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Winning Ideas

Are you launching a new product or contemplating a line extension that will need a new brand? Do you believe that your business will benefit from re-positioning or rebranding? For this and many other scenarios, idea generation is indispensable, and is indeed central to successful new brand development and certainly to positioning communications

Idea generation at its  best creates impetus and hope and mobilises people. Brand creation, positioning step change, innovation at heart – all require ideas generation. We will assemble focus groups and conduct knowledge gathering and discovery exercises and polling to facilitate brand development. As a creative team, we also value discipline and techniques that help us get up to speed on what the challenges the client is seeking to counter with our services and also methods for validating the potential of those ideas through brainstorming exercises people from diverse backgrounds.

barnstorm or brainstorm
Creative Workshops

Our workshops are key to our Creative Practice and central to brand ideas generation. A primary part of our creative process, we come alongside you to generate brand and product names and stories, line extension concepts, marketing campaigns or even for rebranding or repositioning through group processes like brainstorming.
We tailor the format to your company and endeavour to have broad representation. Workshops are critical to our communication with you and your people  to get to the core of your company’s purpose, vision and mission in the short and long term.


Group Processes

Focus Groups, brainstorming and sample polling

Research and Data Review

Bespoke research and study of data to mine for insights and ideas validation

Content and Thought Analysis

Test and validate ideation


Stakeholders and customers working through ideation to resolve problems

Discovery and Personal Interviews

Ideation on positioning, brand communications and exploring ‘unmet needs.

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