Visibility Strategies for Small Businesses

A Branding and Marketing Program for Greater Visibility

Visibility strategies for small businesses are a critical part of branding and becoming a highly visible company helps you become the first choice of customers. Visibility and awareness help to build credibility, recognisability and brand resonance. They help establish expertise and range to ensure your business becomes a highly visible company. This is part of the journey to become iconic and does not happen by accident. Visibility strategies for small businesses must be prioritised as a goal, with plans in place to ensure that yours is one of the key companies that become a highly visible company within your sector and beyond. This is part of the journey to becoming your customer’s first choice.

Yours becomes a highly visible company when you communicate distinct and highly targeted messages to a target audience and that needs something you offer specifically. Designing a distinctive brand identity that bolsters all the key outcomes you want from your brand strategy is important as a vehicle for deploying a brand strategy.

Growth comes when awareness of your business and your offerings and what makes you great extend beyond your immediate customers, determined by identifying the most profitable segments to invest in building up awareness of your business with.

Becoming a highly visible company requires vision and action to scale the heights you aspire to for your business.

Who can benefit?


Full-service research led program to increase your firm’s awareness and visibility, enhance and broaden your brand’s appeal, refine and target your message and grow your small business or professional services company.
Iconify your architectural firm by increasing awareness and visibility and getting your blueprints perfect


Rules to grow your firm's visibility at Iconify


Greater Awareness for your Accountancy Firms


Raise the credibility of your Consulting Firm at Iconify


Educational Institutions


Start-Ups - get seen and heard






Get Your New Products Awareness and Visibility

New Products

Property management Businesses - get your business seen and heard


Niche Businesses can gain great advantages through building a brand awareness and visibility

Niche Businesses

The Steps We Take to Help You Win

We help set your goals and benchmark to ensure that yours becomes the first resort Step 1: Identify Challenges and Set Objectives

Research for VisibilityStep 2: Industry and Competitor Research

Strategies for Solving Step 3: Strategy

Find a pole positioning for competing optimallyStep 4: Positioning
Change definition and marketing implementation plan for building out your visibilityStep 5: Change Definition and Implementation

Reviewing the Brand Imperatives of Your Business

What are some of the important visibility strategies for small businesses to bear in mind? Oftentimes, businesses have not done some of the initial and discovery work of brand creation and development with regards to defining the purpose and premise of the brand. These analyses yield a clear and uncompromising picture of their positioning and therefore the perceptions they hope to project as part of their promise and as an enduring part of their story, which they impart through their messaging and brand personality. Therefore it is often necessary to go back to do this work. Even when it has been done, research frequently leads to the refining of this process in order to prepare new branding or other work preparatory to becoming a highly visible company or establishing expertise.

Branding Image and Identity Collateral

To get to the visibility required, everything must resonate. We develop all the branding collateral needed to be more visible, recognisable and recall-able. Everything from your slogan, your logo, look and feel and even naming, should you require it, is available.


We establish your story so, craft your pitch and determine points of narrative wherein the primary points are reinforced throughout the customer experience.


Across all channels, the message given, the language used, the personality evinced, the effect left must be right. Copy on your website or on your social media must carry on the narrative of your brand as a whole and we will help with the story told.


Your website is your digital storefront but it’s more than that. It’s the home of your brand and its communications and can also be a powerful tool for growing brand awareness and profits. We will create a website or adapt the one you have into a utility that will be more than just good looking but functional and high performance too.

Strategic Actions from Benchmarking

Very often, this  process yields other additional benefits. An initial benchmarking exercise allows an identification of best practices in business operations or technology adoptions your competitors might be making. You might find you need new technology to pursue new strategic objectives that have arisen as part of the market research process and as the next stage in the the process of becoming a preferred firm, we can help you make the business and technology changes required to live up to your brand perception and promise.

Iconify's programs for visibility, branding plus our new high profile website have helped us change our strategy for differentiation and growth, basing it on focusing and building our brand and reputation and aligning our operations accordingly to achieve our objectives.

Selena Creggs


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