Branding Advisor

Realise your vision with a Brand Advisor that can see the Whole Picture.

A brand advisor that can strategise for growth, ideate for design and brand identity from naming to assets, and has the skill set not just to identify capability gaps but also to execute, is increasingly the brand advisor the business owner of today needs.

Great brands are resonant. They inspire your imagination, capture your heart and you’re your love and loyalty.

They live out distinctive narratives redolent of purpose to ensure profit is guaranteed. From positioning statements to messaging to social media and content marketing, the list is long and growing but your business is one and needs to stay integral. This is the value that the right Brand Advisor brings.


Chinenye Ikwuemesi is a transformation expert and branding strategist and advisor. Founder of Iconify, she is passionate about creating brands that captivate hearts and minds and leverage loyalty and building creative brands with capability. Iconify, her company, is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to create brands with heart that make a sustainable impact that goes beyond the visual.

Chinenye has worked with brands to transform their business capability, internal brand models and culture, designing branding and strategy solutions to elevate their presence and position in the market. She believes in bridging the creative and capability through strategy.

She helps businesses, as a brand advisor, to envision or reimagine how to determine and present their brand,  engage with their audiences and influencers.

A natural and unique creative she provides creative direction for design and strategy and an extensive skillset in uplifting capability and enabling business transformation. If you’re looking for a brand naming advisor, Chinenye can help to create memorable names and strategies to fill them with meaning.

As a brand advisor, Chinenye can help establish, position or pivot your existing brand and understand and consider the blockers to success.


An exciting team of highly skilled and experienced individuals who together bring an exceptional blend of expertise to create authentic and robust brands that translate across channels and cultures to resonate with the people for whom your business exists.

It doesn’t matter where you are, we work remotely and can be virtual brand advisors. Iconify runs the gamut of branding and can work as Brand Naming Advisors, Branding Design Advisors and Brand Strategy Advisors, dependent on your needs. We love small and medium-sized businesses and have unique insights into the challenges they face – and how to address them.

Unlock brand love and loyalty - work with me


Unlock Brand Love and Loyalty – Work with me

You need a brand advisor if you have a new product to bring to market, a new service to promote and competitors that are doing the thing better than you are. You need me if you can be honest about your business and your current limitations and you want to give yourself the best chance to compete successfully. You need a brand strategist if you know digital is critical but there is still so much to do. You need a brand advisor if you’ve stopped being excited but you haven’t stopped loving the business or its success.

I work with owners and entrepreneurs who need someone to come alongside them to provide a new, clear and strategic perspective and inject creativity and excitement into the process. I can help you identify and define in detail a roadmap for building and equipping the brand and business in an aligned way.

Get help with services that can help you unlock the best direction to take your brand in, with services including:

  • Brand Development including positioning, presentation and perception
  • Brand Naming, Verbal Branding and straplines
  • Brand Identity Design and branding considerations
  • Brand Concept
  • Brand Marketing
  • Brand storytelling
  • Brand message development
  • Brand imperatives and positioning



Brand Discovery

Identify the most important goals aligned to purpose, position and profit.
Identify the roadmap and capability required to realise the brand vision as well as business goals.
Identify blockers along the people, processes and practices axes.

Brand Strategy

With clarity on your brand personality, proposition, people and position, your brand advisor will start to work on how to attain the sought after position and set up precursors for those.

Identity Development

With confidence in what the brand should represent and who we are, we work on an all-encompassing identity that for all uses across channels and determine what elements should underpin or accentuate it, for example, verbal or audial taglines

Change and Risk Map

We help your business to identify opportunities for partnerships and promotion based on analyses and compile a list of brand risks and mitigations,

Who we’ve worked for

King and Spalding pub project
Twinings Project
Bobou Beauty Launch
Audi Project

Web Design and Web Development Agency

Ambition, Aspiration, Rebellion and Strategy –

A Web Agency that Understands the Power of Uniqueness and Change

Creating websites for small businesses to medium enterprises is our passion because we want you to have the advantages large corporates take for granted and if you’re seeking a web design and development agency that is strategic and ambitious, with creativity as well as project management expertise, you’re in the right place. We are proud to be more than just web designers and developers but a strategic creative partner to businesses with a powerful vision and budding brands of the future.

You’re not in Business to Fit in. You’re Here to Make your Mark.

Work with a web design and development agency that gets that.

You need website developers who understand the pain of needing a website that truly represents your business and the aspirations in your heart and the rebellion in your mind. You need a website design agency that understands the importance of truly partnering with you, who can listen to you and turn your ambitions into something fabulously tangible. You want a company who are passionate about developing digital online presence and solutions for small to medium-size businesses because we understand their distinct challenges and value their uniqueness.

Your website must not only underpin but extend your brand, and adopt any technical integrations with other systems if necessary. You will not compromise on having a team that is strategic and can think and deliver beyond web. You’ve found us!

Use a web developer agency that will ihelpncrease Brand love and loyalty


A Web Design and Development Agency for Brand Love and Loyalty –

Avoid a Mediocre Website

Deepening authority and brand love and loyalty are core elements of the purpose of your website. We’ll create a website that matches your uniqueness and rebellious spirit and approach, a vehicle that will empower your business to build opportunities and an audience, to garner notice and gather momentum.

Get a free estimate





Change Management Consultancy

A Change Management Consultancy focused on People

When you’re looking for a change management consultancy that helps you reap the benefits of successful change and makes change stick, you should choose one that focuses on the people side of change.

A good change management consultancy will help you run a change programme and manage time and budget effectively, but a great one will help you achieve lasting, sustainable change and benefits through a successfully implemented change management process. A great consultancy will be passionate about people and project environments that foster empowered engagement and participation.

Iconify help you plan, prepare and put your change management and business transformation plans into readiness, implementation and delivery so that you can take advantage of opportunities through the use of technology and market shifts and compete effectively. We help you help your people get ready for new ways of doing things, ensuring they have the capability and participate as co-creators of the change. Benefits delivery is assured with focus on the people side of change because behavioural issues and drivers matter as much as structural and methodological ones.

A truly unique change management consultancy that makes change stick through focusing on the people side of change.


Change management encompasses a vast discipline, strategies and tools, including Business Transformation which may relate to any or all of people, processes, functions and technology and which will require changes to the target operating models. As a result, any change initiative must really hone in on the impact to people within the change programme but most importantly, beyond, to make change stick. The key to sustainable success in transformation projects is to successfully transition and make the change stick. It’s only too common that project failures result in people returning to systems that are supposed to be demised, people get very dissatisfied and leave and new projects are incepted to remediate apparently successful projects.

A Change Management consultancy focused on helping you create powerful capabilities within your organisations to plan and implement strategic change in a way that focuses on your people and your brand reputation, collating knowledge, developing and transferring skills, knowledge and expertise. Whether it’s business or IT change you are considering, we can help you plan and design a strategy and delivery framework that priorities your people as the primary success driver.

How we can help you manage change

As a unique change management consultancy, Iconify can help you build the business case for change and clarify with senior leaders drivers, objectives and prioritised activities and a strong people engagement strategy.

– We can help draw up and design parallel structural change and behavioural change strategies that build frameworks to make change stick.  – Help you design a transformation and change strategy that can achieve the vision and outcomes that your company really needs and wants.

– Develop a business transition capability that will deliver and implement operating models, operational readiness frameworks and timelines and cutover excellence.

– We help you understand why the ‘People Side of Change’ is so critical and share strategies for mapping those to delivering change objectives. For example, build a better and more empowered team to drive innovation in your changed organisation so that the people side of change drives strategies for attaining objectives.

– Power people and staff engagement your people to develop and share your vision in language and stories that will resonate emotionally as well rationally. We work with you to design change communications and events that will help telegraph and flesh out the target operating model and what it looks like.

– Identifying, coaching and upskilling change principals with tools and awareness required to empathetically lead people through the disruption of change and the rigour of the process.

We believe these are the gaps a great change management consultancy can help you plug.


The Importance of Change Management Consultancy that prioritises people

The Importance of a Change Management Consultancy that Prioritises People

The difference between Project Management and Change Management lies in how important it is that people are really brought into the heart of the process, managed and engaged very closely at a range of levels in line with the level of impact and disruption the change represents to their lives on the job. Operating system upgrades across a company carries some risk of aggravation, irritation and disruption. Failure would result in the risks outlined and of course, business continuity would be affected but with the relevant training and cutover readiness, the migration can be managed quite well, all other PM disciplines remaining equal. Transformation programmes, however, are wildly different as indeed requiring the full gamut of change management protocols. These types of projects require management of the ‘Hard Factors’. To summarise, the hard factors are the people factors. It is more important than ever that companies engage a change management consultancy that priorities people.


Brand Services

Choose one or a combination of services
Popular Services
As part of our brand services, we offer the scope and capability to create a brand strategy, story and define the difference your business needs to stand up and stand out. For new market entrants who need to create and establish a brand, we offer creative idea generation, brand concept creation and positioning strategy.  For established businesses, who are realising they lack the brand love and loyalty they crave and are trading increasingly on a commoditised basis, we help to reposition and rebrand, creating a brand concept that can be carried through to branding design and marketing campaign.  With a range of brand services, let’s help you articulate a new brand promise and build the processes to deliver that promise.


Strategic Impetus

Strategy drives brand success and resonance. Visual identity, image and communications are all  just tools that work only as well as the strategy they are based on. Brand strategy is derived from the  inside out, with concentration on your purpose, brand values, proposition and perception you desire.
Once strategy is defined, we can expand  with you in all kinds of directions that depend on this foundation – brand communications, branding and your visual identity, creative ideas to use across channels.
Some of the options below reflect some of the problems we solve.

Brand Hack

For new offerings, line extension or brand launch or refresh
A cross sectional brand offering that delivers fundamental brand pillars and foundations for visual branding

Strategy Sprint

Story to Strategy, Mission Statement to Messaging
Brand Architecture, identifying brand personality, target audience, personas and mindshare to own

Marketing Marathon

Value promotion, message crafting and promotion plan
Defining true value, target segments and channels, determining voice and building campaigns and channels

Brand Communications Hack

The Who, What, When and Where of all of your brand's comms
Crucial for Customer, brand comms fuel brand embedding, requiring deep insights and knowledge

Pole Position Hack

With few new categories for products or services - how can you stand out?
Analyse & understand your potential target demographics - what they look, feel and think like and how to appeal to them.

Naming, Visual and Verbal Branding Hack

Find the right name and focus on the how your brand faces the world
Define brand identity principles and branding guidelines based on brand personality and image.

Brand Risk Hack

Reputation and credibility risks impact brand power
Mitigation and management of risks to your reputation and credibility are central to sustaining your brand.

Brand Messaging Hack

What your product is or isn't matters far less than what your message is
Crafting compelling commentary & convincing comms is critical for success.

Storytelling & Ideas Generation Hack

Frame your brand story or mission statement
Why your brand matters. Storytelling & concept generation sessions.

Industry and Competitor Research and Data Analytics

Research is pivotal, underpinning and enabling confident and directional decision making
With our partners, we undertake research into your particular sector and competitors to understand motivations and demographics, to articulate your fundamental brand imperatives and provide clarity for you adopt.

High Level Process Flows for Popular Services

High Level Process Flows for Popular Services

Here are some high level process views of some of our services. The size, scope and length of processes will vary between clients as each business is unique and there ate options for other services, which many clients opt for.

Connect with us now

    Select service(s):

    Brand HackStrategy SprintMarketing MarathonBrand Communications HackPole Position HackDiscovering your valueNaming and Visual Branding HackBrand Risk HackBrand Messaging HackStorytelling & Ideas Generation HackResearch and Data AnalyticsBrand ArchitectureInside Out Brand Strategy DefinitionPurpose and Proposition DefinitionOther

    Consulting Services

    Business Consulting Services for small to medium size businesses who want to manage change and adopt digital technology and marketing

    All the ways
    We can help

    The main thrust of our consulting services overall is that of creating, reinforcing and building solutions and drivers for a transformative brand. A transformative brand doesn’t just happen. It’s not just skin deep, it is not just logo or font deep. It comes from the inside out, from your back end operations to the front end customer experience and everything in between. Our Consulting Services is about making that transformative brand a reality.

    Transformative brands change people’s minds and attitudes and sometimes their lives. That’s why we are in this,why we are closing the consulting-creative gap. It’s because we see and believe it is all interconnected – brilliance is reflected and refracted through all the facets of your business and brand. So, we strive to be innovators and with an entrepreneurial culture and our unique creative flair and we are never satisfied with the status quo, for ourselves or for our clients. It takes time, but we promise, it’s worth it.

    We believe in pushing the boundaries and pressing your advantage to get your brand to where it deserves to be – Iconified. Call us on 02081919008 to get started envisioning, connecting and correcting.

    Project Management

    Project Management that is holistic and radically different


    We are a specialist hybrid consultancy focusing on brand aligned change and brand strategy driven operations, IT and digital transformation. Our belief that framing your challenges and corresponding change requirements as activities that should be true to your brand imperatives differentiates and propels us. Our project management practice is no different.

    You can rely on receiving the highest standards of professional project management when you come to Iconify, as we will deliver value for money with a diverse team of experienced professionals from a range of backgrounds with strong project management expertise. We have worked on clients projects which are cross sector for diverse and challenging outcomes for all types of projects across financial, public sector, technology and telecoms companies for blue chips as well as smaller commissions. When we complete an implementation, your business will be better equipped to meet future challenges and with readiness that comes from defined and agreed operating models and robust readiness frameworks. This is part of how we assure that what we deliver is of quality.

    Proper Project Management
    We Deliver Enduring Results

    Project Management in all its variations, is in our DNA. Putting together, planning and resourcing projects that realise the benefits your business has to have. Clarity is never a given and assumptions and risks are constantly morphing. You need people who are steeped in the experience, discipline and rigour of running successful projects and with the stamina and vision to see it through. You’ve found them!

    We work with leaders and teams who know what they need and where they need to go, but who need our help with the ‘how’, to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

    Call us or contact us, using our contact form.

    +44 (0)208-191-9008

    Project Stations!

    As trained and certified Programme and Project Managers, we can tell you there are infinite flavours of projects but most projects fall into Business Change driven, IT driven and very often projects are both business and IT change driven, because a change in one, very often predicates a change in the other.

    There are also Infrastructure Projects which go beyond your business and IT frameworks to the peripheral architectural components and tools that support your operations. There is also often considerable overlap with the first three types of projects. A quick overview is provided below for the structures and methodologies we would put in place to help you with your projects in full or in part. Call us to discuss on +44(0)208 1919008.

    Business Projects
    Managing business projects effectively depends on alignment to the business strategy, integration stakeholder buy in as well as transparency of plans, actions, assumptions and risks.
    IT Project Management
    Managing IT projects is fraught with pitfalls.<br /> We use Agile methodologies to assure the requisite collaboration, capture changing perspectives and limit scope creep, linking strategy to deliverables.
    Infrastructure Projects
    Changing infrastructure is a particularly sensitive and potentially painful change activity, akin to modifying bones and nerves, and to be undertaken with great care.
    Control Frameworks
    Whether ia supportive, directive or ccontrolling PMO is required, dependent on the size of the project and other projects that may exist, we will set up a sysetm for efficiencies and transparency.
    Governance and Controls
    Running a project successfully relies on the participation of sponsors, functional owners and teams who are affected and a strong governance framework increases the chances of meeting expectations.
    Programme Assurance
    We can provide independent and objective oversight of the project management process for the sponsors and stakeholders on cost, time and other objectives.

    We have experience across a range of industries on a range of projects and we have helped leaders deliver the right strategic outcomes,  operational and technology platforms improvement, while generating concepts for positioning and grounding brands.

    Broad experience, Depth of Capability
    Why Should You Choose Us ?

    Change and project management go hand in hand, and whether you are pursuing technology change or business change, they can never be mutually exclusive. To truly innovate in any space, business changes must be accompanied by technical capabilities for greater effectiveness. We understand this and have the cross functional expertise required.

    We believe that elevating your business, whether we help you do that through change, business or brand strategy, is absolutely dependent on innovation, both for processes as well as for technology. We help companies build innovation  mindsets and capabilities.

    We can help you to improve your business and your brand by reconsidering your business and operational models and evaluate where value can be dded or remove what is not adding value. We can also help you formulate a strategy for changing these from a business and IT perspective if your business is ready.

    We come to your project with concern and care for how your project work will affect your staff and stakeholders and their interactions with each other and with you. The changes we make can impact your brand and we are ever conscious of this and work accordingly.  If your project is brand rather than changed oriented – from new brand creation, brand strategy and formulating a purpose to developing brand ideas and a compelling message, we have a creative and multidisciplinary team to bring the dynamism that leaders need to create uniqueness.

    Creative Branding Design Agency

    Boss Branding – Translating Key Brand Principles into Visual Identity

    Branding design is critical to distinctiveness and brand identity and you need a creative branding design agency with your brand imperatives at the center of all work performed. For the whole of the brand identity design your business needs, from logo design to other collateral you require from a creative agency when creating or refreshing your brand, we can help you make the leap from vision your leadership team has for your brand identity design, to the reality of enduring and captivating brand assets.

    throw open the doors to brand love
    The Battle for their Minds

    Brand Versus Branding

    Our job is to define how your brand as a whole can be differentiated. Why? Well, you win the battle of your customer’s attention, brand love and loyalty by being differentiated.

    This is nowhere more important than in highly competitive domains.

    Branding design that delivers on your brand identity is just the start, but it’s critical. A logo design with layers, a strapline or slogan that sings, colourways that help to capture imaginations and imbue meanings. All are crucial components our brand design agency create for your business.#

    But there’s much more that we can do. The services we offer- from the brand design of logos to look and feel and other creatives,  refer to the what, why, how and who of your business.

    ‘Branding’ refers to the process of creating the visual and auditory cues and artefacts that form your projected image and visual representation of your business’s brand identity.  It is the tangible output of successfully and comprehensively investigating and articulating the ideas and ideals your business stands for. The ‘look and feel’ and tangible artefacts produced, adhering to guidelines created as a result of the initial inside out analyses on your business, is Branding.

    Visual Identity

    Our creative design agency process ‘personalises’ your brand.

    Once we have access to your purpose, mission and drivers and understand your points of difference, the brand identity design work begins. It could start with a logo design but may center other elements.

    Having developed your brand through research, we would know who your customers are and can focus on how we catch and keep the attention of these customers. Hence, the visual identity is at the centre of your brand marketing, which is crucial.  This is done with a view not just on building a strong visual identity but also on maintaining a strong emotional connection.

    Once we have the edge of knowing the brand’s consumers and about what will resonate with them, we work to design your visual (and verbal) branding, and produce brand assets, style guides and colourways/colour scheme and other brand elements with clear agreed instructions on how they should be used to create a strong visual identity, and ultimately, a desirable brand image.

    Contact us to discuss now how we can help your company.

    Naming, verbal branding and brand communications

    We never forget that you are in the battle to get into the minds of your target prospects, hook in and stay there. In an overcommunicated world, there must be some strategy to find and attract your tribe. Your tribe are the customers who perceive your offerings as indispensable, differentiated for them and even worth paying a premium for. Their perception of the quality and completeness of what they get from you is entirely validated in their hearts. They start telling your story to themselves.

    Brand Communications focus on how and where you interact with your audience to continue to consistently foster and reinforce the meanings your brand represents.

    Also, don’t worry if you have not found that business name yet, this process helps to narrow the options and inspire, and we can help to find the right name or straplines.

    Set the narrative with stunning brand identity

    Let’s help you design a branding experience, look and  feel that match your dreams and aspirations



    Data Science

    Focus Groups

    Artifacts and Styling
    Branding Design

    Your branding is the coat of arms, the calling card, the team uniform and the rallying cry of your brand.

    It’s the tangible form created from all the key drivers and factors of your business. If our Inside-Out Brand Strategy looks at why and how you get seen and heard, your branding is literally what is seen and heard.

    Brand identity design is driven through brainstorming and other group processes, whether you are a new or brand seeking a new brand look after the repositioning. Whatever your journey reason is, one thing we can promise you is that you will get seen and heard. We’ll bring your branding up a notch.

    Creative Branding Design Agency – Executing the ‘Inside-Out’ Insights

    Using the lessons learned from our  Inside-Out sessions or building a perspective from scratch about your brand values and identity, we create a sense-based, tangible (visual/verbal/tactile/olfactory) framework for depicting and representing your business offerings through the branding. Using as many practical touchpoints as possible, we create a world of branding that is the vehicle for delivering your brand message and promise to your tribe.

    Fundamental aspects of branding are pinning down your target segment to drive the design of your visual identity and the crafting of segment appropriate messaging and storytelling.

    Our branding methodologies also honour your customers by understanding who they are and what your brand means to them on several levels. Reinforcing these themes can propel more customer buy-in. These factors all act as bulwarks at challenging times when communications should be tailored to help manage perceptions.


    Any marketing campaign will require some market research and use online marketing distribution channels. Digital marketing and social media considerations are central to communicating your brand. Your brand assets and messaging must be optimised to all different channels, once we have developed your branding.

    Do you know who you are targeting for your business? Do you know how to appeal to their emotions and their likes and dislikes? Are you standing out in their minds or just in yours?  We develop marketing strategies and campaigns that increase brand awareness and visibility. We signpost interaction points to your customers for your brands and that are geared, ultimately to satisfying customers at some level – a desire for information, validation or inspiration.


    Implementing Resonance - harnessing the power of New IT
    Technology Transformation Consulting

    Digital Transformation Consulting

    Digital transformation consulting, for many businesses is now at the centre of technology consulting, for operations as well as marketing but is seen as separate to IT consulting.  It cannot be denied that technology is no longer just behind the scenes and the sole preserve and responsibility of ‘techies’. Because digital transformation is center stage, and demonstrably the main event, digital transformation consulting must therefore address it as such.

    Good systems and software are absolutely definitive for increasing and sustaining brand equity and the relevance of your brand.  We advise leaders considering digital transformation on trends and best practices for transformation as whole. As a digital transformation consulting firm with change management expertise, we bring the special and critical angle of experience of managing the people side of change – business transition, operational readiness and change adoption. This includes training your staff to use the new systems and ensuring that the change is managed in a sympathetic way that emphasises participation.

    Through digital transformation consulting, We help increase business leaders awareness and understanding of trending, innovative and disruptive technology by undertaking research and analysis across the competitive and cross-sectoral landscapes.

    If you’re here because you were looking for a digital transformation consulting firm, we would love to help your business map out your  digital transformation journey or design solutions to support every part of your business. The right mix of collaborative tools, functional computing, and networks technology is instrumental to increasing your reach and responsiveness, and ultimately the resonance of your brand. To discuss, get in contact today.

    Technology Consulting and IT Consulting Change your Competitive Landscape

    Are you positioned for winning?


    Technology Consulting

    Transformative Technology is fully focused on what your business absolutely needs to thrive and do what you do in an even better way, from digital transformation to IT Transformation.

    Technology utilised with imagination and rigour can confer the power to transform your business, thereby strengthening your brand, through raising productivity and employee, supplier productivity and customer satisfaction.

    From infrastructural transformations, like Cloud computing on platforms like AWS or increasingly on Azure platforms to customer driven innovations, of consideration both for operations and for market, like UX/UI (user experience/user interface) development, we are committed to doing what is pragmatic, efficient and builds the capability for change and innovation.

    Because we understand that brand advancement and protection considerations must be prioritised in all types of transformations, at Iconify, technology consultung is focused on facilitating the work you do, we believe technology transformation consulting should be:

    • instructive
    • constructive
    • connected
    • prioritised
    • strategic

    Below are a few of the areas that technology transformation might encompass for your business. Contact us today to discuss.

    Transformation Technology and Architecture


    Software Engineering and Security


    Digital Transformation


    AWS and Cloud Computing


    Blockchain Technology Application


    Automation, AI and Robotics


    Information Technology Consulting

    Excellent information technology consulting gives your business the power to transform your business through not just the implementation of new tools and systems, but also supporting your people and processes more holistically; the best information technology consultants understand that.

    From decoding your business requirements, specifying design and implementing hardware or software solutions, our whole life cycle IT consulting expertise has been gained in a range of sectors from finance and banking to Fintech. Our information technology consultants can help with a range of transformations – moving your business away from manual tasks, end user computing, systems integration, data migration to systems testing.  Your business can benefit from our IT consulting services and consultants to partner with them in reviewing organisational needs and plan out and execute the necessary changes.

    An IT consultant is critical to this work but a team of IT consultants as well as business analysts and change and project managers are equally important to ensure a successful technology transformation process

    Our IT consultants will not overlook significant areas of business power like marketing and moreover will be able to call on expertise in those areas to ensure your marketing objectives are incorporated.

    The architecture of enabling systems and technology requires a holistic view of your enterprise solution and is equally critical. This is what sets us apart in how deliver it consulting services.

    If your current software no longer delivers the sought for benefits or your teams need help to evaluate systems to be implemented for your business, get in touch. We can help your create solutions that support every part of your business. The right mix of collaborative tools, functional computing, and networks technology is instrumental to increasing your reach and responsiveness, and ultimately the resonance of your brand. We work with you to analyse and assess what your business needs and the best available fit, then map those for your particular IT consulting needs.


    Digital Marketing Transformation

    If your interest in a digital transformation consulting firm requires an approach that is sensitive to your business strategy, you’re in the right place.

    A digital marketing transformation relies on a ‘digital first’ mindset and approach which dispenses with viewing digital marketing as a bolt-on to traditional marketing, driven by how people consume data, their higher and more informed demands for speed, variety and accuracy of content. In many ways, digital innovations in infrastructural and operational spheres have heralded the golden of age of marketing driven through digital and social channels. It’s increasingly crucial as businesses seek relevance and recognisability. TLDR – your business needs it to succed in a phenomenally overcrowded online context.

    The ability to identify, target and engage with customers directly and with frequency, often with geographical constraints,  is a strong enough reason to overcome these concerns.

    At the core of our digital marketing consulting projects would be to ensure there is a paradigm shift to the concept of ‘digital first’, clarity on how orgnisational goals can be met through a strategic analysis of your current efforts. Ger in touch today to see how we could help.


    Digital Transformation Consulting and IT Consulting, drive and harness innovation for marketing and operations prowess of brands of the future


    Innovation Consulting

    Working with our innovation analysts we are able to provide advice on how our clients can take advantage of what’s available and future proof any transformation underway. Digital transformation consulting helps to find opportunities for innovation within the business.

    Innovation consulting is in many ways part and parcel of the engagement with our clients and it is geared towards benchmarking best practices as well as direct and indirect competitors to understand trends and their underlying factors.

    Core to this process is finding new ways of creating value within the organisation through improvements and digitisation and for the customers and clients through knowledge, analysis and business intelligence.

    Innovation and the confidence to find ways to do this is largely dependent upon culture and the leadership in place to foster innovation. We provide guidance on how processes that engender and encourage innovation can be built through seeing employees as a resource and first line customers.

    Making Transformation Technology deliver value

    Businesses can utilise advances in technology to extend and increase value within their organisation with a coherent vision and intrinsically within their offering.

    The way in which opportunities can be identified and the myriad ways that transformation technology can be implemented and adopted represent a huge challenge. Beyond that, how to embed, integrate and utilise these new technological tools and infrastructure with legacy systems is an even bigger challenge for many business leaders to contend with.

    There are numerous complexities to contend with and it may feel like a minefield. Digital transformation though often spoken of,  is not fully understood nor does it mean the same thing universally, and in any event, is not the whole story. We can help to simplify and decompose the tasks of understanding the change that is necessary and how to set about implementing it.

    The challenge of instituting transformation technology and realising the transformation desired is not just a design and technical one. It fundamentally touches also on business transformation as people will need to be guided to accept, use and leverage these technologies in their day to working lives. It clearly becomes a change management process.


    • Audit and analyses
      Iconify Transformation Technology team will help your business with necessary audits and analysis of existing, complementary and possible replacement candidates and the extent of change and digital transformation that would suit. Bear in mind that there are literally hundreds of options currently out there, so this step is indispensable.


    • Create transition teams to test the technology along with the process stringently before roll out
    • Agree delivery and operational timelines that match and complement team jobs and deliverables and test them
    • Engagement of all areas of involvement and agree governance
    • Choose and agree methodology for delivery and for capturing backlog of works that should be phased or postponed


    • Create strategic and functionally based roadmaps with clear views on intersectionality between functions, roles and responsibilities.
    • Specifically set out the benefits that will be realised, map the change proof points against the customer experience touchpoints to validate viability and reduce risk to the brand
    • Ensure knowledge handover and in depth and structured training road maps that strategically focus investments needed to reinvent their legacy businesses and create new digital ones.


    • Develop new process designs and organisational architecture roles and handoffs that matches the technology architecture technology.
    • Consider team structures that enable and focus innovation and improvements
    • Build new operating models for affected areas and review existing models for any areas of involvement


    Business Transformation Consulting
    Hybrid Capabilities

    Iconify is a business transformation consulting firm that provides change management advisory to small businesses who need to make key changes to execute on their competitive and growth strategies and to elevate their brand.

    We are a hybrid business transformation and branding creative agency that undertake business change consulting using a range of disciplines,  because building a resonant brand is a multifaceted process. We believe that any internal business changes you make is an opportunity to solidify your brand position and improve yor brand reputation. Just as missing an opportunity to make necessary changes can represent a risk to your brand through losing opportunities for gaining brand equity.

    Iconify Consulting help clients create and recover brand resonance through brand strategy and transformation. We provide assistance in optimising the business processes that deliver your offering and the technology that powers your business and its operations. Finally and critically, we help to manage the training and enhancement of the skills of the people and processes side of change.

    Developing innovative technology and bespoke business tools, we know we need to ready your organisation to use the new system and take full advantage of its benefits from day one, and so we implement innovative Target Operating Models that are aligned with the business strategy, as well brand purpose, values and identity.


    Making sense of the creative consulting puzzle and changing the brand equity game through business transformation consulting, change management and business change consulting for small to mid size businessses.

    Customer Experience and Engagement

    We believe that CX is the ultimate driver of brand power and sustainability and that the quality, resilience and responsiveness of your operations determine how great your CX can be. We believe that your staff are your closest customers and that whatever you can do to empower them to do their work better and the best for your business is a priority, and that’s why your operations matter. We believe we are unique in looking at your brand and business holistically and we do not stop at what is skin deep. We have seen transformation programmes that never refer to or consider the brand’s purpose, values and ideals and we decided to find a transformation process that bakes that all in.

    Integrated Transformation

    Connect with Iconify Consulting to discuss your aspirations, your plans and challenges. We will put together a roadmap to build the capability, a positioning strategy to drive your communications or help you identify weaknesses in your current or proposed business model and we will do that, all with your brand’s health in mind. Getting these critical things right, and taking a long term view, iconifies your brand.

    We provide innovation consulting and guide leaders through Digital Transformation , key in the digital era to take a business to the top and keep it there, but there is a lot to think about. We want to help clients understand how best to improve existing technology platforms to enhance processes and reach out to customers at every stage in the buying and consumption process.

    Business Change Consulting

    Brand Strategy Development


    Business Transformation


    Risk Management & Architecture


    Transformation & Brand Assurance




    CX Remodel


    Business Change for Small to Medium size businesses

    We are passionate about ensuring that small to medium size businesses enjoy some of the advantages that large corporates take for granted. This starts with having access to the knowledge, expertise and tools that we can provide through our change management advisory to help guide your business.

    As a business owner, you may be aware of a myriad of potential changes that should be made to your business but it is important to identify the changes that will make the greatest impact for your business’s ability to compete, reach and satisfy your target audience.

    With plentiful opportunities to increase efficiency across process and technology, a clear and targeted strategy will ensure you can adopt digital transformation for example, as one key area in which business change consulting can crystallise benefits and clear plan for implementation, in adance of those changes.

    Strategy to Implementation

    Business change consulting allows your business to strategise, prioritise and plan the changes that will deliver the best benefits for your business.

    Ambition is fundamantal of course as is a clear vision but all business benefit from the guidance a business transformation consulting firm like Iconify can bring to part or all of your organisation. Transformation harness impacts and capabilities that will deliver improvements, benefits and capacity to take advantage of opportunities into the futire and that is where your business should be ideally.

    We are uniquely positioned to help align your business strategy with your brand strategy simply because we are deeply committed to the idea that the should be inextricable, and that greater and more meaningful synergies can be realised in your business transformation if it is linked to your brand imperatives, and the goal being to ensure that your business becomes a highly visible one. This is our key difference as business change consulting firm.

    Work with us

    To achieve the full potential of your business, your internal capability, culture and ability to innovate are key drivers for your business performance and brand positioning.

    If you’re looking for experienced business change consultants or business transformation consultancy, start by asking how much they will do to ensure you get a service that focuses on all key aspects of your business. Experienced professionals providing full business change services, across your business lines and IT and people capability, give us a call. For help with IT and Technology Transformation and Digital Transformation.

    With experience spanning a range of industries and experienced gained working with household names, you can have confidence that we are prepared for the the urgency of your requirements, and the importance of managing risk, building consensus and taking account of a range of stakeholders.

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