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Brand strategy and positioning is the first step for brand development or new brand creation.

Yes, your goal is to create a strong brand and gain market share, but for your brand to be strong it has to be resonant.

Positioning, as part of an overarching marketing strategy, helps to create resonance because it ensures relevancy and clarity. It can help you think about your brand is perceived. To create a strong brand, your brand needs to occupy a distinct position in the consumer’s consciousness. You may need to build it or you can create it by changing how they think about your competitors,

Brand strategy and positioning recognises that as a business, as an aspirational brand, your business is in a battle for the consumers’ minds.

It requires an initial understanding of who your target segments are. What are their differences and similarities and their underlying loves, fears or worries. In short, you have got to know them and the entire game should focus on conquering their hearts. Winning them over at a functional fit level but more importantly, at the emotional hit level. The success of this process would mean that your brand evokes meanings and feelings about gains and benefits rather than features. Positioning is not features led, it’s feelings led. The goal is brand supremacy in that position not product superiority in the category. This is an important distinction. You are going for brand love in order to compete. We will need to project a distinct and unique brand consistently in order to get the message across.

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Positioning strategy is at the core of brand strategy and we help you create a positioning statement and to create one, we need a clear view of your target market. Data your organisation already holds is a very useful place to start as is research, especially if your product or service offering or business is new. Positioning is equally important when there is an existing stable of brands and the positioning of a new product will then need to be in light of building a powerful brand architecture that minimises the opportunities for cannibalisation.

Brand position and strategy is an approach that creates the best opportunities for your brand to thrive. You’ve got a great offering, one that you believe in. Our uniquely passionate and collaborative people will graft alongside our clients every step of the way to find the audience who  will best appreciate your product, the right message to reach them and the right voice to carry the message —  caring more and telling it like it is.

Brand Strategy and Positioning at Iconify

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