Positioning for Business Success and Brand Resonance

The power, importance and pivotal nature of positioning cannot be overstated. Positioning is critical to competitive ability because if strategic positioning can be achieved, so can competitive power. Iconify will help your company clearly articulate what will make your brand resonate with your prospects, through clarity on what you do, why it is authentic, relevant and unique and how your difference will drive your target market make a decision to buy your product or service. We will assess and review, in consultation with you, fundamental factors that facilitate the reach and reaction you require.
There are several dimensions to positioning, explored here.

Positioning strategy is at the core of brand strategy and we help you create a positioning statement and to create one, we need a clear view of your target market. Data your organisation already holds is a very useful place to start as is research, especially if your product or service offering or business is new. Positioning is equally important when there is an existing stable of brands and the positioning of a new product will then need to be in light of building a powerful brand architecture that minimises the opportunities for cannibalisation.

Our Process

Exploratory sessions

We strive to get under the bonnet and really understand your brand and business drivers as well as your goals and dreams for the business.

  • What value can be captured within your agreed strategy and what’s the smartest, fastest, most effective interesting and innovative way your company can do it.
  • We determine your risk appetite and then your innovation profile and which new ideas will when implemented will deliver the highest impact.
  • What’s your risk and innovation appetite?
Competitor Research

Naturally, it’s  pivotal to know your direct and indirect competition, their benefits and where they shine and how well they deliver overall. Data your organisation will have will be reviewed to this end.

Customer Research

Drilling down into customer data, and into their needs and wants, their profiles and habits to uncover your natural consumers as well as others you can win.

  • What’s adding value, what’s not, which initiatives are expended?
  • What’s not yet been fully plumbed and explored and what customer needs are undeserved that you could meet with marginal extension?
Pitch from Power

Determine the elements for which features and benefits can be amplified, and how we can do that.

  • At Iconify, we help our clients design a change programme that will deliver integrated positive transformation to elevate your brand.
  • Opportunities for innovating products, processes and technology.
  • Cause marketing

Benefits of getting us on board

Perspective and clarity are two primary benefits you will get immediately. You’ll see your brand possibilities like you have not before. We focus on successful delivery and we mean to get you the results you want – new campaigns for social media, a new website or a new marketing plan are examples of what we are often asked for and can certainly help you with.

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