software and solutions development. You may be in the middle of enterprise and infrastructural programme and have had the courage to realise and accept it’s all gone wrong and a new remedial roadmap is required – we’ve been there and done it! Multi-million-pound projects switching midstream from Oracle to Siebel or adopting a brand new reporting platform 5 minutes after rolling out a prior one because it was not for fit for purpose. All reasons why businesses need partners for their software and solution development requirements. We have some muscular strategies to review and replan and give you the confidence to take the best options identified.

    So, if you are after redevelopment, new development, enhancements, systems integration with a mix of platforms and bespoke code/tools/apps, we can help. We like helping friendly businesses operate at their best, and no matter where you are in the software development lifecycle or problem-solving process, feel free to call us to discuss. If we can help, we will. +44(0)20 8191 9008 or contact us.

    Bespoke versus off the shelf

    Bespoke means it’s made for you specifically but it can mean writing new services and utilities and you may be torn between getting something off the shelf and configuring, which is also very challenging. We can help you determine what the best solution for you would be. If it makes sense to make the time and cost investment to build bespoke code, we’ll help you lay out the process, elicit the requirements and fast track a proof of concept.

    We do not turn up our noses at vendor-supplied software or out of the box software. They have their place and many are powerful but do require thought around how configurable they are, how well they can integrate with other suites of pre-existing software and whether in your business’s architecture, it can deliver value. We help you review this and many other considerations as part of our core IT consultancy.

    If you decide to go bespoke, we have decades of expertise in helping you specify a solid, suitable solution, tight to requirements, functional processes and operating models working with your teams closely to capture the true requirements – more on that below in Requirements Gathering, Analyses and Challenge.

    software development lifecyc;le in the software and solution development process

    Bespoke Business Tools

    Software Development and Bespoke Business Tools

    Like what you see? Call and tell us what! +44(0)20 8191 9008 or email us –

    If you are not quite ready, one reason you definitely should call is that we are a small company with big skills with both depth and breadth across the business landscape with strong partnerships with trusted firms. When you are on the lookout for peaople to partner with you build your apps or you have a larger project in mind that requires software and solutions development, take a look at what we can offer you. We will take on your goals as ours, solve your issues as though they were ours and here’s the main thing – we LOVE this work of software development and bespoke business tools development. We bring real passion to it, true creativity, proven skills and complete commitment, and it makes a world of difference to your experience of the process and to outputs. We are friendly and we like to work with friendly companies, so get in touch! We are also good at listening, so feel free to call for an informal chat too.

    We do really enjoy the plethora of business problems we get to work on, and we can help you find solutions for new, additional tools and understand what might be best for you if you are in the process of reviewing a few. In some cases, we can build something fairly small, simple and sweet, that allows you to use it as an adjunct to main or larger application or platform. In other cases, something more heavy duty maybe required, for example to replace end user computing implemented in Excel or Access.  It all depends on factors like your strategy, what you have planned in the short and long term, what will help your P&L and what will bring the best ROI, given the former. There’s a lot to consider, so let’s get working.

    Get in touch on if you are considering collaboration and MI tools or a solution for your Data Analytics or Document Management.


    SDLC - Waterfall to Agile

    Software and Solutions Development Life Cycle

    We are risk managers, every one, and we worry about what might be missed, misconstrued or mistranslated through every stage of the software development lifecycle.

    There’s a long list of mistakes that could happen and we are not here for that. This leads us to be structured and disciplined in the process to provide our software development and bespoke business tools. The first full port of managing solution development risk starts with our Requirements Process. We run your projects under proper project management frameworks to reduce the risk of scope creep, re-dos and disappointment, ultimately.

    The software development lifecycle is so defined because each part of the process gives life to the next part and is crucial to the life of the application. Arguably, though, the requirements phase is the most critical. If this process fails, the failures become systemic and exponentially increased and the contamination is ongoing. This is because this failure enters design and becomes flesh in the software. We spend a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears to get this straight and the questions will keep coming until everybody is satisfied that the answers that end up on the order book are the correct ones.

    We will need to get up close and personal to your requirements. So we’ll have to get up close and personal with your business and teams. We’ll strive to get full clarity on all functions, interactions and communications in a comprehensive discovery phase. Expect user forums, workshops and as-is process models depictions, if you do not have any to share with us. This is so we understand the process and flow of actions and communications in the business. It gives us necessary access to how your users work and how their systems should support their work.

    At Iconify our developers and consultants have analysed, designed and developed mission critical software for organisations like Goldman Sachs, Visa and Worldpay, to name a few. We’ll be happy to do the same at yours. We have decades of experience creating software solutions for many leading companies and resolving many challenges. We are staunch advocates of agile software development methodologies and apply rigour to the process and keep communications as open as possible. We aim to deliver applications that perform well and score positively against success criteria.

    The proof is in the pudding. But it’s also in the ingredients. We have years of experience of formulating strong quality assurance and layered, robust test strategies to test the software we engineer or provide you with independent assurance. The requirements and use cases are our bible in developing test scenarios that can find system failures and integration vulnerabilities. We can help define tests across unit, system, integration and user acceptance layers. This is the process that ensures you get the requirements you are paying to realise and runs through the whole development process in parallel and with the feedback loops that add value in-flight, rather than as an after activity.

    We work with users to define tests around the op model to support delivery of business outcomes. We engage with users right at the outset to capture ways of working, patterns of collaboration and communication and guide them in producing acceptances cases that will then be subject to test for deliverable packages.

    One of the distinctive differences that Iconify provide is our holistic approach to solution delivery. Our approach is one that seeks to embed the technology platform seamlessly within the business’ operations and plan an adoption process. The adoption process is critical for avoiding chaos, dissatisfaction and lack of take up of the solution. It can lead to non-realisation of benefits, which is not acceptable to us. We want to leave your business whole and better than when we came. This requires a final investment in planning, operational readiness and rollout of clear and revised operating models across. This runs in parallel with the QA and Testing process and in tandem with the use acceptance testing phase and provides for a training and knowledge transfer workstream. This enables the test of the system as well as of any changes in the operating model so that tweaks and feedback can be incorporated early enough.

    We perform code reviews as part of a best practice, baselining process as part of our development and validation framework.

    We can also help your company do this part of an independent assurance capability if you have another solution provider, to give you a clear view of the particulars and suitability of the design and planned implementation.

    Application and Data Management

    Maintenance for Excellence
    Application Management

    Lots of organisations find themselves considering who to partner with for their application and data management services and with good reason. There is an intuitive move to find providers or partners who take a wider view of the problems organisations really need them to solve.

    We really excel at application development and creating great solutions and transformation is in our blood but that’s not the end of the story. At the heart of the strategy we formulate with  any of our clients, is the sustainability of their brand and their business. Fundamental to that is the management of the applications the business runs on, monitoring, upgrading and repurposing or replacing them. Through their entire lifecycle, systems require oversight and that requires planning and tools and is indispensable to the sustainable and responsive organisation, to reduce the time and energy spent on core business activities.

    Data - your brand's beating heart
    Data Management

    Data increasingly is the most valuable resource that business wishing to grow, to be seen, to be heard or to pivot, has at its disposal and your business absolutely needs to be ready. Ready for the opportunities and inoculated against risks to or of the data. One of the key risks companies run, however is the sheer quantity of the data pouring into the business. To know what to do with this data, mine and refine it is key to the future, responsiveness and sustainability of your enterprise. The first step to managing your data – access, quality, governance and application – starts here, with contacting Iconify today to start this journey for application and data management for your organisation’s next era.

    Software Engineering and Security

    Engineering Capability
    Engineering Excellence

    When you are looking for software engineering and security partners, we offer you more than just programming languages and skills, more than strategic thinking, risk based testing and technical application. We bring an engineering mindset and prowess to solving problems. Engineering capability is a critical part of our skills base when it comes to finding or defining solutions that change business trajectories.  We help businesses  to harness transformative technology and to create innovative applications. If you want to engage in change or process improvement programmes, we want to delight you.

    There is just so much advancement in our time, in our wondrously connected environment and the potential of digital transformation, which is a large area of focus for our engineers. We are seriously excited by all that’s happening, all that’s possible, and we’ll never stop. To share this with you, we’d love to discuss this potential with you and what it could do for your business. We’re here – or contact us.

    Delivering innovative and agile software engineering and security is dependent on the breadth and depth of the skillsets of the people that work on the project. Our engineering teams are comprised of enterprise architects, security specialists, software engineers and digital experts who will help your business envision and execute new ways of doing, working and collaborating.

    Digital Risk Management

    With the rise in possibility and potential, there is a concomitant rise in risk, and we do not forget that in all the excitement. We match all plans for software engineering and security adoption with a framework for identifying and managing risk, collaborating with leaders and their teams to do so. Cybersecurity threats abound but we will help you still exploit the opportunities that exist. Digital Transformation, thoughtfully executed delivers too many growth opportunities to embark on that process. It is a bigger risk not to. That’s why we’ll ensure that risk, resiliency, robustness will be at the forefront of our objectives, along with innovation, transformation and fusion.

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    IT Consulting

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